LeanBean vs Instant Knockout: Which Is Best? [2020 Review]


Instant Knockout vs LeanBean: What Is A Better Fat Burner?

Let’s find out through this comparison review

  • Instant knockout is a premium fat burner specifically designed to serve the weight loss needs of bodybuilders and athletes. Hence, it holds extreme fat-burning power.
  • On the other hand, LeanBean is a complete women-centric fat burning supplement. Having an entire blend created to function for weight loss of women, it seems promising.

Leanbean vs Instant Knockout—the competition is tough!

These two fat burner supplements are marketed and sold online.

Instant Knockout website: www.instantknockout.com

Leanbean website: www.leanbeanofficial.com

To find out the best fat burner in these amazing options, we have done objective research.

Just go through Instant Knockout vs Leanbean to gather information in detail.


Instant Knockout vs LeanBean—Introduction

Before we move ahead with our analysis, we have shared a short introduction of the fat burning supplement.

Of course, this would provide you with the ins and outs of the fat burning supplement.

So, let’s start with it…


What is instant knockout?


Initially, Instant Knockout fat burner was created especially for bodybuilders and performance athletes.

Hence, it’s the capability to provide exceptional weight loss results in a matter of days.

The manufacturer Roar Ambition has created it in a way that the fat burner delivers amazing weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and workout routine.

Well, don’t mistake it with the fat burners usually find in the market.

Advertised with incredible claims and results in nothing. You need to put a reasonable amount of effort to get real results.

Having a powerful natural blend, the fat burner demonstrates weight loss. It cuts down your flab to get your super slim beach-ready figure!

So, this Instant Knockout review explains a lot more about the fat burner.



Now, let’s have a look at the other fat burner on board.


What is Leanbean?


According to the manufacturer Ultimate Life, LeanBean is a clinically proven women-centric fat burn. Having ingredients and dosage in the best-balanced amount, the results are satisfying.

However, being a women-centric fat burner, the efficiency is quite mild comparatively.

In fact, we didn’t find female athletes happy with the product. They lose weight, however, it fails to shape their physique.

 One of the disappointing facts is it leads to some mild side effects like upset stomach or jitters from too many stimulants. 

Even so, these Leanbean side effects are mild often goes unnoticed.

All in all, the fat burner serves the need it’s formulated for complete weight loss support.

Also, Leanbean customer reviews are by far impressive.

Well, this small introduction of the female fat burner deliberately shows its efficacy.

Yes, using it may get you results.



Still, Leanbean vs Instant Knockout—Which is promising?

Of course, after this small introduction, we find Instant Knockout fat burner much better.

With its extensive fat-burning ability, you lose weight rapidly and have a slimmer physique than ever.

Obviously, in comparison to the robust fat-burning power of IK, Leanbean appears to be quite mild.

Still, we have continued the comparison to find out which blend as got the real power.


Instant Knockout vs LeanBean— The Ingredients

Instant Knockout vs Leanbean Ingredients

When it comes to fat burners for females, their real efficiency can only be evaluated through their blend.

While comparing the weight loss supplement, we find that they share some of the ingredients.

Eventually, this results in some common benefits.

Meanwhile, they have some unique ingredients which enhance their fat-burning making them distinct.

Here we go with the ingredients breakdown.


Instant Knockout vs Leanbean: Common Ingredients

Both fat burner works as a metabolic booster to elevate your weight loss.

This is why some of their ingredients are common.

#1. Glucomannan

It’s a water-soluble dietary fiber having weight loss boosting benefits. In fact, it has been shown to suppress your appetite while improving your digestive system.

#2: Vitamins B6 & B12

These vitamins have the efficiency to improve the regulation of metabolic rates while fighting fatigue. For busy folks having difficulties maintaining fitness, it can help you a great extent.

#3: Chromium

Well, increased chromium intake is associated with a lessening in insulin resistance. Eventually, this helps in maintaining a more balanced blood sugar level and helps in weight management.

