35 Awesome Push Up Exercises and Variations

huge list of push up variations

The push up is one of the best exercises in the world.

Not only is it fantastically simple and something that anyone can take a good stab at but it also works a wide range of different muscle groups simultaneously and requires no equipment.

And on top of that, the press up is also one of the most versatile moves out there as well. There are well in excess of 100 variations that can increase the challenge, alter the target muscle or just help you to keep things fresh.

Here are 35 separate press up variations to keep you busy!

1. Press Up

2. Narrow Grip Press Up

3. Wide Grip Press Up

4. Scorpion Push Up

Raise one leg in the air, like a scorpion’s tail.

5. Uneven Push Up

Place one hand on a raised surface to hit that pec harder.

6. Crossover Push Up

Place one hand on a book, medicine ball or something else and swap which hand is on it in between each rep.

7. Clapping Push Up

8. Around the World

Like clapping push ups? Want to up the ante? Here you spin around in the air 360 degrees before you land!

9. One Handed Push Ups

10. Rocky Push Ups

Perform push ups with one hand and swap hand each rep. So named as they featured in Rocky 2!

11. One Handed/One Legged Push Up

One hand and only one leg – opposite sites.

12. Incline Press Up

Hands on something higher up to lessen the challenge.

13. Decline Press Up

Legs on something higher to hit the upper pecs and shoulders.

14. Staggered Push Ups

One hand forward slightly.

15. Spider-Man Press Ups

Bring one knee up to your side as though crawling on each rep.

16. Planche Press Up

An ultimate test of strength and power. Perform press ups with your feet not touching the ground. Hands should be further down your body, by your waist.

17. Pseudo Planche Press Up

Hands in planche position but feet planted on the floor.

18. Maltese Push Up

A pseudo planche push up but with your arms further apart and twisted outward.

19. Rocking Press Ups

Rock down to one side on each rep.

20. Diamond Press Ups

Hands together forming a diamond shape in the middle.

21. Extended Range of Motion

Use chairs or push up stands to go below your hands.

22. Plank

Plank is just holding a low press up position on hands or elbows.

23. Finger Tip Push Up

Raise your hands onto fingers.

24. 1 Finger Push Up

Bruce Lee can do it! You get to use your thumb too.

25. Knuckle Push Ups

On knuckles instead of hands.

26. Tricep Push Ups

Hands by your side lower down.

27. Serratus Push Ups

Work your serratus muscles by keeping arms straight and ‘shrugging’ up and down.

28. Pike Press Up

Press up performed with buttocks in the air – like a decline minus the bench.

29. Typewriter

Move along the horizontal axis on each rep.

30. Box Jump Press Ups

Launch up and onto something with each rep.

31. Aztec

Launch up and touch your toes!

32. Slider Push Up

Use a skateboard, rollerblade, towel and slide one arm forward on each rep.

33. Superman

Press ups with one arm straight in front.

34. Jack LaLanne Finger Tip Push UP

Fingertip push ups with one arm up.

35. Flying Squirrel

Spin 180 on each rep to face the other way.


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