Hourglass Fit vs Instant Knockout Reviews | A Head-to-Head Comparison


Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit—Fight Of Two Furious Fat Burners

In this comparison review, we have two most remarkable fat burning formulas on the market; Instant Knockout & Hourglass Fit.

Let’s find out which of the product get you the real weight loss results.

Instant Knockout far burner ensures superb cutting steroids like weight loss results while getting you the reliance of top-notch blend. On the other side, you have Hourglass Fit, the new-gen women fat burner ensuring you an exceptional result.

Though being a competent and popular product, which assures you excellent results?

Well, that’s probably tough to fight out as both of the fat burners have perks and drawbacks.

However, side-by-side Instant Knockout Hourglass comparison can make it easier!

But, how to compare them up?

Well, these key points would help us decide with fat-burning formula have real ability to ramp up your weight loss!

  • Products Background—Which one is reliable?
  • Blends capability—Are they really effective?
  • Real advantages—What can you expect?
  • Safety Standards & dosages—Are they safe?
  • Customer Response—Have users found it useful?
  • Price & More—Are they reasonably priced?

Of course, analyzing the fat burners over these points helps us draw a conclusion as to which fat burner to use and why?

So, without wasting any further moment, let’s being Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit battle.

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Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit—Product Details

First and foremost, we need to see what the product is formulated for.

Well, getting ins and outs of the supplements gives you a more detailed understanding.

Not only you will be able to measure the efficiency it encompasses but can also know about its reliability…

So, let’s being…

#1: Instant Knockout— The Pro Fat Burner


Formulated by Roar Ambition, Instant Knockout addresses itself as a ‘revolutionary shredding formula’ providing with ultimate weight loss.

In fact, the fat burner was specifically created to lend outstand fat loss results to pro players.

Nonetheless, the extensive fat shredder for MMA fighters and professional boxers was available for normal people. By catering scientific research over several potent fat burning ingredients, the blend came into existence.

Actually, the fat burner intents to provide cutting steroid-like results.

This is the reason the fat burner in extensively popular among bodybuilders with serious goals.

Also, this is why it works amazing for women as the female body needs something extra for real weight loss.

Hence, this makes Instant Knockout take the top spot among the best female fat burning solutions.


Get Hot, Confident, Sexy, Fit, And Healthy Body


#2: Hourglass Fit—The Top-Notch Female Fat burner


Hourglass Fit introduces itself as a women-centric fat burner.

Claiming smashing weight loss results, the product appeals to the consumer market with great scientific backing.

Manufactured by quite a new company, the reliability can be a drawback.

Nonetheless, as a women-centric product, it seems to have a great deal in reducing your extra weight and making you attractive once more.

The weight loss journey is, of course, challenging with several twists and turns and the product serves the need at every moment.

By curbing your hunger and keeping the energy to keep, it supplies all subdues for max weight loss. Not only it enables your body to burn fat faster but also maintains good emotional health.

Of course, it serves all the points to become an ideal fat burning supplement.


Try Hourglass Fit Fat Burner – The Safe And Gentle Way To Lose Weight!


Hourglass Fit vs Instant Knockout—Which One You Find Impressive?

Both fat burners have quite a good amount of claims stating them as the best product.

Instant Knockout is a stunning supplement coming from a renowned health supplement brand. On the other hand, we have Hourglass Fit and impressive women-centric fat burning formula.

Whatever grand claims these fat burners make, you can’t rely on them entirely.

So, we have thoroughly checked the ingredients, to see if the fat burners are really worth it or not.


Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit: The Ingredients

The efficiency of a fat burning supplement entirely depends on the formula it holds.

Obviously, our comparison review can never be complete without going through their blends.

Here’s what we found after checking the formula of these women-centric fat burners!


#1: Instant Knockout Ingredients—Real Efficiency


Inclusion of natural ingredients which are scientific backing for efficiency sets Instant Knockout fat Burner on the safe side.

Also, the formula intended to provide rigorous weight loss while ensuring no risk.

With over 10 Instant Knockout Ingredients, you are getting the real fat-burning benefits.

Here’s our in-depth analysis of each Instant Knockout Ingredients

  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI): Works tremendously for improving metabolism resulting in a greater fat loss.
  • Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin): Augments your metabolic activity and releases constant energy supply.
  • Zinc (as zinc oxide): Helps regulated a leaner and slimmer body composition while stimulating your T-level which further ascends fat loss.
  • GTF Chromium (as picolinate): An undervalued ingredient with outstanding fat-burning perks.
  • Green Tea Extract (leaf): Known for exceptional metabolism-boosting benefits.
  • Green Coffee Extract (bean): Enhances your metabolism to ramp up fat burning naturally.
  • Cayenne Powder (fruit): Having extensive metabolism-boosting benefits it targets fat accumulation to next level weight loss.
  • Glucomannan (konjac root): It’s a soluble fiber known for surprising hunger and craving suppressing perks.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Holds stunning thermogenic properties which again fastens fat burning rate
  • Black Pepper Extract: Benefits fat burning process in extensive ways

Clearly, the evaluation of the Instant Knockout ingredient represents its efficiency.

