Crazy Bulk Vs Flexx Labs Comparison Review – Which is best?

crazy bulk vs flexx labs

Nowadays, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast on their own are the victors when it comes to pick the best bodybuilding supplements for themselves. There are various products from different manufacturers and brands that excel and compete with other flooding the entire market.

Even in the world of bodybuilding, various health supplements are overflowing the market with the claim of excellent results and long lasting effects.

Now, the matter is what to choose and what not to, this could be a dilemma for those who lack information and experience in aspect of steroids.

Recently, many people are browsing the internet to check out for the differences between two different steroids brand which namely, Crazy Bulk and Flexx Labs. The confusion is… which one is better.

bodybuilding supplement comparison

In order to help those consumers, here is comparative analysis between Crazy Bulk and Flexx Labs is provided.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the facts related to these two entirely different health brands and which one you should trust, pick and why!

We have enlisted every detail of these two brands in order to save your precious time…. from searching for the differences between them. All you need to do is to read the given article attentively to understand the differences.

Crazy BulkFlexx Labs
Worldwide famous bodybuilding company running past 10 years or even more.Newly established bodybuilding company in the market and running past few years.
·         Boosts nitrogen retention

·         Regulates synthesis of protein

·         Aids in conditioning of body

·         Reduces recovery time

·         Helps in building muscles and increasing strength

·         Helps improve stamina and promotes fat loss

·         Promotes collagen synthesis

·         Improved energy levels

·         Increased testosterone level

·         Regulate protein synthesis

·         Prevention of bloating

·         Bulking stack

·         Cutting stack

·         Strength stack

·         Extreme stack

·         Pro mass stack

·         Pro cutting stack

·         Whey protein

·         Soy protein

·         Tribulus terrestris

·         Safflower oil

·         Nettle leaf extract

·         Zinc

·         Vitamin B3, B6

·         Magnesium

·         Plectranthus barbatus

·         Aspartic acid

Working mechanism
It works quickly, more potent and stronger.It claims to be faster and effective.
Side Effects
Negligible side effectsMild side effects
Shipping charges
Free shipping (US, UK & Canada)Can charge as much as $13.99
User Reviews
Positive (negative reviews are rarely found) Read ReviewsPositive + Negative

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We are going to cover the following points to compare between Crazy Bulk & Flexx Labs.

  • What is Crazy Bulk & Flexx Labs?
  • Benefits
  • Stacks
  • Ingredients
  • How do they work?
  • Side effects
  • User reviews

So here we go…

Crazy Bulk vs Flexx Labs | Overview

What is Crazy Bulk?

crazy bulk products

Crazy Bulk is the brand name for high quality bodybuilding supplements which is known for its “legal steroids”.  All its products deliver quick and noticeable results in a matter of week right after taking the pills on daily basis.

Crazy bulk provides supplements for muscle building, increasing strength and power and cutting purposes. This legal steroid company is in the operation for over a decade.

The supplements Crazy Bulk sells are designed to mimic the effects of illegal anabolic steroids that come with a bonus of negligible side effects, thus being safe to use. All its ingredients are natural and 100% safe.

Official website of Crazy Bulk is:

What is Flexx Labs

flexx labs products

Flexx Labs are new steroid company in the market that claims to offer six different types of steroids for muscle building. It is a company based in the US claims to offer legal steroids to bodybuilders and athletes wanting to improve their physique and their training workout.

This company was established by two scientists who have collectively 20 years of experience in sports supplementation.

Flexx Labs claim that they have a produced a perfect series of products which increase protein synthesis, greatly increase muscle growth and improves overall testosterone levels in the body. Moreover, it can also be used in the stacks so as to maximize the effectiveness of the supplements.

Official website of Flexx Labs is:

Conclusion: Well, since Flexx labs is entirely new steroid company then it is bit difficult to how effective its products will be whereas Crazy Bulk is well known and trusted company in terms of providing natural ingredients.

Moreover, flex labs claims to provide legal and natural steroids but it contains some trait of anabolic steroids whereas Crazy Bulk does not. Crazy Bulk is legal and safe.


Benefits of Crazy Bulk & Flexx Labs


Crazy Bulk

  • Boosts nitrogen retention – it helps in boosting the nitrogen retention which further helps in increasing the amount of protein which is the building block of body.
  • Regulates synthesis of protein – it helps in regulating the proper synthesis of protein because more protein means more muscles.
  • Aids in conditioning of body – it helps in providing amazing physical conditioning of the body.
  • Reduces recovery time – it helps to minimize the recovery time after your strenuous workouts and makes you feel more energized.
  • Helps in building muscles and increasing strength – it assists in building muscles making them bulk in size and increasing the strength in the body to easily lift weights.
  • Helps improve stamina and promotes fat loss – it aids in boosting the stamina and reduces the excessive fats from the body.
  • Promotes collagen synthesis – collagen synthesis strengthens your tendons and ligaments. Strengthening these connective tissues help soothing all those nagging joints that constantly experience intense and repetitive workouts.

