3 Epic Mass Techniques for a Huge Chest and Back (That You Probably Aren’t Aware Of)

Insane Chest & back workout-Epic Mass Techniques

Are you ready to try out three epic exercises…

…that incorporate entirely new strength and mass building techniques?

Use these three for your next back and pecs workout and you will experience the burn like you have with no other workout…

It’s eye-opening but you’re not going to understand just what an impact this training can make until you read this article and then give it a try yourself…

So without further ado…

Watch This Video for Insane Chest & Back Workout Technique

3 Epic Exercises -Try Out Right Now!!

1. Isodynamic Omni Bench Press

Add ‘omni‘ to the start of any exercise and what does it mean? Essentially, it means you’re adjusting something about the exercise in each set.

Who said that you have to do three sets of the exact same exercise?

In this example we’re hitting the bench press and we’re going to perform narrow presses and wide presses on an alternating basis. Five sets of 4-6 reps should be enough to trigger some serious growth.

Isodynamic Omni Bench Press

Here’s another word you’ve probably never heard of before: ‘isodynamic’.

The astute among you will have noted that this is a portmanteau of two words: isometric and dynamic. So it’s a normal exercise but with an isometric hold in the middle.

In this case, we’re essentially doing a partial rep, followed by an isometric hold, then lowering and raising again.

If you’re having a hard time imagining what that would actually entail, basically you’re going up halfway then holding the bar for a few seconds, lowering and then completing one full rep.

This makes the movement much more difficult (like a standard rest pause), it builds pure strength and it triggers the release of a lot of IGF1.

For the first exercise, we’re going to combine these two into a single chest exercise. That’s an isodynamic omni bench press for 4-6 reps!

Isodynamic Pull Ups

This is the same exercise but with the pull up. The difference is that we’re going to add a stretch reflex. Stretching with resistance has been shown to trigger massive hypertrophy and is something that a lot of strength athletes swear by.


2. Countdown Tempo Rows

These are rows, performed with a descending tempo. So in other words, you are starting with a very slow negative portion of the exercise and then gradually making the movement faster and faster.

This essentially makes the exercise easier as you go through it like a form of drop set but at the same time you’ll be moving from slow twitch muscle fiber to fast twitch and thereby working both your explosive strength and you’re endurance.

Countdown Tempo Rows workout

3. HIT Rows

This is high intensity training but with resistance work rather than CV. How does that work? Well for instance, you can make your ‘active recovery’ an isometric hold and then use flush sets to raise your heart rate.

Flush sets are high repetition sets using a light weight and often are used at the end of a workout. When that gets too much?

Move onto ‘burns‘ which are essentially flush-partial sets where you perform only the first part of the move for high reps with a light weight.

 HIT Rows

Now that’s the kind of effort you need to be putting in if you want to build massive muscle and get incredibly ripped and lean.

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