Hourglass Fit vs LeanBean: Best Female Fat Burners For Weight Loss


LeanBean vs Hourglass—Which women-centric fat burner has got the real power?

Let’s find out in the in-depth comparison review.

Most of the fat burners available in the market focus on the weight loss needs of men.

Where women having entirely different physiology making it difficult to lose weight, these fat burners don’t serve better.

Leanbean with its highly promising formula cater to your dream of slimming and acquiring a super sexy figure with its highly refined formula.

On the other hand, Hourglass in no less abaft, with its prominent formula it gets you perfectly toned and leaner frame.

Lean Bean vs Hourglass —which is the best?

We have gathered the ins and outs of the supplement to figure out which fat burner severs best for women’s weight loss.

Meanwhile, you can check out both products on their respective websites:



Before, we take peek in the products, let’s understand them in detail.


Hourglass vs LeanBean—Summary

Women fat burners are designed to push your weight loss rate ahead.

With highly refined ingredients and superficial working mechanisms, these supplements are capable of getting you extensive results.

Well, this is how women-centric fat burners are highly in use.

Here, we have tried to take a peek in these female fat burners to see what exactly they are ought to do.


#1: Hourglass Fit — The Top-Notch Female Fat burner


The women-centric fat burner introduces as a top formula with its powerful blend.

In fact, Hourglass Fit inclusion involves some super powerful fat burning ingredients to date.

Not only it has impressive weight loss results, but it also has extensive scientific backing. These factors make it highly appealing in the women fat burning market.

By activating your natural Thermogenic function the supplement heightens your fat-burning rate.

Along with that, the surged metabolic rate doubles your weight loss.

Henceforth, not only you are losing weight but you are able to acquire a super attractive leaner physique.

The supplement is capable of challenging your ability to shed fat by perking your energy.

Eventually, you cross your own limit to get the result you dreamt of.

With this super amazing Hourglass Fit Reviews, you can apprehend its real worth.



#2: LeanBean — The Powerful Women Centric Fat Burner


Lean Bean unlike other fat burners has a unique approach to advance your weight loss.

While cutting your fat accumulation, it subsides your craving and calorie intake to quicken fat burning.

In simple words, the core focus of the fat burner is to amplify your weight loss by natural stimulation. For this purpose, it holds quite a distinct blend having some intricate ingredients.

Altogether the blend gets you ultimate weight loss results making it a highly reliable supplement.

From our experience, we have seen it working pretty well when included with a good exercise routine.

However, the manufacturer, Ultimate Life has little bit exaggerated the product.

Moreover, they don’t have a really impressive name in the industry.



So, Which Is Really Impressive Hourglass Fit or LeanBean?

Undoubtedly, both fat burning supplements don’t only leave you impressed.

In fact, by encompassing top fat burning ingredients, they inhibit the power to get you real weight loss results.

Where Hourglass comes from a manufacturer who has built a good name in the industry.

The manufacturer of Leanbean doesn’t have that kind of reliability.

Besides, the claims of fat burners are mind-blowing.

However, you can’t believe them word to word.

That’s why to evaluate the real worth of the supplement, we have gone through their ingredients.


The Ingredients In Hourglass Fit And LeanBean 

The efficiency of a fat burner lies in the blend it inhibits.

The supplement having grand claims might entice you. However, when it comes to getting results, the claims might not be true.

Hence, to know the real worth of the fat burners, we have evaluated the ingredients.

Being women-centric fat burners, the supplement shares most of the ingredients.

This is why some benefits are common. Still, the effectiveness varies with respect to the number of ingredients.

Besides, the presence of unique ingredient derives distinct in the blend.

Hourglass vs Leanbean Ingredients


Leanbean vs Hourglass | Common Ingredients

Firstly, what we noticed during Leanbean vs Hourglass ingredient analysis are the overlapping natural ingredients.

Here’s what you receive with these.

#1: Konjac Fibre/Glucomannan

The ingredient is known for its exceptional appetite suppressing properties. Obviously, this helps you to avert cravings during meals.

#2: Chromium Picolinate

The ingredients highly reduce the blood sugar level and regulate it to a balanced level. This is why it’s present in most of the top fat burning formula.

#3: Vitamins B6 And B12

B vitamins are essential for the production of RBC and the transportation of energy to muscle mass. Of course, both female fat burner upturns your energy.