Flexx Labs

  • Improved energy levels – this formulation help the body to adjust heavy workloads, increase strength and reduce fatigue during training.
  • Increased testosterone levels–increased level of testosterone is a key growth of new muscles and strong bones.
  • Helps in regulating protein synthesis–protein is the building block of increased muscle growth. The more will be the synthesis of protein, the more you will grow bigger.
  • Great increase in oxidation of fat tissues–this mechanism fuels metabolism in the body and burns fat while sustaining muscle mass.
  • Prevention of bloating – reduction of water retention leads to more toned and vascular physique.
Conclusion: Flexx Labs have limited health benefits and work only to stimulate specific function of the body whereas Crazy Bulk is all-rounder. Apart from bodybuilding effects, it has numerous health benefits.


Different Types of Stacks of Crazy Bulk & Flexx Labs

Stacks included in the Crazy Bulk:

crazy bulk stacks


1. Bulking stack –This stack helps you gain muscle mass in healthy way. If you are seeking strength like a monster and huge muscle mass along with size then it is best suited for you.

By using bulking stack, you consume more calories than your body burn via a healthy and balanced diet.

2. Cutting stack The name itself suggests that, this stack reduces the excessive body fat while improving the strength and enhancing the endurance levels.

In this process, your body burns extra body fat while retaining the bulk muscles at the same time.

3. Strength It is very important to have enough energy to lift heavy weights. You simply cannot hope to burn fats and build muscles without strength.

If you wish to achieve extreme strength then you should opt this.


Flexx Labs stacks include:

flexx labs stacks

1. Extreme stackit is an 8 week program which involves a combination of different cutting and bulking formulas. This stack can be helpful for those people who are looking for extraordinary results while working out.

Moreover, extreme stack helps you to build muscle mass, increase testosterone levels and increase strength for bulked physique.

2. Pro mass stack–this stack arguably includes most powerful legal steroids, you can find online these days. It helps bodybuilders to take muscle gain to the next level with combination of advanced muscles.

It gradually increases testosterone production level, improves protein synthesis and increases strength and muscle size as well.

3. Pro cutting stack – it is absolutely perfect for those who want to cut after bulking while maintaining that perfect physique. It is a 6 week program for burning fat.

It also maintains muscle mass and increase muscles for long time along with burning the fat in the body.

Conclusion: In order to achieve bulking, cutting and strengthening aim, you need to group 6 items of Flexx labs where as you only need to combine few products of Crazy Bulk to achieve the goal. However, Crazy Bulk provides separate stacks for bulking, cutting and strengthening phase as well.


Crazy Bulk vs Flexx Labs | Ingredients

Crazy Bulk Ingredients

Common Ingredients used in Crazy Bulk are:

  • Whey protein: this substance helps in increasing the protein synthesis and maintaining your body’s positive nitrogen balance. High level of synthesis of protein builds more muscle mass and helps in recovery faster.
  • Soy protein–it is another effective ingredient of Crazy Bulk that enhances protein synthesis and increases the ability to build more muscles. This ingredient is high in protein and low in fats carbohydrates.
  • Tribulus terrestris – it is known as one of the best natural testosterone boosters in the market. You will easily find his ingredient in the cutting and bulking supplements. This substance is really helpful in building lean muscles and cutting fat also.
  • Safflower oil–this increases the level lanoleic acid in the body which is very good at raising the body’s metabolism. This component ensures that you always burn and annihilate fat even in the resting state.
  • Nettle leaf extract–this herb is well known for safe supplement for bodybuilding and gives bodybuilder a secure method of increasing and using testosterone. Additionally, it enhances muscles mass and strength and slows down the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

Flexx Labs ingredients

Common Ingredients used in flexx labs are:

  • Zinc – zinc helps in improving athletic performance and boosts strength and stamina of the body.
  • Vitamin B3 – it is an important nutrient of the body which is required by body to function properly and helps in lowering the cholesterol level.
  • Vitamin B6 – it helps in playing the key role in metabolism, building the blood cells and maintaining the healthy skin.
  • Magnesium – magnesium stimulates synthesis of fatty acids and proteins and transmission of nerve impulses.
  • Plectranthus barbatus – it helps in curing heart disorders as well as treat high blood pressure.
  • Aspartic acid – it helps in improving muscles strength, increase lean body mass and increases energy levels.
Conclusion – As you can clearly see the difference in ingredients being used by both health brands. Thus it simply indicates that both brands work in specific health functions besides some common functions. Crazy Bulk works in all health related functions.


Crazy Bulk vs Flexx Labs – Working Principle

How Crazy Bulk Works?

Crazy bulk offers best alternative for anabolic steroids, which is formulated and manufactured using the purest, highest quality ingredients. These ingredients create ultimate anabolic state which is required for growth of muscles providing you immense gain in strength and size.

You will also not experience any kind of side effects while taking legal steroids. Its products naturally improve your strength and gives energy as well as intensity when badly need it. Increased level of energy keeps you active and energized throughout your working sessions.

