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Dianabol is a steroid that’s well known within the bodybuilding circles. If it has been around more than 50 years, then it better be good. A lot of bodybuilders use it for gaining muscle and strength, even though it’s illegal, here in the US and in many other parts of the world.

Yet it remains most commonly used steroids. What’s even more interesting is that it is often hailed as the “The Breakfast of Champions”.

Before, you jump on a Dianabol cycle, it’s important to know what are it’s side effects.


Side Effects of Dianabol

Several Dianabol Side Effects include:

  1. Liver Toxicity
  2. Water Retention
  3. Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Issue
  4. Gynecomastia
  5. Acne, Male Pattern Baldness


Liver Toxicity

disease of liver

Since dianabol is an anabolic steroid, it is highly toxic to the liver. It belongs to 17-AA class steroids and its molecular structure is altered at the 17th carbon position.

It cannot be metabolized by your liver. In layman terms, it cannot be broken down by the liver before it reaches the bloodstream.

Though it cannot be broken down by the liver, it makes it work really hard in order to metabolize it. If this process continues for a long time, it can damage the liver.

Not just this, it can stress liver to the point that it will be unable to produce bile. What it means is that it impairs liver’s ability to process toxins. As a result of toxic build up, it can lead to lesions on the liver.


Water Retention

bloated look due to water retention

One of the most common problem with dianabol is that it can make your body retain water. A lot of weight gained is because of water retention in your body. What it means is that it can make you look bloated, particularly around neck and face, giving you what is called the “moon face” appearance.


High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Issues

BP Problems

Yet another problem associated with dianabol overdose is high blood pressure. Moreover, it can also increase LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol and lower HDL cholesterol or the good cholesterol, raising your chances of getting a stroke. This is something that can prove fatal in the long run.



swelling of male breast tissue

Before buying dianabol, you must consider the effects that it can have on your chest. One of the most common complications arising with the use of this steroid is gynecomastia or man boobs.

Now, this refers to excessive growth of breast tissue in men. Now, this is a problem that can occur even in very low doses. This is largely because of aromatization of testosterone into estrogen in your body.

Dianabol not only turns testosterone into estrogen but also suppresses the production of testosterone. This can result in serious complications.


Acne, Male Pattern Baldness

Male Baldness

Now these are side effects, which not all men experience. You are likely to experience pimple outbreaks if you have a higher tendency to have an outbreak of acne.

If you are not prone to getting pimples, you might not experience acne because of dianabol use. Similarly, if you already suffer with MPB then dianabol can aggravate your condition and make you lose hair faster.

Now, Further in this blog, we’re going to look at both the positives and negatives of using this “wonder” drug and how it’s possible to get the same results without the risks.


Pros – Benefits

Dianabol works by binding to the androgen receptor. What this means is that it is blocking the body from ‘cleaning up’ the free testosterone and other steroid hormones in your body and that in turn means it greatly increases ‘free testosterone’.

This then results in all of the positive side effects associated with steroids. That means you get increased muscle mass, increased fat burning and an improved ability to synthesize protein.

You will become more virile, more manly, more determined and more ‘alpha’. Many people find that they don’t just enjoy the direct bodybuilding benefits of using steroids but also the social benefits as it turns wimpy guys into strong leaders and assertive jocks.

Another benefit of Dianabol is that it can be taken orally rather than needing to be injected. This is because the 17a-methylation of the steroid is able to pass through the liver in-tact.

It’s affinity to the sex hormone binding globulin also means it doesn’t have further reactions with the body.

Cons – Side Effects

Dianabol is one of the most potent steroids available which means it has many pros. At the same time though, this can also lead to exaggerated side effects and downsides.

For instance, aromatization of Dianabol results in the development of female secondary sex characteristics. For instance, Dianabol usage can lead to the development of female breasts (gynecomastia) as well as to increased water retention (leading to a puffy appearance).

Meanwhile, Dianabol can also cause the body to cease its natural production of testosterone which might lead to the user requiring HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for the rest of their lives in order to maintain even normal levels of testosterone.

Dianabol is also very toxic to the liver and should not be used for long periods of time as a result. It may cause several dangerous diseases like cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis is a severe liver disease

Fortunately, legal Dbol alternatives do exist and these include the very popular and effective D-BAL from Crazy Bulk. This is a natural and herbal alternative that can elevate testosterone levels in a safe manner without triggering any unwanted side effects. It is also a much better choice for anyone looking to safely build long-term muscle.


Safe Alternative (100% Legal)

If you want to gain muscle and strength, you might consider something more natural and effective like D-BAL from Crazy Bulk.

The days of dianabol are over. You have natural supplements like Crazy Bulk D-BAL that can help you get excellent muscle growth without any of the side effects associated with the actual steroid.

This is a supplement that’s formulated with natural ingredients that do not harm your body in any way whatsoever. It increases both protein synthesis and nitrogen retention resulting in quick muscle growth. Over and above, it can also help you recover faster.

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