The blend truly aligns with its claim of remarkable fat-burning benefits.

Almost every ingredient present has a significant advantage to fasten your weight loss.



#2: Hourglass Fit Ingredients—The Real Efficiency


What is the best thing about Hourglass Fit Ingredients?

The fat burner’s composition excludes the presence of any proprietary blend, artificial ingredients, and is completely clean.

Further, the blend only holds natural ingredients, being a women fat centric product this approach is impressive.

Here’s what we found after evaluating Hourglass Fit Ingredients:

  • Vitamin D3 – The constituent encompasses stunning immune system enhancing benefits and also aids normal muscle functions.
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 – Lessens tiredness and fatigue significantly while getting your constant energy surge at intervals.
  • Chromium – Aids to carbs and fats metabolism for faster fat burning. Also, it helps maintain regular blood glucose (sugar) levels.
  • Glucomannan – Having impressive weight loss benefits, the ingredients is present in numerous weight loss formula.
  • Green Tea Extract – Scientifically proven for enhancing fat burning rate, the supplement has adequate quantity inclusion.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Present in several renowned fat burning products, it ramps up for metabolism to the peak.
  • Guarana – Having an extensive quantity of caffeine, it maintains your energy at peak averting your energy drains.
  • Black Pepper Extract – The ingredients improve the absorption of other ingredients of the fat burner.

With such a powerpack formula, Hourglass Ingredients seems to add breakthrough results.

Of course, weight loss is assured which potent blend attributing amazing perks co-related to exceptional fat burning.



Hourglass Fit vs Instant Knockout—Who Covers the Real Power?

Well, this is tough to decide, as which of the fat burners’ blend get you more!

However, one thing is pretty clear here, the blends firmly provide with the perks the manufacturer claims about.

Instant Knockout is ought to get your extreme weight loss with intense muscle development. Whereas, Hourglass will restore the charisma of slimmer and leaner frame.

However, there are several perks lining outside, we have stressed them out in the next segment of our Instant Knockout Hourglass evaluations.


Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit: What Can You Expect?

The key focus of a fat burner is to lend you with extensive weight loss.

However, in order to achieve the results, the supplement provides several other amazing perks that usually go unnoticed.

Here, after a deep assessment of the fat burner, we are able to address such amazing advantages.


#1: Instant Knockout Benefits

Instant Knockout Benefits

Favoring intense fat loss, the weight loss formula does more.

Working no less like a cutting supplement, the product provides your super leaner and ripped physique you would love.

Here are the amazing Instant Knockout Benefits you would enjoy:

  • Quick Fat Loss: IK with its super sound formula ramps up your fat-burning rate. Well, the fat burner does so by stimulating thermogenesis and metabolism.
  • Preserves Lean Muscle Mass: Unlike other fat burners shed fat and muscle both, Instant Knockout preserves your lean muscle mass while reducing fat composition.
  • Perfectly Craved Figure: Not only the fat burner makes your slimmer, but it also provides yours with a ripped and craved frame.
  • Decisive Strength and Stamina: Working like a cutting supplement the fat burner ramps up your strength and stamina to improve your workout session

The fat burner is sure to get you tremendous weight loss.

Not only it will make you slimmer but you would look like the muscle gainers along with having a leaner frame.


Order And Try Instant Knockout For A Full 90 Days


#2: Hourglass Fit Benefits


The fat-burning formula provides you with tremendous weight loss by stimulating different body functions.

Apart from getting your super sexy leaner frame, the women-centric fat burner is set to deliver some amazing pers.

Here’s what you receive as Hourglass benefits.

  • Faster Fat Burning: The Hourglass ingredients ramps up your metabolism for tremendous weight loss results.
  • Overpower Appetite: Not having control over what you eat is something restricting you from losing weight. So, by beating your cravings Hourglass gets you quick results.
  • Prevent Weight Gains: While losing weight, you need to keep check you aren’t gaining any further calories. This is why Hourglass block further production of fat cells.
  • Improve Mood and Energy Levels: Having a numbers of stimulants the fat burner perks up your energy level while improving your mood.

Not only the fat burner enhances your weight loss, but Hourglass Fit Benefits works to keep your weight loss on track.

Hence, becoming a more favorable choice as a female fat burner.


Achieve Your SHAPE Goals With Hourglass Fit Fat Burner


Hourglass vs Instant Knockout—Which is the boss?