#4: Zinc

Typically, Zinc is great for digestive and metabolic processes involving fat and fatty acids. In fact, it is essential for boosting testosterone levels in men.

#5: Piperine

Actually, this ingredient is present in several fat burning products. Actually, it aids your digestive system in absorbing micronutrients more effectively.

#6: Green Coffee Bean

The last common constituent is green coffee beans. Having a good amount of caffeine in it, its amazing antioxidant properties helping to remove toxins.


What Are Their Unique Ingredients?

Besides having some common ingredients, the supplements have some unique constituent too.

These unique ingredients highlight their terrific weight loss efficiency.


Instant Knockout Ingredients

#1: Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract helps in fat oxidation as a result your energy level increases. Besides, the stored fat in your body starts to reduce. Also, the flavor of green tea is great.

#2: Caffeine Anhydrous

Well, this can be noted as a big perk with Instant Knockout. In fact, caffeine is the most powerful Thermogenic which elevates your body temp to increase weight loss.

#3: Cayenne pepper

Cayenne is also a well-known Thermogenic. Actually, the Instant Knockout ingredients increase your body temp slightly, to help you get rid of extra fat.



LeanBean Ingredients

#1: Choline

Improve fat transportation and converts it into energy. Hence, the stored fat in your body reduces. In fact, it’s scientifically proven to aid with this delivery process.

#2: Chloride

This electrolyte has an extensive role in keeping hydrated. Well, with improper hydration, your digestion and metabolism are likely to suffer. Eventually, it affects your weight loss.

#3: Turmeric

The herb is known for its effects on improving brain functionality and motivation, but it’s a Thermogenic too. In fact, its regular intake can help you lose weight faster.

#4: Garcinia Cambogia

This Asian fruit is highly popular for its health benefits. The major reason to add it as a LeanBean ingredient was due to its appetite-suppressing properties.

#5: Acai Berry

Well, it’s true properties are yet to be found. However, our initial finding suggests its benefits toward metabolic rates. As it is completely safe, there is no downside to the Leanbean ingredients.



Instant Knockout vs LeanBean —Which blend has got the power?

If you have a concern about which fat burner has more ingredients, then it’s Leanbean of course.

However, when we pay attention to the efficiency of each ingredient and entire blend, and doses of each constituent, then the answer in reverse.

Instant Knockout has the most proven fat burning ingredient with an adequate dosage of each ingredient. Contrarily, most Leanbean ingredients don’t have scientific proof and their quantity isn’t enough at all.

Hence, concluding this segment, we can declare Instant Knockout fat burner as a clear winner.

Let’s move further to see what the fat burner promises.



What Can You Expect From These Fat Burners?

Of course, fat burners are designed to elevate your weight loss.

Besides, improving your fat-burning rate, the supplement is going to get some amazing benefits.

In this segment, we have pointed out the major benefits of the fat burning supplement.

So, let’s see which of the fat burner seems more promising.

#1: Instant Knockout Benefits


Having intense fat-burning benefits, Instant Knockout delivers smashing weight loss.

In fact, working as a cutting supplement, it shed off fat to provide you with a super sculpted and leaner figure.

Here are the key Instant Knockout Benefits you are likely to receive.

  • Quick Fat Loss: Instant Knockout with its amazing blend elevates your fat-burning rate. Actually, the fat burner delivers such results by stimulating thermogenesis and metabolism.
  • Preserves Lean Muscle Mass: Unlike other fat burners that takedown fat and muscle both, the fat burner maintains your muscle mass while reducing stored fat.
  • Perfectly Craved Figure: Well, the fat burner doesn’t stop working by making your slimmer only but it provides you with the leaner and well-shaped body.
  • Decisive Strength and Stamina: Functioning as a cutting supplement, the weight loss pill perks up your strength and stamina. Hence, you have a better workout session than ever.

Of course, the fat burner has promising benefits to aid weight loss.

Not only it makes you slimmer but it also helps you gain muscle while giving you a well-sculpted body.