With regular use of Crazy bulk supplements, your stamina will also improve at a pace. In addition, there will be major boost in metabolism in your workout helping you to continue with strenuous workouts without getting engaged.

How Flexx Labs works?

When using this formula for upto 6 times a day, you will achieve more strength, stamina, growth, cuts and testosterone. Flexx Labs actually claims to be faster, more potent and stronger as compared to other brands of legal steroids.

It targets both protein synthesis and testosterone such that you will see noticeable changes in relatively short period of time. With its quick muscle repair system, you can hit the gym more often to rip another set or same set of muscles.

Flexx labs work in:

  • It improves blood flow for better levels of oxygen and nitrogen
  • It boost your testosterone levels which lead to weight loss, bigger and stronger muscle growth
  • This creates an anabolic environment within your body
  • Improves levels of energy by burning fat into your body
Conclusion: Talking about the working principle of these two legal steroid brands, both is effective and work fast. However, there is difference in their dosages.

Flexx labs require to be taken more than 6 times a day for better results as compared to Crazy Bulk where you need to take only 3 times a day. Crazy bulk has specific supplements for women as well but Flexx Labs don’t.


What Are The Side Effects of Crazy Bulk & Flexx Labs?

Crazy Bulk

Crazy bulk only uses 100% organic ingredients that are safe for use. There are absolutely no side-effects while using these products. However, you must us all the supplements according to recommended dosages. Higher dosages can lead to unwanted results if not taken properly otherwise the product is safe.

No harmful consequences are associated with Crazy Bulk. All the supplements are safe, legal and natural.  Still, you cannot expect the brand to come with all positive reviews. So here are some of its cons.

  • Supplement only available through official website
  • Consult doctor before taking the supplements if you have medical conditions

Apart from these, no negative impact or reviews of Crazy Bulk are recorded.

Flexx Labs

Although average stomach ache or loose bowel movements are some of its negative impact, there is nothing researchers have found in terms of extreme effects. However, if you do suffer from any underlying health problems or issues then you must see a medical expert.

Diabetic patient for sure consult a doctor before taking these supplements. Remember! Do not take more than stated directions of use because this may cause some serious health issues.

Conclusion: Flexx Labs have no extreme side effects but do possess mild side effects whereas Crazy Bulk has negligible side effects and can cause little health issues when dose is exceeded.

Crazy Bulk vs Flexx Labs: Shipping Charges

Crazy Bulk

Crazy bulk generally facilitates free shipping. However, this free shipping is limited only in the parts of US, UK and Canada. Still, there are minimal charges imposed on delivery outside US and UK. They usually charge $9.99 for other parts of the world.

Flexx Labs

You should be aware of the shipping charges imposed by Flexx Labs which sometimes can be as much as $13.99. It can add considerable amount of money to your purchase.

Conclusion: Crazy Bulk facilitates free shipping all over the US, UK and Canada and impose minimal amount of delivery charge than Flexx Labs on shipping outside the above mentioned countries.


Reviews on Crazy Bulk & Flexx Labs

Crazy Bulk

While looking for the reviews Crazy Bulk, you will always find positive feedback of customers along with their photo. Users claim to feel the effects of this supplement really fast. They said that there are noticeable changes within a couple of weeks.

They have noticed increased energy levels, less fat, more muscles and strength. They reported that these supplements really helped them.

Crazy bulk products are affordable and also facilitate offers on products to its customers.

Flexx Labs

Flexx labs though help in gaining muscle mass and providing strength but results in number of complications. There is several health issues associated with the use of Flexx Labs supplements.

It may urges to be legal steroids in the market but have severe negative impact on the body. You can easily find many reviews o the customers complaining about its side effects. They say that product does not really work and gives desired result on specified time. In short, customers are not satisfied and happy with the product.

Moreover, it is bit expensive means products are comparatively expensive.

Conclusion: Reviews are positive for Flexx Labs and products work but is time consuming. In terms of Crazy Bulk, reviews are not merely positive but work in less than a month. 


To sum it up…

By now, you must be probably wondering that which legal steroid to opt and is most powerful. Well, the answer is only Crazy Bulk which is the only legal steroid and as powerful as anabolic steroid.

They are safe, legal and use 100% natural ingredients in their products. They are affordable and very effective. Moreover, Crazy Bulk supplement can be orally taken and does not require any kind of injections.

It is FDA approved and thus proven to be safe, legal and natural. In addition, it delivers the desired result in the given period of time. You don’t have to go through trials and error tests with these amazing pills. Its products are clinically proven and have passed all the tests.

It has got positive user reviews from all over the world. Its users are fully satisfied and happy with its results because supplements have no SIDE EFFECTS.

However, you only need to perform intense workouts and follow strict dieting pills along with the use of supplements of Crazy Bulk. Its products are only available on its official website, so never purchase fake product from third party sellers.

This is because third party portals or any other GNC stores do not provide genuine product. So be careful while purchasing Crazy Bulk.

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    Flexx Labs is yet another scam type of bodybuilding product claiming creating that perfect anabolic environment but is not actually. It has very high amount of negative reviews of user. Bad Product! Do not buy it!

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