#4: Piperine/Bioperine

The ingredient is highly effective in improving the digestive system. In fact, it can trigger your metabolic activity. Moreover, it increases the bioavailability of other ingredients of the product.

You can read more about Hourglass Ingredients over on their website: https://www.hourglassfit.com/

And Leanbean Ingredients at https://leanbeanofficial.com/


LeanBean vs Hourglass | Unique Ingredients

Despite the other ingredients, the fat burner includes some unique ingredients.

This is where the difference in their effectiveness arises. Here’s what makes them distinct from others.

First, let’s take a look at what Leanbean contains.

Unique Leanbean Ingredients

#1: Choline

This LeanBean ingredient elevates fat metabolism while reducing cholesterol levels.  Also, it helps in quickens the break down of stored fat.

#2: Chloride

The electrolyte is often present with potassium on energy drinks. Well, the ingredient benefits in supporting digestive functions.

#3: Zinc

Regular to rigid exercise and fat burning diet can significantly reduce the mineral. Actually, it has a really impressive role in metabolism and breaking down fat.

#4: Green Coffee

The ingredients perk up thermogenesis to get your metabolism working in top spend. Hence, it remarkably reduces your fat accumulation while detoxing and removing free radicals.

#5: Garcinia Cambogia

The Asian fruit Garcinia Cambogia has exceptional benefits in reducing your appetite and food cravings. Moreover, it promotes the weight loss process.

#6: Turmeric

It is the primary Thermogenic ingredient in Leanbean. By elevating your body temperature, it ensures your fat burning process works rapidly.

#7: Acai Berry

This Leanbean ingredient might not be an impactful inclusion. However, it increases antioxidants to combat toxins.


Unique Hourglass Ingredients

#1: Vitamin D3

The inclusion of vitamin D along with others increases its effectiveness. In fact, it elevates body function to improve weight loss.

#2: Capsimax

The hourglass ingredient is known for its exceptional thermogenesis properties. Also, it keeps your fuller for long, so you can keep your calorie intake in control.

#3: Green Tea Extract

Most of the fat burners include this extract because of its extensive Thermogenic effect along with metabolism-boosting properties. Also, it enhances detox and quickens fat oxidation.

#4: Guarana

A relatively mild stimulant, the Hourglass Fit ingredient is present in popular energy drinks. When taken in small quantities, it can significantly improve your fat-burning rate.


So which One Holds The Strong Formula Leanbean or Hourglass?

Well, the two fat burners rely entirely on the natural ingredient which is impressive.

Not only it magnifies the efficiency of the supplement but it also ensures its safety.

However, comparatively, Hourglass Fit ingredients are more reliable.

As the fat burner encompasses the inclusion of science-backed ingredients in good quantity.

Well, Leanbean ingredients might outdo in terms of number. Still, their quantity isn’t significant to do really well.

Hence, Hourglass is a clear winner!

We aren’t done with the comparison yet.

Next, in the Leanbean vs Hourglass Fit review, let’s see to what extent these products can work.


What Results Can You Expect From the Female Fat Burners?

What a female fat burner is ought to do? Get your extensive weight loss!

Well, having fat burning as a core focus, the weight loss supplement provides you with more.

In fact, it works beyond just trimming the bulk of fat around your belly.

While going through the numerous result and reviews of the fat burners.

We were able to point out some exciting perks with the diet supplements.

Here’s what you receive with the female fat burners.


HourGlass Benefits

The powerful female fat burner delivers intense weight loss as a result of its excellent formula.

Having a distinct working mechanism the supplement outdoes the results.

Here’s what you obtain as Hourglass Benefits apart from the super sexy and slimmer figure.

#1: Greater Metabolic Activity

What makes Hourglass fat burner best is its metabolic surging benefits. By promoting your metabolic rate, it cuts down your unnecessary flab making you slimmer.

#2: Suppresses Hunger

Next, the Hourglass Fit benefit you receive is appetite suppressing. It restricts your unnecessary cravings to keep your daily calorie intake in control.

#3: Better Energy Level

Keeping your energy at the peak is necessary to quicken your weight loss. This is why Hourglass holds ingredients surging your energy to the top

#4: Focus on Specific Body Parts

Women’s weight loss is difficult certainly due to specific fat accumulation. By doing to you get a slimmer body and perfectly shaped belly and thighs.

