Bodybuilding Summer Shred 2018 – Crash Diet & Workout

get the beach body with bodybuilding summer shred 2018

Summer is coming!

It’s time to lose fat, get your body in perfect shape.

So are you ready for fit fun in summer sun?

This summer shred 2018 guide will get you covered on how to get your dream body faster during this summer.

If you’re willing to follow an intensive training plan and supplement properly for this summer then you’ve got that will turn your physique around.

And, if you really want to enjoy summer pool party, be shirtless then this summer shred 2018 guide will definitely help you. Through this approach, you’ll be able to get faster results than any other workout and diet plan.

If you’ve time crunch and you want to get body ripped. This crash diet and workout plan will help you in acquiring perfect body shape.

We’ll cover diet, supplements, cardio and training but you must know that diet is the foundation.

So, first of all, let’s take you to the summer diet plan.

summer beach body

Shredded for Summer Diet Plan

To gain perfect physique in shorter period, diet will work as a key. If you don’t harden up things with your diet, then ultimately your physique will refuse to harden up as well. Here you are going to perform carb cycling method in summer shred 2018.

Carb cycling is an alternation of carb intake in order to lose fat, to enhance gym performance and to maintain a healthy metabolism. Carb cycling is a high level strategy mainly used by physique athletes.

However, who want to gain perfect physique this summer, just follow the diet set up is set forth below.

Off Carb Day

carbohydrate, protein and fat intake for summer shred-bodybuilding

  1. Set your carbohydrate intake – 0.35 / pound of the body weight.

Let me explain you with an example to make it clear:

Assume your body weight is 180 pounds, it mean you will intake 63g (180 x 0.35) of carb per day.

The intake is very low, but as we have only limited time i.e. this summer only. So, sup it up.

  1. Set your protein intake – 1.25/ pound of bodyweight.

Just for an example:

If your bodyweight is 180 pounds, it mean you will intake 225g (180 x 1.25) of protein per day.

If this is your first time and you haven’t done anything like this before, in such case protein intake will appear very high. And, is due to lower intake of carb and protein. Also because protein contain high thermic effect of food commonly known as thermic effect of food (TEF, is the caloric cost of both digesting as well as processing different macronutrients in your diet). Or in simple word we can say it helps in burning more calories.
  1. Set fat intake – 0.35/ pound of bodyweight.

Let illustrate through an example:

If your bodyweight is 180 pounds then it mean you should intake 63 g (180 x  .35) of fat per day.

High Carb Day

summer shred 2018-meal time and frequency

After following off carb days for several days, you’ll follow a high carb day. This will help you in enhancing your metabolism while running and will boost up gym performance. No need to suffer a lot being a caloric deficit.

  • Set carb intake levels – 2g / pound of bodyweight.

If your bodyweight is 180 pounds then it mean you should intake 360g (180 x 2) of fat per day.

  • Set protein intake levels – 0.75 / pound of bodyweight.

If your bodyweight is 180 pounds then it mean you should intake 135g (180 x .75) of fat per day.

  • And lastly, for fat extend your limit to intake essentials fats. You should must intake sources made up from flaxseed oil and fish oil. Never eliminate completely in your diet, as it will harm you in acquiring summer shred plan. Dietary fats help in boosting metabolism, will also guide in proper absorption & functions of fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K.

As you’ve already known regarding the off carb day and high carb day, now you must know that what should be meal timing and meal frequency.

Meal timing and meal frequency

plan your meal time and schedule for summer Shred 2018

Let me explain you that there is no such plan as it totally depends upon you. Try to do what is more suitable for you and what work well for your body. I don’t want you guys to take stress for such a reason like how many meals you should intake per day.

When you are reaching your macro-nutrients numbers and having caloric deficit, then you will need to burn fat. Hope now it is clear that meal timing and meal frequency is not as much important.

During one of the research in the University of Ontario upon weight loss. In which they firstly divided the caloric deficit into two dietary groups. First group ate 3 meals per day and other group ate 3 meals & 3 snacks per day. But, they didn’t find any significant difference in their average weight loss after 8 weeks.

So, always do what is more suitable and preferable for your diet. If you intake 6 smaller meals in a whole day, fine. If you intake 3 larger meals whole day, cool.

Diet Schedule

Here you will come to know the actual diet cycle you need to follow in your summer shred training. So, as we have already discussed the two types of diet plan especially for this summer only i.e. off carb day and high carb day.

On which days which nutrition plan you will follow are listed below in the table.