#2: LeanBean Benefits


The women-centric fat burner claims to provide tremendous weight loss by triggering several body functions.

Well, it isn’t confined to getting you super sexy leaner frame, but there are some super amazing perks you can enjoy.

Here’s what you are likely to receive as Lean Bean benefits.

  • Faster Fat Burning: The Lean Bean ingredients speed up your metabolic activity for exceptional weight loss and faster fat burning.
  • Overpower Appetite: Well, the fat burner significantly controls your appetite but cuts unnecessary craving. Hence, helping you to become calorie deficient.
  • Prevent Weight Gains: While you lose weight, you need to be sure, you don’t gain any weight further. This is why Lean Bean fat burner blocks further fat storage.
  • Improve Mood and Energy Levels: Having lots of powerful ingredients, the fat burner perks up energy while keeping your mood good.

Lean bean fat burner while boosting weight loss helps in weight management too.

Well, with these amazing perks, we can say it’s a favorable choice for females.



LeanBean vs Instant Knockout—which is the boss?

When it comes to fat burning, both product has promising results.

However, Instant Knockout gets a bonus as while cutting your fat it preserves your muscles. It works as a cutting supplement while helping you lose weight.

Not only you become slimmer but stronger and have greater stamina.

Eventually, it enhances your workout sessions. However, all of these perks lack with Lean Bean fat burner.

 Of course, being a women-centric product it stood over it claims, but against IK it doesn’t seem so great, 

Having a good number of benefits isn’t enough to make a fat burner best.

Well, it needs to safe and suitable for long term usage.

Henceforth, we have tried to evaluate if the fat burner is safe at all.


Instant Knockout vs LeanBean: Are The Fat Burners Safe?

So far, in Instant Knockout vs Lean Bean comparison, the fat burner presents a good.

With such impressive blend and amazing perks, what can you expect from a female weight loss product?

Despite all of these factors, your fat burner needs to be safe and free from side effects.

Hence, we have evaluated the product for safety standards.

Having natural ingredients in their formula, the fat burners appear safe, still, we kept with our evaluation.

Here’s what we found…


#1: Instant Knockout Side Effects—Is It Safe?

buy Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout fat burner possesses a completely natural blend.

Besides, it is completely free from proprietary blends, stimulants, and artificial ingredients.

No ingredients in the blend have resulted in any side effects.

While evaluated each Instant Knockout Ingredient, we didn’t find any possible side effects.

Moreover, we checked for Instant Knockout reviews, but so users had addressed the negative consequences.

Summing up all these facts, we can say there are no Instant Knockout side effects. In fact, the fat burner appears to be completely safe.

Given that, the only drawback with the fat burner is its caffeine quantity.

You aren’t allowed to take any caffeinated drink while using the weight loss pill.

Well, doing so will exceed your daily allowed caffeine dosage. Eventually, you would experience jitter, sleeplessness, and indigestion.

Besides, there’s no issue of the Instant Knockout Side effect.

Still, you need to use the fat burner properly to ensure you don’t suffer any negative consequences.

Instant Knockout Dosage & Directions

  • You have to take 4 pills of the supplement daily.
  • You can split the dosage in servings of 2 at breakfast and rest 2 with lunch.

One pack of the fat burner comes with 120 supplements in all. Hence, the package is going to last you for a month.

Instant Knockout dosages are really impressive.

However, to receive serious fat burning results, we suggest you use it at least for 3 months consistently.



#2: LeanBean Side Effects—Is It Safe?

Leanbean side effects

With fat burning supplements like this, chances of side effects always remain.

However, the LeanBean fat burner has a completely natural blend making it a safer option to go with.

Also, the women-centric fat burner has quite a promising weight loss results.

Still, the weight loss supplement is likely to result in side effects.

In fact, after going through several LeanBean Customer Reviews, we were able to find potential health risks.

The common lean bean side effects include

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache

Still, by using the fat burner properly you can prevent these Lean bean side effects.