#5: Reduces Irritability and Improves Mood

Dieting leads to irritability and constant mood swings. By inclusion of some very powerful mood stimulating ingredients, you remain in your best mood.

Hourglass benefits are really groundbreaking!! That’s what you expect from an amazing fat burner like this.



LeanBean Benefits

With a female fat burner, you expect a robust weight loss.

Of course, the blend doesn’t only promises of this efficiency but holds a blend that can replicate such results.

By acting on key issues faced by women during weight loss, the Leanbean formula serves for better.

Here’s what you can expect as Lean Bean benefits.

#1: Quicker Weight Loss

The women-centric fat burner perks up your metabolic activity and speeds up thermogenesis. Hence you lose weight faster than normal.

#2: Avert Weight Gains

The primary reason, you fail to lose weight is weight gain along with it. The fat burner effectively prevents further weight gain to deal with this.

#3: Overpower Appetite

Well, maintain a calorie deficit diet is vital in order to have successful weight loss. But cravings and appetite make it difficult. By encompassing some appetite suppressing ingredients, you can get results.

#4: Advance Mood and Energy Levels

Maintaining your energy at top is necessary to go through the workout. Meanwhile, keeping a cranky mood due to dieting at bay as well is crucial. The fat burner keeps these concerns at top priority.

With these excellent Leanbean benefits, the supplement appeals to a larger customer base.



So Which Fat Burner Offers More Benefits Lean Bean or Hourglass fit?

Undoubtedly, both fat burners can help you get slimmer and in the frame.

However, losing weight and getting other benefits are really different things.

Here, adhering to the advantages Hourglass Fit appears more promising.

By elevating your natural body functions the supplement gets you tremendous weight loss.

In simple words, the female fat burner assures you a slimmer sexier figure.

All of these are results of appetite control, blocking further weight gains, and elevating the fat burning process.

Again, Hourglass is the winner!!!

Still, after having so many benefits and amazing inclusion, the fat burners aren’t an ideal pick. Besides standing on these measures, they need to be safe.

Further, in our inspection, we have checked for Leanbean vs Hourglass side effects and more. Here’s what our findings say.


LeanBean vs Hourglass Fit: Are They Safe?

So far, the comparison review is impressive. Undoubtedly, fat burners are the finest female weight loss formula available in the market.

Still, these benefits don’t make them ideal options to go for unless they are safe to use.

This is why we evaluated the fat burners for safety measures and side effects.

Even after having such an extensive blend, the fat burner might not be safe for your health.

Here’s what we discovered…


Are There Any Hourglass Side Effects?

The women-centric fat burning formula comes with the promise of zeros side effects.

In fact, they market it as Hourglass Fit the women way to lose weight, the zero side effect formula.

The blend has been created with extreme care.

Each ingredient is added to attribute some specific effectiveness which altogether gets you such remarkable weight loss.

With myriads of benefits, Hourglass Fit Fat burner assures you of safety.

None of the ingredients lead to negative effects. Moreover, each Hourglass ingredient is proven for effectiveness and no risk.

The only drawback with the fat burner is high caffeine quantity.

In fact, while having the supplement you shouldn’t adhere to any other caffeinated drinks as it would exceed your daily calorie intake.

Besides, there are no chances of Hourglass side effects.

In order to maintain precaution, the best step is to adhere to the Hourglass dosage.


Hourglass Fit Servings

The women-centric fat burner doesn’t hold a specialized dogma for use. In fact, the hourglass dosages are quite straightforward.

Take 3 capsules a day.

First with breakfast, second with lunch & third with an evening snack.

Typically, each pack of fat burners has 90 capsules in total lasting for a month. For best results, use it at least for 3-4 months.

Moreover, you should have the final supplement 4 hours before sleep.

Actually, having lately can affect your sleeping pattern and even keep you awake till late as a result of caffeine content.


Are There Any Lean Bean Side Effects?

Another women-centric fat burner with claims of promising results.

However, in mater of safety, the fat burners fail even after owing a natural blend.

The marketer has wisely used the natural ingredient to get you amplified fat burning results.

Nonetheless, lack of research or synergy among the ingredients is what results in a few nasty effects.

Here are the major LeanBean Side Effects includes:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting

These side effects are mild compared to most of the products available in the supplement market.

