How High is Your Testosterone? Five Quick Checks to Find Out

how to measure testosterone levels at home

If you want more muscle and less fat (who doesn’t!) then there is one magic ingredient that will make all the difference.

That ingredient is testosterone – and if you want to find out just how much testosterone affects your physique then just take a look at anyone on a serious steroid cycle – that works almost purely by raising testosterone in the majority of cases!

Meanwhile, test is also what we need to feel masculine and virile. To have lots of energy and positive aggression and to have amazing, great sex.

That’s why there are tons of articles around the web on how to increase testosterone. And you can try changing your diet, your workout routine, your sleep, your supplementation in order to get the results you want.

But the question is: how do you know if it’s working? How do you know if you’re just wasting your time with all these diet changes? And how do you know your T needs raising in the first place?

Man, it would sure be good if there was a way to quickly check your testosterone levels.

Or five


5 Ways to Check Your Testosterone Levels

#1: The Boner Test

The Boner Test to check testosterone

This won’t give you an accurate reading; but if you want to very quickly ascertain whether you have ‘normal-to-high’ levels of testosterone, one of the best things to ask yourself is whether you woke up with a boner this morning.

If the answer is yes, then you have normal or high levels of testosterone. If the answer is no then you probably have low levels. Either that or you have another problem – such as poor circulation.

This is a simple measure of health that every guy should be monitoring and it’s a great ‘binary‘ test.

#2: Grip Strength

Handgrip strength Measurement-grip trainer

The morning is the best time to test your testosterone generally because you’ve been producing it through the night – or at least you should have been!

Another one you can do first thing then, is to measure your grip strength. Use grip trainers that have adjustable resistance and see how much you can squeeze upon waking. Better yet, use a hand dynamometer and measure your grip directly. Make a note of this number.

Tomorrow, look at your grip strength again first thing and see if it has gone up or down. If your testosterone is increasing, then you will find that you are stronger the next day. If your testosterone is low, your grip will be weaker (this often points to overtraining).

#3: Morning Heart Rate

use a heartrate monitor to check testosterone

This is another good one. Use a heartrate monitor and look at your heartrate. Measure for a while to establish a baseline and then look for low heartrates and high heartrates. A lower heartrate – in the morning – suggests that you have good levels of testosterone and are recovering well from workouts.

#4: Heart Rate Variability

Check Heart Rate Variability to measure testosterone

Better yet is to look at your heart rate variability which also correlates with testosterone levels. Or more specifically, this number correlates with your testosterone : cortisol ratio which is a very good indicator of recovery and performance generally.

#5: Blood Work

blood test to check testosterone level

Actually, it’s very quick and affordable to get blood work done to measure your testosterone and this is in fact a relatively affordable and easy way to get a fairly accurate reading.

If you are starting a new testosterone boosting product – like the excellent Testo-Max from Crazy Bulk– then you can get blood work done before and after and see the impressive results for yourself!


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