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Athlete Training Program

Want To Train Like a Professional Athlete?

Follow these Athlete Training and Workout Programs To Build An Athletic Physique!

Sports performance training, also referred to as Athlete Training, is one of the stunning ways to have pro fitness levels.

Well, highly diverse from the broader general fitness, this specific workout training will spike your fitness to the next stage.

In fact, this training method specializes in specific training methods and exercised to reach the required fitness level irrespective of your age, gender, and current fitness.

Evidently, the core of the training is to enhance the natural athlete’s performance.

Not only you become a better you but are capable of beating pros in the battle or any advance sports competition.

You have a certain elevation in your strength and conditioning with improved fitness levels. Also, your overall athleticism reaches its peak.

The difference can be widely observed in terms of agility, speed, strength, power, coordination, and balance.

Firstly let’s have a hand on one-week sample Athlete Training!


Sample Fitness Competitor Weight Training Split

  • Mon: Back (7-20 sets)
  • Tue: Biceps, Chest, Triceps (13, 8, 8 sets respectively)
  • Wed: Rest
  • Thu: Legs (25-30 sets)
  • Fri: Shoulders, Calves (15-18, 8 sets respectively)

As far as exercise selection, I would suggest you to go for bodyweight movements, such as dips, pull-ups, and push-ups.

Besides going for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and Kettle Bell training provides with functional strength.

Also, I keep machine limited in use in terms of athlete training as it’s likely to cause injury in limited body motion.

While planning your exercises for mass gaining and shaping only is not enough.

You need to also pay attention as it gains your strength in your routine performance.



Sports Training

When you have selected your weight-training split, you can add additional sport training for optimum fitness.

However, you need to manage up all with available time and getting enough rest and your fitness level at that time being.

Also, if you are taking any group exercise classes in your training, check it your gym offers it and plan your routine accordingly.


Yoga And Pilates


Well, if you have limited money and time for fitness Yoga and/or Pilates can be a good option.

In fact, these two types of physical activity can take your fitness to the pro level.

Yoga is an excellent way to elevating full-body flexibility, stunning in terms of overall fitness and body conditioning.

On the other hand, Pilates is a great way for building core and functional strength. It enhances your presses, push-ups, planches, and gymnastics.

As a recommendation, I would suggest you go for 1-2 classes of each or one every week.



Men's Gymnastics

Even if you don’t usually do mind-wobbling tumbling passes regularly, you need workout like a pro gymnast.

In fact, several fitness practices you do are gymnastics movements (presses, jumps, etc.).

Of course, doing them regularly would strengthen the muscles and improve your skills to do newer forms.

Obviously, you don’t need to take private classes if it’s far from affordability.

You could find enough if available online about training and drills. You can use them to develop or plan your own training workout.

As a recommendation, we would suggest you practice 1-2 gymnastics drills per week.


Speed, Agility, Quickness


SAQ training is quite common among athletes involved in different sports including lacrosse, basketball, football, etc.

Also, it can play a significant role in terms of fitness competitors.

For performing, a routine cleaner, faster and sharper routine we suggest you add a session of SAQ per week.


Other Training

Well, there is another training making your athlete performances easier to grab.

These are different types of training and even dance classes including salsa, hip-hop, jazz, etc. which is a great option to for.

Also, you can go for sport-aerobics to take your fitness to another stage.

However, initially, we would suggest you refine and learn new skills by hiring an instructor or competitor.

Moreover, going for a full-body workout day can enhance your overall endurance and conditioning.

Still, we would suggest you check if your current fitness level can adapt to it.

Also, add things to your workout routine at a slow pace, putting heavy efforts randomly can result in a breakdown.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular Workout

The aforementioned training recommendations are enough! Of course, adding them in the schedule, you won’t wanna add any cardio.

Well, there’s good news, you don’t even have to add much.

All, you need to go is for 1-3 cardio sessions per week, need for proper conditioning in your routine.

Well, if you ask my favorites, they probably are running outdoors and cycling/spinning!

However, I prefer to add a full-body conditioning workout once per week to fulfill strengthening requirements.

Undoubtedly, this averts me to do more work out without excluding any muscle groups in the resistance training.


Putting It All Together

After creating your schedule by managing time to train and rest days, you add some sport-specific training too.

Of course, add them by prioritizing the requirement for the most improvement.

Might be, you would need to train twice a day in a few days. So, plan it in a way, that it doesn’t affect your daily work schedule and social life.

Also, you can extend it to Saturday and Sunday. Nonetheless, getting proper rest for a full day per week is necessary.

Here’s another Elite Athlete Training Program Example you can follow up. 