Furthermore, these aren’t common negative risk, these are rarely experienced by any users.

In fact, by just sticking to LeanBean dosages you can prevent these nuance health risks.

Also, preventing measures can help.


Lean Bean Servings

LeanBean dosages aren’t difficult to adhere to. In fact, it quite easier to go with.

  • Take 4 capsules daily
  • Have 2 with breakfast and rest 2 with lunch

Moreover, a pack is likely to last you for a complete month as it comes 120 capsules in all.

The use of the women-centric fat burner is your individual preference.

Still, if you are serious about weight loss, use it at least for 3 months.

The longer you would use it the more your weight loss would be.


So Are LeanBean and Hourglass Safe To Take?

Hourglass Fit is evidently the winner.

Having a complete transparent formula, none of the hourglass ingredients has been associated with side effects in the past.

The natural formula and extensive safety measures are what make it the ideal option to go ahead with.

The only drawback with the fat burner is caffeine consumption.

While being on Hourglass, you have to abhor your favorite caffeinated drinks.

Actually, taking round it with the fat burner can exceed its daily allowed consumption.

Still, the Leanbean side effect isn’t too alerting or harmful.

Nonetheless, this fact does add a point to the hourglass fit.

Moreover, Ideal fat burning is one that stands overall standard and measure.

Besides, being cost-effective is a crucial factor to be a product for the mass.

So, let’s figure out about this in the next segment.


Hourglass vs Lean Bean — Cost And Value

The top-notch female fat burners are available on their official website.

So, don’t keep searching for ‘where to buy hourglass’ or ‘where to buy Leanbean.’

Actually, the reason for their unavailability at leading stores is due to numerous scams and counterfeits.

Ordering your product from here not only assures you of a genuine blend but also provides amazing deals.

Buy Hourglass Fit From hourglassfit.com

Order Lean Bean From leanbeanofficial.com

You stand a chance to get includes free shipping, freebies, money-back guarantee, and a lot more. Well, these offers and deals are available on selective packs.

So, before you hit the order button make sure you get the product with the best deal

LeanBean Price

  • One Month Supply

1 bottle of Leanbean

Cost: $59.00

180 capsules in total

Free home workout guide


  • Two Months Supply

2 bottles of Leanbean

Cost: $118.00

360 capsules in total

Free home workout guide

Free Shipping USA And The UK


  • Four Months Of Supply

3 bottles of Leanbean

1 free bottle of Leanbean

Cost: $185.00

720 capsules in total

Free home workout / healthy eating guide

Free Delivery Worldwide



Hourglass Fit Price 

  • One Month Supply

1 bottle of Hourglass Fit

Cost: $50

90 fat-burning capsules

30-day supply


  • Two Months Supply

2 bottles of Hourglass Fit

Cost: $55

180 fat-burning capsules

60-day supply

FREE US & UK delivery



From a price point of view to Hourglass Wins!

The fat burner comes at a really unbelievable deal.

In fact, one bottle of the fat burner is available at just $30 whereas for a monthly pack of the other fat burner you have to pay around double.

Again, for even three months supply with Hourglass would cost only $55.

The same combo with Leanbean will make you pay more than double i.e. 68$ extra.

Not only does the Hourglass blend gets you with numerous perks but represents itself as the most advanced blend here.


LeanBean vs Hourglass—which offers the best deal?

Undoubtedly, Hourglass!

Still, you might find hard, which fat burner can get your perfectly shaped glutted and amazing belly.

Check out our experts’ word over it to know.


LeanBean vs Hourglass — The Best Female Fat Burner

Summing up this blog, we can say both female fat burners encompass the power to get you tremendous weight loss.

However, the result of our hourglass vs Leanbean comparison is ready!

  • Ingredients—Hourglass wins
  • Benefits —Hourglass wins
  • Side effects —Hourglass wins
  • Price —Hourglass wins

Not only does it holds come highly refined ingredients, but the blend has the power to speed up your weight loss.

In fact, in the short term, the supplement is ought to make you slimmer and leaner.

Besides, the fat burner doesn’t only ramps up fat burner but provides additional perks and advantages while adhering to safety measures.

Most importantly, the fat burning supplement is available at a mind whopping facts.

What perk do you think makes hourglass the best supplement at hand? Tell us in the comment section.

Get slimmer, sexier and amazing figure, all thanks to Hourglass



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