10 Most Common Bodybuilding Myths Debunked | Check The Facts!

Bodybuilding Myths and facts

The bodybuilding world is full of myths. Whether its nutrition or working out techniques, these fitness enthusiasts continue to believe in the myths with no scientific backing.

So, in this blog, we’ve explored Top 10 Bodybuilding Myths!

When you’re bulking up, you always look for tips and tricks from professionals or heavyweight folks.

However, this gives rise to the Muscle Building Myths that have continued in the industry for long. Simply, you believe in those too.

Want to know those? Continue reading to figure out the most common Bodybuilding Myths and Facts!


Top 10 Bodybuilding Myths and Facts You Need To Know

Here, we’ve debunked several bodybuilding myths, you might have believed as true. Also, we’ve shared the real facts behind those with scientific backings.

Continue reading to know the reality behind them…


Myth #1: Veggies Can’t Help In Bulking


Fact: Vegetables Encompasses Minerals, Slow-Digesting Carbs, And Vitamins. In Simple Words, They Build Muscles.

Well, one of the most common myths, in the bodybuilding industry for long is eating vegetables can never help in building muscles.

That’s why you won’t find vegetarian bodybuilders. However, this is completely false.

According to bodybuilding experts and nutrition, it’s a myth. Muscles building don’t entirely depend on animal-based proteins. In reality, plant-based proteins also encompass similar effects.

Proteins are rendered from the beneficial single protein source. Simply, to receive all amino acids for vegetarians, you require to receive proteins from different meals.


Myth #2: Weight Training Can Make Females look “Manly.”


Fact: This Is Only Possible When Women Trainers Take Supplements.

Among women fitness enthusiasts, the most common misconception is weight training can make them appear manly.

However, this Bodybuilding Myths Debunked as this can only occur when the women trainers take certain supplements.

Due to this Fitness Myths, women fear to perform weight training believing they would look manly. Nonetheless, regular women trainers have confirmed there’s no such scenario.

Fitness experts have a clear outlook over this Bodybuilding Myths. Lifting heavy weight is the best way to shape your body as you desire.

Well, doing weight defines, tones and provides the right curves making your physique superb. Indeed, lifting weight can never make a female bulky.

However, this can occur in only one circumstance if one uses anabolic steroids to train like a professional weightlifter.


Myth #3: High Protein Consumption Is Vital Post Workout


Fact: For An Average Gym-Goer, Maintaining A Balanced Diet In Their Meals Is Enough To Promote Muscle Repair.

You might be drinking a protein shake post-workout, just because someone at the gym said so?

Well, this post-workout belief is a popular bodybuilding myth. Simply, a balanced diet throughout the entire day is critical.

Having protein post-workout isn’t compulsory, you need to have an adequate protein irrespective of your workout timings.

Simply, you have to complete the daily-recommended intake for better results.

Also, a study conducted over it didn’t found some significant facts to establish any benefits. Further, the research paper concluded muscle gain to be the same whether taken post-workout or throughout the day.

Simply, what you need to care about is your total protein intake to bulk up massive muscles.

Consulting a nutritionist or dietician can help you deciding the right protein intake according to your goal and training.

Basically, a daily protein consumption of 1.4–2.0g protein per Kg of your body weight is adequate for most bodybuilders.


Myth #4: Eating Fats Turns You Fat

Eating Fats

Fact: Well, Fat Is Not Your Enemy Until You Have Those Extra Calories That Start Accumulating.

If your bodybuilding goal includes shredding extra weight and growing muscle mass, then refraining from fat isn’t right. Actually, there are fats helpful in losing weight.

This keeps you full for longer and eradicated continuous hunger cravings responsible for extra calorie intake.

But how to get those good fats?

The best way to devour good fat is accompanying them with lean protein sources. In fact, studies have proven a moderate fat intake is beneficial for weight loss. 

Well, this is a good way to tackle unnecessary cravings

Studies have shown that including moderate amounts of fat in one’s diet is more beneficial compared to low fat or Zero-fat diet.


Myth #5: Working out Daily Means Eat Anything

Working Out Daily

Fact: An Adequate and Structured Diet Is Essential For Bodybuilding!

According to experts, physical change depends 90% on what you intake and 10% on what you do. Simply, eating anything will ruin all the efforts you’re putting in the gym.

