How Jeff Bezos got transformed from Skinny to Buff?


You shop at Amazon. I do shop at Amazon. And I think almost everyone shops at Amazon. You realize who gets richer when we do that? This is Jeff Bezos, the most extravagant person on earth and no doubt the most jacked independent billionaire of the present time.

Lately, everyone in tech is talking about Jeff Bezos and how he got so jacked!

In spite of making news more than frequently, a little is discussed about Jeff Bezos’ physical change. So here’s a course of events of how Bezos went from a skinny online book retailer to a billionaire buff tycoon.


Jeff Bezos – somewhere amid 1998-99

This is about the time when Jeff Bezos was driving Amazon’s bookselling thought to the majority of people. As you can undoubtedly figure out from the image given above, it appears that he even doesn’t know that gym exist.

jeff-bezos-to-buff in 1990s


By Mid 2000’s

Among all the stock plunges and criticism, Jeff Bezos ascended as an extremely rich person pioneer. Critics suppressed. Yet at the same time, Jeff Bezos didn’t comprehend what enchantment weight training could do for him.

Currently, fast forward right around 20 years later, Jeff Bezos is no more the old one who was selling books back in the early 2000s- definitely not money wise and most certainly, not physically either.



Muscular Bezos: 2017-2018

Jeff Bezos, Jazzed up, the man is really like a walking and talking tank now. Bezos committed to the life of the iron, he is nearly 15 kilos heavier and have almost 13% body fat.

He now looks more youthful, as well as much progressively vivacious and obviously confident.

How might I say that? Just look at his speeches and interviews he is addressing from year 2000. Watch any of the ongoing interviews.

The exchanged dialogues has gigantically changed for better. That is actually what a decent eating regimen and organized weight training does.

SWOLE bezos

Now look at those pectorals & arms man!


Blue Origin & Bezos Going into Space

Presently, for what reason would he say he is getting fit as a fiddle? Well, you don’t need a reason to get in shape, just like you don’t have any reasons to get fat.

Anyway, if bits of gossip are to be trusted, Jeff Bezos will load onto a trip into the space to test ride the formation of his start-up called Blue Origin.

It’s his space the tourism adventure. Therefore that is being referred to as one reason he’s getting his pound on in the GYM.


So, How Does His Eating & Training Look?

Well, there’s really not a great deal of information on his weight training and eating however investigating him, it’s good to state that he’s religiously devoted to weight training.

The bulk muscle he’s carrying says everything. As far as his eating is concerned, it is no doubt high in protein, fat and starches accustomed in accordance with keep him looking skinny and remain dynamic.


About his workout routine!


Day 1 – Lower Body

Warm up

1. Squats – 3×10

2. Deadlifts – 3×10

3. Walking Lunges – 3×10

4. Hamstring Curls – 3×10

5. Calf Raises – 4×15

– 10 mins of HIIT

– Cool Down and Stretch


Day 2 – Upper Body

Warm up

1. Bench Press – 5×10

2. Bentover Barbell Rows – 4×10

3. Incline Dumbbell Flys – 4×12

4. Wide Grip Pull-ups – 3×10

5. Side Lateral Raises – 3×15

6. Decline Sit-ups 3×15

– Cool Down and Stretch


Day 3 – Lower Body

Warm Up

1. Leg Press – 3×8

2. Sumo Deadlift – 3×8

3. Hack Squat – 3×10

4. Calf Raises – 4×15

5. Hanging Leg Raises

– 10 mins of HIIT

– Cool Down and Stretch


Day 4 – Upper Body

Warm up

1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 3×8

2. Neutral Grip Pull-ups – 3×8

3. Tricep Dips – 3×10

4. Dumbbell Bicep Curls – 3×15

5. Face Pulls – 3×15

– Cool Down and Stretch


Day 5 – Lower Body

Warm Up

1. Deadlift – 4×6

2. Squats – 4×6

3. Hack Squats – 4×8

4. Calf Raises – 4×15

5. Cable Crunches – 3×15

– 10 mins of HIIT

– Cool Down and Stretch


Day 6 – Upper Body

Warm Up

1. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 5×6

2. Seated Cable Rows – 4×6

3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 4×6

4. Supinated Grip Pull-ups – 4×6

5. Hammer Curls – 3×12

– Cool Down and Stretch


Day 7 – Rest

After your rest day start at day 1 and repeat.

 Notes and Summary 

The first number in each exercise is the number of sets; the second number is the reps.

Example: 4 sets x 12 reps

When choosing a weight for each exercise choose a weight that is approximately 75% of your 1 rep max.

Add approximately 5% to the weights week over week.

This workout routine will add muscle if followed with proper nutrition.


What You Can Learn?

Obviously, you wouldn’t make billions from motivation alone. In this way, cut out. What you can gain from Jeff Bezos is that you can in any case get fit as a fiddle, paying little heed to your age. If he can do at 54, you can do it as well. Also, indeed, chuck the cardio and stick to eating determined and doing weight training.

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Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) from nattyorjuice

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