Dbol Side Effects and Safe Alternatives

Dbol is a popular slang term for the widely used anabolic steroid ‘Dianabol’. This is one of the most common drugs used by bodybuilders and athletes to build muscle, burn fat and improve physical performance. Like many other steroids, it does this by increasing testosterone levels.




There are a number of reasons that Dianabol is popular. For starters, it is a steroid that can be taken orally. This mean that it is able to pass through the liver without being completely broken down. What’s more, Dianabol gets great results and is comparable to other popular steroids like Anadrol. It’s widely available, relatively affordable and simple to use – all of which makes it an easy choice for bodybuilders.


Taking around 20mg of Dbol is enough to see some benefits, though many users will go much higher than that – drastically increasing the benefits but introducing more risks at the same time.


Dbol Side Effects, Risks and Issues

But a steroid that is easy to take is a dangerous steroid. Dbol has a number of serious side effects and these are only exaggerated when it is taken orally.


Many people will choose oral steroids over injections because it means they don’t need to keep all the paraphernalia associated with syringes. What’s more, this means they won’t have to inject themselves regularly which is painful and can risk being dangerous. Many people are squeamish of syringes and if you don’t perform the process properly you can risk introducing infections, or even trapped air.


Using steroids orally though does not offer as significant results and will place more of a strain on the liver. Liver toxicity is one of the biggest dangers with any steroid and this form of administration only exacerbates the problem.


Meanwhile, Dbol will still raise testosterone beyond normal levels. This means it can still cause acne, aggression, sleep disturbances, sweating, hair loss, impotence and potentially gynecomastia (the formation of male breasts).


Moreover, the body will eventually respond to the presence of exogenous testosterone that wouldn’t normally be there. It does this by reducing its own natural production of the hormone. Eventually, this can lead to a scenario where you need to use steroids just to maintain normal testosterone levels. This is why many ex-steroid users find themselves needing to rely on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for life.
Dbol is still very expensive, it is still illegal and it is still banned by all major sports. So it’s a huge commitment if you might end up needing this and testosterone injections for life.



The silver lining though is that there are alternatives. D-ANAOXN from Crazy Mass, is an all-natural product that uses numerous vitamins, nutrients and herbs to help the body elevate its own testosterone production. This uses a blend of ingredients that act synergistically to effectively mimic the benefits of Dbol but in a completely safe manner.

Don’t risk your health by using powerful, dangerous steroids without trying the natural and legal alternatives first!





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