When it comes to benefits, the fat burner has one to one fight.

It’s quite difficult to address which fat burner provides you more, but the difference is quite clear.

Instant Knockout as a strong fat burning contender shreds your fat mass while gaining you some good lean muscle.

Simply, getting your results like a legal cutting steroid pill.

On the contrary, we have the new fat-burning contender Hourglass, the women-centric supplement stood over its claims. Extensive weight loss is sure with the female fat burning supplement.

Well, only advantages and perks are not sufficient to decide which formula really suitable for safe.

Safety measure also matters. So, we have assessed the supplements in this matter in the next segment of Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit.


Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit: Are They Safe?

As these fat burners have grand claims and amazing results chances of side effects are pretty sure.

Usually, ingredients are as safe as individual usage. However, in a blend, these can act quite differently.

So, we have evaluated the fat burner for safety.

Here’s what we discovered…


#1: Instant Knockout Side Effects—Is It Safe?

buy Instant Knockout fat burner

Instant Knockout fat burner has a completely natural blend. Moreover, the formula excludes proprietary blends, stimulants, and artificial ingredients. 

Also, no Ingredients has resulted in any negative consequences.

Furthermore, we went through several Instant Knockout reviews to see if users have received any side effects.

But to our disappointment, we couldn’t find any single Instant Knockout side effects. Keeping these facts as one, we can say the fat burner is safe for usages.

However, the only drawback with the fat burner is you can’t have caffeinated beverages.

Actually, the fat burner has quite a good amount of caffeine in the blend, extra intake would overpower the daily allowed dosage. Hence you might have difficulty in sleeping.

Apart from these, there’s no Instant Knockout Side effect.

Henceforth, you can use the fat burner without a second thought, but you need to follow the guidelines.

Instant Knockout Dosage & Directions

You have to take 4 pills of the supplement daily. Also, you can split it into two servings of 2 having breakfast and lunch respectively.

Instant Knockout Dosage is excellent. Furthermore, each pack comes with 120 capsules, so one bottle is likely to last for a month.

Using it for three months will provide you with ultimate fat burning results


#2: Would You Encounter Hourglass Side Effects?


Side effects are something you need to be sure of, before using any fat burning supplement.

With Hourglass Fit fat burner, you need to keep more concern as it is quite a new product in dimension.

Undoubtedly, the women-centric fat burner seems to provide impressive fat burning results. However, it is likely to get you side effects. Well, ingredients are pretty clean on one side.

Nonetheless, being a new product, lack of adequate Hourglass Fit Customer Reviews averts us to say something on health risk.

Of course, the fat burner seems to be pretty clean, still, potential Hourglass side effects may be experienced.

However, to be on the safe side you can take precautionary measures.

Well, this includes using the fat burner as per the dosages and directions.

Hourglass Dosage & Usage

You have to take 3 capsules in a day, you can split it into 3 servings and have a pill at a time.

The dosages and guidelines are straightforward, which is a plus point.

A pack of the fat burner comprises almost 90 pills, so it would last you for a month.


Hourglass Fit vs Instant Knockout—what about safety?

In terms of safety measures, both fat burners seem to be competent. With natural formula and scientific backing, the supplement satisfies the safety standards.

However, Hourglass Fit fat burner is entirely a new supplement so you can’t say much about wellbeing.

Nonetheless, IK gives you the assurance with the natural and researched based cutting edge formula it holds.

So far, the facts and figures are pretty striking. Still, really efficiency can only be assured by the customer response.


Customer Feedbacks—Are The Fat Burner Worth It?

With just looking at ingredients blends and benefits, you can’t be sure of benefits.

The fat burner results can only be assessed through users’ reviews.

So, we went through customer feedback to find the real efficiency of the fat burners.

Here’s what we found…

#1: Instant Knockout Customer Reviews—Is It Worth?

The fat burning supplement claims incline with the results it provides.

As Instant Knockout represents itself as a substitute for cutting supplements, the outcomes solidify its claims.

Instant Knockout Before and After Pics, clearly represents the real efficiency of the supplement.

Here, you can see not only users have got a leaner frame but have super craved muscles and toned abs.

Check it out…



Not only that pictures are impressive, the Instant Knockout Customer Reviews too, assert the same assurance.

Here’s what users have to say about this extensively strong fat burning formula.

Hayley Swift

Losing weight was never possible for me, I’ve tried numerous products but failed. After using IK, things changed drastically, I’ve lost 17 pounds in three months and it really feels amazing. I’ve lost weight and gain good lean muscles. Thanks, Instant Knockout.


Martha Claire

I’m a mom and bodybuilding is my passion. But due to the birth of my second child, I’ve gained some weight, and losing it was too tough for me.  My trainer suggested I use Instant Knockout for this purpose and here I’m slimmer and with some abs.