DaysNutrition plan
MondayOff carb day
TuesdayOff carb day
WednesdayOff carb day
ThursdayOff carb day
FridayHigh carb day
SaturdayOff carb day
SundayOff carb day

Along with perfect diet plan, there are few supplements that you will required while performing summer shred training for building your muscles and body.


Shredded for summer supplements

best supplements to get ripped and shredded in summer

There are few supplements that is mostly recommend during your summer shred. It will help you in enhancing metabolism, burn fat and improve muscle mass.

BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids)

When you reached the energy deficit and you want to lose your weight. In such cases, you might increase the risk of forcing your body to breakdown the gain muscles. It happen when glycogen storages get low, and will ultimately oxidize BCAAs for energy.

If you don’t intake BCAAs supplements, this isn’t good and will affects you in muscle gaining and fat burning process. BCAAs basically fill the energy shortage of your body.

Here we have discussed one case study which will help you in understanding the requirement of BCAAs.

In which first of all, 25 bodybuilders are divided into 1 of the 3 diet groups i.e. a high diet in BCAAs, a low diet in BCAAs and a control diet.

The Bodybuilders stayed on the preferred diet for 19 days. After 19 days the results showed, that high BCAA group get able to reduce their body fat by average of 17.3%.

Whereas, both the other groups lost their body weight. In which low BCAA diet gained muscles mass instead of losing fat. And the control diet group lost their muscle mass.

So, you are highly advised to take at least 10-15g of BCAA’s per day during your summer shred.

Fat burners

As there are lots of fat burning supplements in the market, and they help in enhancing energy, stimulating metabolism and suppressing appetite.

There are two more common ingredients which is mostly preferred as a fat burners today in the market such as green tea and caffeine.

Caffeine usually binds fat cells in order to support fat-burning process through exercise and green tea extract (antioxidant ECGC, Epigallocatechin gallate), prevents the metabolism breakdown regulator norepinephrine.

In others word we can say that, the more norepinephrine floating in your blood, the higher resting metabolism (higher calorie burn).

Greens supplements

While performing summer shred we recommend you to add fruits and veggies in your daily diet might be difficult. But, if you are professional chef or athlete or unemployed, in such scenario you might get enough time to prepare the vegies need in your daily diet.

But, there is solution of it you may use green supplement powder, in which fruits and veggies are compacted and distilled into powdered form.

By including green powders in your diet, you will get enrich of vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant and phytochemical on daily basis.

Two serving green supplements that you need to include in your diet.


Along with BCAAs, add creatine as a muscle savior. It is really going to be tough when you are in deficit, and low energy will run than needed. Add 10g of creatine in your diet will mitigate strength and muscle loss.

EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids)

As we have mentioned earlier, essentials fats are required while gaining the perfect physique. And always add these into your summer shred plan.

The ideal ratio for omega-6 to omega-3 lies between 4:1 to 3:1 but, the average person mostly intake in the range of 10:1 to 25:1.

Now time to serve you the perfect & complete diet plan for your summer shred.


Shredded for Summer Training Routine

bodybuilding summer shred 2018-training workout

Day 1
Chest and Back
Exercise Reps
X4 Superset12-15
Incline Bench Press12-15
One- Arm Dumbbell Row12-15
PushupsTill failure
T-Bar Seated Row12-15
V-Bar Pull Downs12-15
DB Flat Bench Press12-15


Day 2
Exercise Reps
Perform 10 Sets       –
Run 200m
20 Kettlebell Swings–           
20 cable Crunch
Day 3
Arms and Abs
Exercise RepsReps
X4 Superset510
Cable Curl510
Triceps Push Downs310-12
Skull Crusher310-12
Seated Shoulder Press88
DB Lateral Raise312-15
Rope Face Pulls312-15
Chair Leg Raises312-15


Day 4
Exercise Reps
Perform 10 Sets       –
Run 200m
20 Kettlebell Swings–           
20 cable Crunch


Day 5
Exercise RepsReps
Barbell Hip Thrusts312-15
X3 superset310-12
Lying Leg Curl12-15
Standing Calf Raise320

Shredded for summer cardio

Add 30 minutes of cardio in your strength training, in any medium you prefer well. Run, row, bike, swim, ski, erg, versa climber whatever you want to do just do it. And never forgot to do it right after the strength training or in second session i.e. 3 to 4 hours later.

In this summer, do whatever we have discussed in the blog and surely you will get amazed when your physique will change as per your desired.

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