Another Sample Weight Training program

  • Mon: Back and Chest (13-15 sets each)
  • Tue: Full Body Strength and Conditioning (Kettlebells)
  • Wed: Rest
  • Thu: Biceps, Triceps, Traps (8, 8, 4 sets each)
  • Fri: Quads and Hams (22-30 sets total)
  • Sat: Shoulders and Calves (13-15, 8 sets each)
  • Sun: Complete rest from all training



  • 1 Yoga OR 1 Pilates class every week
  • Gymnastics drills practice 1-2 times every week

*Flexibility and core strength should be your principal goal in your off session while learning some new ways to get more fitness.


Nutrition for Athlete Training

Diets For Athletes

Mostly, fitness freaks have a completely designed diet specifically for a male or female bodybuilder.

Definitely, this helps them cut down their fat composition without disturbing your energy and performances.

Surprisingly, many competitors are having a pre-contest diet. In fact, these are really high in protein and encompass a very low fat and carbs.

Unluckily, a specific quantity of carbs is very important to fuel up grueling routine practices.


Individualizing a Program

Individualizing a program is very crucial. In fact, it keeps you up with hardcore training and diet log and keeps you consistent with your workouts.

Eventually, this enables you with a lesser number of variables. At last, all of which provides you with result makes your body as you wanted to be.

Moreover, the off-season is a great time to learn new training methods and macronutrient ratios. Obviously, this leads you to greater strength and muscle mass.

Generally, I suggest you keep your diet filled with proteins, 25% of cal from fats and also you can add some carbs.

Further, varying the number of carbs based on your overall goals and training requirements.

This will help you fine-tune your workout making it easier to follow and lead to amazing results in performance and fat loss.


Key Pointers

  • Make weight-training priority, and create a split based on physique goals.
  • Include in sport-specific training instead of general fat-loss/maintenance cardio.
  • Assume yourself as an athlete, and make sure you eat for performance.
  • Point out the help of an expert trainer/instructor if necessary.
  • Prioritize your sport-specific training based on the areas you need to advance.
  • Experiment with diverse macronutrient quantities to fine-tune your diet plans for performance and your physique goals.


Athlete Training vs Bodybuilding

Athlete vs Bodybuilding Training

One of the most highlighted questions in the fitness industry is about these two training. Well, the difference between “Athlete Training vs Bodybuilding” is an age-old question.

In fact, if we look at them theoretically, they seem exactly the same. Both of them are used to improve physical condition, look good and compete.

But, there a point when line can be drawn between the two and dissimilarities are clear.

Without further explanation, here we have a look at the three ultimate difference between Athlete Training vs Bodybuilding.


Bodybuilders Grow Muscles While Athletes Stretch Muscles

The first and most prominent difference between two physical activities is, Athletes’ concern to stretch muscles, whereas, bodybuilders help grow them.

Of course, bodybuilding is more about shaping, toning and enhancement of muscles on the legs, back, chest, and forearms.

Still, if we look at athletic training, the core focus lies on your stomach and the legs.

The exercises included are treadmills running and working on spinning bikes for a greater period.


Rep Speed

Bodybuilding is a little slower workout process concerning a lot of forethought and planning.

Obviously, a bodybuilder takes times and his or her reps go for five or more seconds longer to finish.

However, the slow pace has several advantages and perks. The major one is giving your muscles appropriate time to extend while tensions.

Evidently, this reduces the risk of muscle rupture or breakage.

Contrarily to the spectrum, athlete concerns on speed and momentum.

The pace and intensity of the exercise work slowly till it achieves an explosive climax.

Evidently, this helps the athlete speed up employing sheer resistance and leg strength. In fact, their reps usually last for 1 to 2 seconds.


Different Health Benefits

Cardio athlete training is more capable of burning fats. However, the calorie difference is not that big, which usually ranges between 40 to 80 calories.

Given that the training session is very intense and longer.

Furthermore, weight training is likely to elevate your physical capacity. It develops isometric resistance, the capacity of the muscle contraction as in pushups.

Moreover, it elevates your isotonic strength training.

Weight training burns lesser calories than cardio, getting you enough benefits for improving metabolism.

This even takes your calorie burning to another stage while training.

Eventually, you would burn fat even 36 hours after completing your workouts. You can also read several Athlete Training Program PDF online for further information.


Wrapping Up

After discussing all things included in this Athlete Trainings…

You need to understand for an athlete like fitness, you need to train like an athlete, you have to each like on.

Then only athlete training can benefit to amplify your performance and give you a physique like a pro.

Don’t shy away in thinking out of the box! Try something new and upgrade your level!

Every elite bodybuilder and athlete follows a program personalized to their goals, body types and lifestyle. If you wanna be like them try being like them!


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