Really, Instant Knockout Results are very impressive.

The fat burner delivers exceptional fat burning results in a very short term.

Well, the result is far beyond expectations, and of course, you would love it.



#2: Hourglass Fit Customer Reviews—Is It Worth?

The women-centric fat burner claims of exceptional weight loss results.

So, we researched to find it if the fat burner worth it… Well, we were shocked by the amazing Hourglass Fit Before and After Pics.

Not only users have got amazing weight loss results, but the waistline and shrunk thighs are what you love.

Check out the amazing Hourglass Fit Before and After Pics!



Undoubtedly, the pics get you a clear reference of results you can get with the fat burner.

Also, users have shared their complete weight loss journey with the fat burner which is equally impressive.

Here’s what users said through their Hourglass Fit Customer Reviews

Michelle, United Kingdom

I’d 12 weeks left at my wedding, all I wanted was to look slimmer and attractive in my wedding dress. I took hourglass as said and went to the gym regularly while eating cleaner. Well, these got me really amazing results. I lost about 2lbs. and this made me really look competent!


Nicole, San Diego, USA

The hardest part of losing weight is to control cravings. With Hourglass Fit fat burner, I soon gained control over my eating habits and losing weight was much easier as I ate fewer junkies and chocolates. I’ve already lost around 8 lbs. thanks to the fat burner.

Undoubtedly, the women-centric fat burner functions as it asserts. So, this is obviously a plus point increasing reliance over the weight loss supplement.



Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit —Do they worth it!

The fat burners work, that’s a good thing. The fat burners deliver intense weight loss results, that’s spectacular!

What can you expect with amazing female weight loss formula!

IK assure you with extensive cutting fat burning results. Contrarily, Hourglass keeps focusing on making you slimmer and reducing your waistlines.

At last, what’s left to analyze is the pricing and buying platform. For that, you need to move to the later segment of Instant Knockout Hourglass Reviews.


Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit —Buying And More

Where can you buy Instant Knockout?  Are they available for a reasonable price?

Well, these are a few questions left to answer. So, in this section, particularly, we have covered it up.

So, let’s get dive into the ins and outs of buying the fat burners.

#1: Where to Buy Instant Knockout

The spectacular fat burning supplement is only available through its official portal i.e. Instant Knockout.com.

Well, this prevents fraudulent sellers and provides you with a genuine product.

Also ordering directly from the manufacturer makes you eligible for several offers and deals.

In fact, this includes freebies, free shipping, and a lot more.

Instant Knockout Price and Packs

The powerful fat burning supplement is mainly available in three packs you can pick either of them to kick start your weight loss.



1 bottle of Instant Knockout

PRICE: $59.00




2 bottles of Instant Knockout

PRICE: $118.00

Free delivery in the USA & UK






3 bottles of Instant Knockout + 1 free bottle

PRICE: $185

Free worldwide delivery

Moneyback Guarantee



#2: Where Can You Buy Hourglass Fit?

Presently, Hourglass Fit Fat Burner can be bought only through the official website: hourglassfit.com.

Not only this ensures you of a genuine product but it gets you several offers. So, the little inconvenience is okay.

Also, the manufacturer has extensive customer support, you won’t face any issue in getting your product.

Next, let’s check the pricing details.

Hourglass Fit Price and Packs

The Women-centric fat burner is accessible in two packs only.

Currently, these are running on price saving offers.

So, don’t miss the deal.



1 bottle of Hourglass Fit

Price: $30.00

90 fat-burning capsules





2 bottles of Hourglass Fit

Price: $55.00

180 fat-burning capsules

FREE US & UK delivery


Undoubtedly, both fat burning supplements are outstanding in terms of the result they deliver.

However, from the price point of view Hourglass fit fat burner seems to be winning with current offer packs.

As you are getting two bottles for the price of one.

Nonetheless, this isn’t a valid criterion to select your packs.

So, we have shared an in-depth revision of the facts and sum up to help you decide.


Instant Knockout vs Hourglass Fit —The Best Fat Burner

From the above discussion, it’s quite clear, that both fat burners possess the immense possibility of remarkable results.

However, when it comes to picking out one, you should probably seek your weight loss goal.

In fact, the fat burners concerns about specific benefits and goals.

Obviously, using a weight loss supplement whose core focus aligns with your objective would get you maximum benefits.

Here’s a kick!

If you want to bulk up but the extra fat mass is bothering you, Instant Knockout can serve you best. While cutting down the flab, it tones your abs and muscles for better. If you want to get a slimmer and leaner physique, Hourglass can effectively trim your waistline!

Probably this helped you pick the right fat burner for your weight loss deed.

Which fat burner fit your objectives? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section.



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