The Ultimate Keto Diet Plan For BodyBuilding

keto diet plan body building

Here the blog is all about the low-carb keto diet plan bodybuilding and its three distinct variations i.e., standard, cyclical and targeted keto dieting. So, just take an inside look in it if interested in initializing a low-carb diet.

Table of Contents

  1. Standard keto dieting
  2. Cyclical keto dieting
  3. Targeted keto dieting


Introduction to Ketogenic dieting

introduction to keto diet plan body building

Ketogenic (herein termed as ‘Keto’) dieting has been among-st us since decades and garnered of course a very strong following in the bodybuilding subculture.

Keto diets plan are basically simple diets which are obviously very rich in fat and protein and are very low in carbohydrate. Keto diet onto being consumed by the body, diverts its working phenomena. After it, body starts utilizing fats regarding energy since stored glucose becomes depleted.

Health experts have proven Keto diets highly effectively for wide range of individuals, especially for those of course who are highly interested in building up muscle, losing fat, developing strength and etc. Keto diets besides from being utilized regarding health as well as fitness purposes, is also implemented in medicine as the treatment for epilepsy.

Now after going through the aforementioned Keto diet plan bodybuilding, one question might arise in your mind that why to choose Keto diet plan instead of several other available low-carb diet.

Before answering the particular question, we would like to mention here the assumptions of several people. About Keto diet, there is a myth in the market that the diet is only effective at time when the body enters a state namely ketosis and initializes producing ketones regarding energy. Nonetheless, this supposition is just short-sighted and will definitely will get touched later in this guide.

keto diet plan bodybuilding


The 3 main distinct types of keto diet plan bodybuilding

There are three distinct primary variations of keto diets which will get covered in this guide later i.e., standard keto dieting (SKD), cyclical keto dieting (CKD) and targeted keto dieting (TKD). Here the type of diet you use will definitely boil down to the trial and error and your respective goals.

which keto diet plan to choose-1


    • Standard Keto Dieting (SKD)

This is one of the most simple, as well as basic variation of keto dieting. This particular type of keto dieting does not have periods of carbohydrates re-feeding such as CKD and TKD do. It is instead just a static ketogenic diet nutrient intake (i.e., moderate-high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate).


    • Cyclical Keto Dieting –

This variation of Keto diet plan bodybuilding do implements recurring carbohydrate re-feeds for helping individuals in restoring muscle glycogen stores regarding a very short period of time after the stores have been completely depleted. Here in the case of this variant of keto diet plan, timeframe between carbohydrates loads varies depending onto the user preference and their respective intensity as well as goals.


  • Targeted Keto Dieting –

TKD, the final variation of Keto dieting, do makes usage of intermittent periods of carbohydrate intake especially around the workout timeframe. The primary goal associated with this variant of keto diet plan bodybuilding is to provide sufficient magnitude of glucose for enhancing athletic performance without even inhibiting ketosis for extended periods of time.


Which Keto diet plan bodybuilding variation should You Use?

Usually the type of keto diet you should end up varies depending on various factors. It is commonly recommended to initialize with a ‘break in’ period of SKD for several weeks and examine your performance as well as overall energy levels. From there, health experts’ assumptions are high that you would get a better idea on how to utilize for several longer-term purposes.

Now you might be wondering that which variation to choose regarding weight loss and which one for the sake of muscle building. Well, assuming that your respective calorie intake is at the place where exactly it should be to reach your goal, it is informed that variation of keto diet plan bodybuilding you utilize won’t play a crucial factor in your progress.

Some people might make argument that CKD and TKD are mainly for individuals who are in seek of building up muscle since carbs are protein sparing and insulinogenic, while SKD is for those who are in seek of fat loss since insulin output would be comparatively low. Nonetheless, on the contradictory to all such assumptions these short-terms fluctuations in insulin secretion in real terms wouldn’t plays as much of a factor as such of total calorie intake would in the long run.

 Here below a short synopsis has been detailed on what you should exactly consider while deciding which variation of keto diet plan bodybuilding to utilize: 
  • SKD – SKD variant of keto diet plan is best suited to individuals who are usually sedentary and find out that their workout performance is just not hindered when carbohydrates have been greatly confined. The particular variant has also been referred as a good option for those who don’t train highly intensely and are of course insulin resistant.
  • CKD – Labelled as the ‘most enhanced’ form of keto dieting, CKD is indubitably a highly efficient low-carb diet plan. Health experts have reported this particular diet plan working via taking some trial an error onto the users part for optimizing the time between their carbohydrates re-feeds and the magnitude of carbohydrates they take on re-feed days.
Note: In a case if you are advanced trainee who do exercise intensely throughout the entire week, but still finds out performance lacking on SKD and TKD, then here it is advised to consider trying CKS and checking whether that helps you out in bringing your performance back to speed or not.
  • TKD – A person who trains intensely several times a per week and find out his/her performance getting worsen via chronic low-carbohydrate dieting, is recommended to implement short carbohydrate feedings before and possibly after training. This might be a good option for the people who are advance trainees and can benefit from the carbohydrate intake, however don’t do well with the large carbohydrate re-feeds.

Which Keto diet plan bodybuilding variation should You Use


Food Selection on Keto Diets


In keto diet plan bodybuilding, there are no hard and fast role on what foods would be acceptable and what would be a ‘no-go’. In the case of keto diet, majority of the people have been reported insisting not to take direct sugar as according to them it simply forbids ketosis.

During the SKD portion of one’s keto diet, because of the inherently low carbohydrate intake and high fat intake you’ll definitely find out the set forth foods to be the best options:

  • Eggs (whole and white only)
  • Animal proteins (especially red meats)
  • Oils, preferably canola, macadamia, flax, olive and coconut varieties.
  • Nuts and nut spreads.
  • Full-fat dairy products such as cream, cheese, butter and etc.
  • Fibrous vegetables, especially greens such as broccoli, lettuce, celery and etc.



Hopefully, the aforementioned in-depth look at the keto diet plan bodybuilding has educated you and has furnished you with all the pertinent information to try out your own keto diet. Kindly always remember to stay open to the experimentation and listed to cues from your body.

There are usually two distinct types of cases… First one in which people thrive on very low-carbohydrate and high-fat diets such as keto diets and the other one in which people feel strange (or you can say terrible) and so just respond well. Si, in a case if you find out yourself in the latter group, well then in that condition, it is advised not to force the issue and instead follow up a keto diet just for the sake of it.

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