IFBB Europa Orlando 2018 Results & Photos [Check SCORECARDS]

IFBB Europa Orlando 2018 Results

Who are the Champions in Sunny Orlando?

The exciting fitness expo and competition weekend in Orlando has quite recently arrived at the end with the results of Europa Orlando 2018!

A huge number of fans and athletes met up to watch and go up against the most elite (i.e. best of the best).

In the course of recent years, what was once a small fitness show has grown into one of the biggest supplement, nutrition and apparel trades appears on the planet!

Check out the official results below:

2018 IFBB Europa Orlando Pro Men’s Physique Results

  1. Diogo Ferreira
  2. Gerardo Gabriel
  3. Greg Brant
  4. Chase Savoie
  5. Scott Dennis
  6. Steven Cao
  7. Jeph Gabriel
  8. Leon McCall
  9. Jimmy Payne
  10. Aaron Thompson
  11. Justin Woodard
  12. Willie Green
  13. Nimai Delgado
  14. Edward Alvarez
  15. Travales Blount

IFBB Europa Orlando Pro Men’s Physique Results 2018

2018 IFBB Europa Orlando Pro Women’s Physique Results

  1. Penpraghai Tiangngok
  2. Valentina Mishina
  3. Lauren Rutan
  4. Sarah Fechter
  5. Brittany Watts
  6. Marjorie Beck
  7. Katie M. Lee
  8. Diana Schnaidt
  9. Bianca Scott
  10. Angela Debatin

IFBB Europa Orlando Pro Women’s Physique Results 2018

2018 IFBB Europa Orlando Pro Figure Results

  1. Felisha Livezey
  2. Stacy Fujarski
  3. Tarryn Garlington
  4. Melissa Bumstead
  5. Stephanie Hammermeister
  6. Raynesha Sharpe
  7. Amber Eutsey
  8. Kimberley Helm
  9. Tiffany Boyer
  10. Jessica Reyes Padilla
  11. Dawn Reichley
  12. Lori Penn
  13. Natalie Navas
  14. Zuleica Rezende
  15. April Anderson


Check out the official scorecards below:

IFBB Europa Orlando 2018 scorecards-1

IFBB Europa Orlando 2018 scorecards-2

IFBB Europa Orlando 2018 scorecards-3

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