How to Use ZigZag Squats for Amazing Leg Development?

ZigZag Squats for Amazing Legs growth

ZigZag squats are squats performed with a slight difference.

This is a unique technique that you can use to build size and strength in your legs and which can also be applied to many other moves and many other body parts for amazing gains.

Read on and we’ll take a look at precisely what zigzag squats are and why they’re so excellent for developing amazing strength.


What Are ZigZag Squats?

Here the squat itself is no different from regular squat – the term ‘zigzag’ instead refers to the amount of weight you’re using and the reps.

Here you will do things a little bit differently by moving directly from doing heavy weights for lower reps to lighter weights for higher reps.

And then back again. This is like an alternative to doing a drop set or pyramid set and it actually has a ton of advantages.

So what might this look like?

Well, imagining that you squat 150KG for 10 reps normally. Now, if you were going to do a zigzag set you might perform:

  • 8 x 130KG
  • 20 x 50KG
  • 8 x 130KG
  • 20 x 50KG

…and so on until you reach failure.

As mentioned before, this principal can actually be applied to all kinds of different moves and body parts. There’s nothing to stop you from doing zigzag bicep curls for instance or zigzag bench presses.

As an added tip, if you want to increase the speed with which you perform the repetitions, you should set up two sets of weights ready to go. Ideally you would have two squat racks next to each other.

If not, practice squatting without the brackets at the ends of the barbells so you can very quickly add and remove the weights as needed.

Watch this YouTube Video to Know More about ZigZag Squats with volume Leg Press

The Benefits

So what’s so good about zigzag squats?

Essentially the idea is that the light weight provides you with an opportunity for active recovery. You can’t do any more repetitions with your heavy weight, but by carrying on with the lighter weight you give yourself the rest you need to build back up to those reps.

At the same time though, by continuing to train the same movement you’ll be ensuring that you keep the blood and pump in the muscles that you’re targeting.

This increases the volume that the muscle group is experience greatly and thus encourages maximal hypertrophy.

Better yet, zigzag squats give you the benefit of being able to train both the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers.

Because you’re using light weights for volume you’ll maximize growth and because you’re using heavy weights with lower reps you’ll maximize strength gains too.

In other words, you are using two different approaches to weight training and thus getting benefits from each.

Overall then, zigzag squats are an excellent tool for building strength and size in your legs, while the same principle can be applied to other body parts for similar advantages. Incorporate this into your training and see what it can do for you!

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