A balanced nutritious diet is essential for bodybuilders, you just can’t have anything. People soundly believe this Bodybuilding Nutrition Myths—if they work out regularly, they can eat anything they want.

Simply, they think they are burning adequate calories, so they will remain fit. However, that’s not the case.

Workout and nutrition go hand in hand! If you really want to have a bulky physique and still stay lean, then keeping up with a balanced and nutrition filled diet is obligatory.

Evidently, proper nutrition can help you recover tearing and wearing of training sessions. Also, your diet must include an appropriate quantity of fats, protein, carbs, and fibers in your diet.


Myth #6: Longer Workouts Are More Effective


Fact: Longer Workouts Results In Overtraining. Proper Nutrition, Recovery, And Smart Workouts Make You Tougher And Bigger.

In fact, this has been one of the most general Bodybuilding myth continued for long. Simply, with their filthy calculations, they think spending hours and hour’s workout can get the results faster.

Further, this is one of the major reasons why people skip the gym, thinking they don’t have much time for training to achieve targeted results.

Actually, several research and studies have shown shorter HIIT workouts are more operative than longer training. For instance, longer rigorous workouts exhaust your body completely.

In such circumstances, you can’t recover fast and continue training the next day.

Simply, perform HIT workouts for small intervals for a longer time, this gives your body time to recover and repair.

Also, this aids in dropping abdominal fat and reducing blood sugar levels.


Myth #7: Performing Endless Reps of Crunches Trims Waist Faster


Fact: Spot Lessening Of Fat Is An Entire Myth.

Spot reduction and spot toning are usually considered the same and are highly popular among bodybuilders. However, these two are completely diverse.

Also, experts have shown targeting specific parts for weight loss never works. Studies in 1970 on tennis players proved spot reduction doesn’t work.

Simply, the dominant arm of the person has the same fat mass as their non-dominant arm. So, researchers concluded their nothing like spot reduction.

However, you can define specific muscle via spot toning. This can also help strengthen specific muscles or muscle groups.


Myth #8: No Muscle Soreness Means Ineffective Workout


Fact: Effectiveness is ascertained by the improvement in the training, not muscle soreness.

Soreness of muscles is directly proportional to a successful workout” is a bodybuilding myth. Every bodybuilder seems to believe “No pain is no gain!


The phrase does apply in real life, however, in training, it doesn’t go hand in hand.

The muscle soreness or DOMS is experienced 6-8 hours after training. Well, this is the pride for most bodybuilders.

Actually, soreness is the result of changes the body is making as a result of your workouts. This is why the soreness on the first day is quite intense and reduces over time.

However, there’s no connection between the efficiency of training and the soreness. Simply, when you get used to the workout, the soreness will reduce drastically.


Myth #9: Sleep Is For Babies, Not Hard-Hitting Bodybuilders.

Man Sleeping

Fact: Sleep and Recovery Plays Key Role in Bodybuilding.

People put high importance on training and nutrition. Nonetheless, there are other aspects playing an equally vital role—Sleep. In fact, it’s quite crucial in terms of workouts and muscle repair.

Having a good night sleep is necessary for gym-goers and aspiring bodybuilders. Actually, most of the muscle growth and regeneration triggered by rigorous training happens during sleeping hours.

When you’re asleep, your body functions run at accelerated mode.

Simply, recovery is of the extreme significance to have consistency in training and building endurance, with a good night’s sleep recovery fastens.

Otherwise, you would be exhausted for the entire day and train less to your potential.


Myth #10: Muscles Turn into Fat after Stop Working Out

Muscle Turn Fat

Fact: Once Training stops, The Muscles Will Contract and the Body Become A Little Lenient. However, Muscles Never Turn into Fat.

When people leave working out, they become couch potatoes. They act like their muscle mass to become fat. However, that’s not the case.

When a regular gymmer stops working out, their muscles begin to shrink. Simply, it becomes smaller in size creating a place for adipose tissues or fat.

Also, the same folk continues to intake the same quantity of calories and burn nothing. So, more fat starts accumulating in their body. This is why previous bodybuilders gain fat faster.

Now, you’ve debunked Top 10 Bodybuilding Myths!

Next time if someone slams a myth, clap back with these Bodybuilding Facts. Keep up with your bodybuilding target with regular hard-hitting workout and a super clean diet.

Well, this is the only way to achieve a spectacular groundbreaking muscular and super-toned physique.

Which of the bodybuilding facts you have thought true? Comment right below!


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