Top Testosterone Myths – Stop Using These Strategies

The Most Important Vitamins and Minerals for Testosterone Production
July 13, 2015
Why Organ Meat is Perfect for Boosting Testosterone Naturally?
Why Organ Meat is Perfect for Boosting Testosterone Naturally?
July 20, 2015

Every guy wants to raise his testosterone production naturally. High testosterone means more muscle, less fat, more aggression and drive and none of the nasty side effects that come from steroids.


The good news? There are tons of ways you can naturally boost your testosterone through your diet and through various different lifestyle changes.



The bad news? There are also a ton of testosterone boosting tricks that plain don’t work but continue to get talked about a lot online. How do you know which ones are which?


Well, a good place to start would be reading the rest of this article!


Myth #1 – Low Carb Diets Are Great for Boosting Testosterone

This one seems to make a lot of sense. Protein is used to build muscle and generally most of us believe there is a correlation between a high protein diet and high levels of natural testosterone. ‘Simple’ carbohydrates meanwhile are known to have all sorts of unwanted effects on the body – including spiking our blood sugar levels resulting in a surge of insulin and cortisol to encourage fat storage and deplete testosterone levels.


Thus everyone assumes that the low carb/high protein diet is the secret formula for testosterone success. Unfortunately though, it’s not that simple as every study that has looked at testosterone levels in low carb diets has found that they are severely low.


What’s going on? Well basically, low carbs means low energy. And that means the body goes into more of a fasting state, which isn’t exactly anabolic. The solution? Eat carbs but just make sure they’re the ‘complex’, slow variety that don’t spike blood sugar.


Myth #2 – Vitamin E Boosts Testosterone

Read most guides on using vitamins to boost testosterone and they will tell you that vitamin E is one of the crucial nutrients you need. Simple!


Except it’s not. Actually, in some studies it appears that people with low vitamin E levels actually have higher testosterone – and especially as they get older (the study looked at men over 60).


There are other studies that suggest this too.


This is not to say that you should suddenly throw out all the food with vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is still an important micronutrient that you need to ensure you’re getting in your diet.


All it does mean is that you shouldn’t rush out to find vitamin E in the hopes of raising testosterone as it could actually have the precisely opposite effect!


Myth #3 – Testosterone is Steady

Everyone talks about testosterone levels like they’re a set figure that you live with. One person has ‘high T’, another person has ‘low T’ and that’s just the way they are… right?


Wrong: in fact, testosterone levels actually vary all throughout the day. This also makes blood tests somewhat unhelpful.


The solution? Always measure your testosterone at the same time of day – so that you won’t be affected by your bodily rhythms – and try to do it after a good night’s sleep as well which can effectively ‘reset’ your levels.


Try a Natural Testosterone Booster to Enhance Your T levels

One of the best ways to increase testosterone production in your body is with the help of a testosterone supplement like Testosteroxn from Crazy Mass.

Tribulus terrestris is a natural testosterone booster. This herb does not directly increase testosterone but what it does is that it stimulates your pituitary gland so that it can release more Luteinizing Hormone of LH which in turn stimulates leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone. The active component in tribulus terrestris is saponins and Testosteroxn has been standardized to 45% saponins. This high concentration makes it twice as powerful as other competing brands of testosterone supplements in the market.

Testossteroxn can help boost your testosterone production, increase lean muscle, reduce fat, enhance strength, speed up recovery and also boost your libido. The beauty of this product lies in the fact that it has no harmful side effects. It’s hardly surprising that it has been getting incredible user reviews.

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