All you need to do is follow the dosages and directions guidelines that come with the product.

LeanBean Dosage & Usage

For maximum results, you need to take 4 pills a day.

You can split it into 2 servings, having 2 with breakfast and rest 2 with lunch.

A pack of Lean Bean encompasses a total of 120 pills. Taking the dosage into consideration, it will last you for a month.



LeanBean vs Instant Knockout—what about safety?

In terms of safety measure, of course, Instant Knockout is far better. With no side effects the fat burner provides promising results.

Contrarily, there are major side effects of Lean Bean which turn it down in terms of safety measure. Moreover, Instant Knockout has a super clean and transparent formula with science-backed ingredients. All of these factors lack Leanbean.

Till here, Instant Knockout seems really promising.

Next, let’s find out which female fat burner is safe and sound.


Instant Knockout vs LeanBean—Where To Buy?

You can buy the fat burning supplement directly from their official website.

Well, it won’t be available at any other third party sellers or outlet.

For Instant Knockout visit: instantknockout.com

For Lean Bean visit: leanbeanofficial.com

Well, the female weight loss supplement comes with offers like free shipping, freebies, money-back guarantee, and a lot more.

Of course, all of these factors makes the deal more amazing.

Here we have shared a comparison of the price of the fat burners to evaluate its cost-effectiveness.


Choose Your Package

Instant Knockout


One Month Supply

1 Bottle: $59/£35

1 Bottle: $59/£39

Two Month Supply
  • 2 Bottles: $118/£70
  • Free shipping USA and the UK
  • 2 Bottles: $118/£78
  • Free home workout guide
  • Free shipping USA and the UK
Four Months of Supply
  • 3 Bottles + 1 Free: $185/£110
  • + Free Delivery Worldwide
  • + Moneyback Guarantee
  • 3 Bottles + 1 Free: $185/£117
  • + Free Delivery Worldwide
  • + Free home workout / healthy eating guide

From a price perspective, Instant Knockout and Lean Bean have similar offers.

Well, the price for one bottle of fat burners is the same. Even for two months supply and four months supply, the cost of the fat burner is again the same.

Moreover, the fat burners are affordable and have good perks to aid you with.

However, in the entire argument, Instant Knockout seems favorable for weight loss than Leanbean.

Still, you might find it tough to decide which fat burner to go with.

Of course, the female body needs some extra attention to get promising weight loss.

Only a robust fat burner can aid you with amazing weight loss results.

Here, we have shared our final points to help you chose the right product.


Instant Knockout vs LeanBean: The Winner!

We have summed up the entire discussion of Instant Knockout vs Leanbean in the below chart.

Here, you will find which fat burner really worth it!

Fat Burners

choose the best

Best for


Side Effects


Customer Feedback

Free shipping

Get Your Supply

Instant Knockout


per bottle

Robust fat burning

Quick Fat Loss

Preserves Lean Muscle Mass

Perfectly Carved Figure

Decisive Strength and Stamina

No side effects

4 capsules a day

96% positive

Applicable on 2 and 3 month supply



per bottle

Female weight loss

Faster Fat Burning

Improve Mood and Energy Levels.

Overpower Appetite

Prevent Weight Gains





4 pills a day

85% positive

Applicable on 2 and 3 month supply


From the above chart it quite clear, Instant Knockout is the best!

Not only it has terrific fat-burning power, but it has several amazing advantages.

Well, with a potent natural blend made up of natural and powerful ingredients, the fat burner really amazes with the result.

For a woman to lose weight, you need something that gets you extra.

It prevents further weight gain and averts unnecessary cravings.

Eventually, by speeding up your fat-burning rate, it gets you slimmer and leaner perfectly shaped figure.

Leanbean is quite mild in comparison to Instant Knockout in terms of weight loss.

Hence, we suggest you go with the Instant Knockout for high-performance and incredible weight loss.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get a super-sexy beach-ready figure with the excellent fat burning supplement Instant Knockout!



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