Crazy Bulk Review – My Real Before and After Results w/pics Posted!

my bodybuilding journey with crazy bulk

If you have ever researched on your bodybuilding supplements, then you must have heard the name crazy bulk. I have heard of his name everywhere.

But let me tell you very frankly, most of the bodybuilding products available in the market today are a complete scam.

And with thousands of over-touted supplements being sold every day, it has become very difficult to decide, which one is good and which is worst. That’s why when I heard the name Crazy Bulk, I was a bit skeptical about the product.

Honestly, I was just feeling like I am being stuck between rock and hard place.

Because being that skinny, I had have to choose some sound bodybuilding supplement that can take my bodybuilding and workout program to the next level.

With lots of people even my friends in the gym praising this product, I thought of ordering a bottle of crazy bulk product for myself just to give it a try.

So, I went learning everything I could about this brand products online from the website link here.

From there, what I gathered is….crazy bulk products are basically made of natural ingredients and are a legal counterparts of steroid supplement.

Lots of people were confidently saying that they are about 85% more powerful and muscular then before.

And from then, I realized that ordering a bottle of crazy bulk product is a bad idea, I should switch to the bulking stack, and that’s what I did. Now I am writing this crazy bulk review.

And to make my story go live, I was looking for some of the best bodybuilding blog list or a review website.

The one I found the most appropriate was with lots of information stuffed on natural bodybuilding, steroids, nutrition, muscle building, male and female bodybuilders.

So, I wrote an email to its team requesting to publish my own experienced results with the popular bodybuilding supplement crazy bulk.

After lots of follow-up emails, I got the confirmation regarding the request I sent via mail.

Thanks Bigandripped! The part you played in making my story live was significant.

So, let’s start

Hi, I’m Ruma Patil and I am here to share my experience on bulking process so that I can assist you and give proper guidance in your bodybuilding regimen with crazy bulk. Check out my Facebook link!

For the past 3 months, I have been using Crazy Bulk’s bulking stack for gaining bulk muscles and ripped body.

supplements for bulking

Official Website Link for Buying Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

You must be wondering why Crazy Bulk, why not other steroid brand? This is because Crazy Bulk is a famous company for selling legal steroids all over the world. I have chosen this brand because I found it more effective, safe and above of all legal.

I am writing this review to share my personal reviews about using this supplement to help you out there to decide whether it is worth buying products or not.

Especially when it comes to our country, India, it is bit difficult to get steroids for bulking up. Since Crazy Bulk is a legal steroid and well renowned company, there have been literally less problems in obtaining the product.

After spending long time in the gym and not getting satisfactory results make you disappointed. Then I came to realize that something more has to be added in the list to get female bodybuilder like physique.

I was literally afraid of using steroids as they have many side effects. But then I came to know about Crazy Bulk. I went through all the details and reviews that openly suggested to use the product without encountering any harmful impact on the body.

I have found many positive reviews so I found it appropriate to atleast give one try towards my dream body. So I ordered the product and started using it.

My 12 Week of Bulking Phase

From the day 1, I started to take Crazy Bulk bulking stack followed by my body beast program. I also consumed about 500 calories per day which you all need if you are on a bulk.

I actually didn’t expect the product to work on the very first day but it did. I seriously felt like my workout was quite better.

I felt much stronger comparatively and easily picked up heavier weights than I do normally. It’s seriously hard to explain but you could say, I felt way too powerful.

my-journey-of-muscle-building-with-crazy-bulk d-bal

After few days of its consumption, I soon started to notice some other changes as well in my body. These supplements started to kick me even more.

Changes I genuinely felt are:

  • I started to wake up early feeling refreshed and wide awake in the morning.
  • My dark circles around the eyes almost vanished.
  • Felt more energized.
  • Felt much more happy and in a good mood.
  • I started to workout for hours.
  • I started to lift even more heavy weights.


Before and After Results

I took the supplement for 12 weeks and the results were quite astonishing. I always dreamt of having ripped and toned body like female bodybuilders and finally I succeeded in achieving my dream body.

In fact, I started to receive a lot attention in the gym from boys. I gained lean and bulk muscles, ripped and sculpted body while maintaining my feminine look.

I am pretty sure that getting such a sculpted body without the use of Crazy Bulk is next to impossible.

Also, I also realized that it is completely safe and you will rarely observe any harmful impact on your body.

This was my personal review. Now let me show you some reviews of different people who have used Crazy Bulk and are completely satisfied with the results.

before and after pic-1

before and after pic-2

before and after-3

revealing transformation


Here’s is what other Reviewers are Talking About Crazy Bulk

These are some reviews which I found posted on the various forum sites and in the comment section of its official website.

“I also gave a try to bulking stack of Crazy Bulk because I had heard a lot about it and how fast its works from the various reviews I read online. They weren’t wrong. I started to feel its effect since the beginning and got results on time. Product has no side effects as well.”

mike before and after


“After using the D-Bal from Crazy Bulk for 3 weeks, I had best bulk of my life. I gained around 14 pounds and noticed extreme power and muscle gain too. I also recovered really fast during my workouts. I am very glad that I went for it. ”

jessie skinny figure


“There is no problem in shipping of product in India. I got my package very easily. The packaging was discrete too.”

aslam before and after


“This bulking stack has been really a great help with my bulking phase. I gained 193 pounds which was only 170 pounds just in a month. I also gained bulk muscles easily. I did really helped me in my gym workouts and ease my work in obtaining ripped physique.”

saurabh before and after



What Bulking Stack Has Got?

Crazy Bulk has wide variety of products for sale. But it has combined some of its product into stacks that helps you in getting lean and perfect body. These stacks are perfect combo what you all need and want from steroids.

bulking stack-d-bal, trenorol, testo-max, decaduro

Here is what bulking stack has got:

D-Bal: It is legal steroid which mimics the effects of Dianabol which is an anabolic steroid and one of the most effective steroids ever for building muscles. It is very effective in mega muscle growth, giving rapid growth in muscle size and immense strength.

Testo-max: Testo-max copies all the positive effects of anabolic steroid namely, testosterone. It is considered as the godfather of bodybuilding supplements and the origin of all anabolic steroids. It naturally boost up the testosterone levels in the body.

Trenorol: It creates the androgenic effects of trenbolone, probably one of the most versatile steroids of all time. It provides immense muscle gains, awesome strength and stamina. Also, it gives amazing physical conditioning, fast healing and everything else that comes in between.

Decaduro: It is fully legal and safe alternative to anabolic steroid, deca-durabolin another popular bodybuilding steroids of all time. This advance formula dramatically increases nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and red blood cell production in the body that gives huge strength along with muscle gain.

Thereby you have bulking stack, you need to follow a proper diet and workouts which I have listed below for you…

Diet I followed with Crazy Bulk Supplements

Even though Crazy Bulk pills do stunning work and are damn effective, they are not magic pills. So if you aim to bulk up, gain more muscle and immense power then you need to follow some basic rules of bodybuilding.

It means that you need to eat well and work harder to get your dream body. I also did. My trainer listed me daily diet routine for optimal results.

This is what I have been suggested during my bulking phase…

So when building up muscles and bulking up, you seriously need to increase the amount of calories you take as I did.

You basically need extra 500-1000 calories per day in order to build more muscles and gain more stamina. I took 2300 calories per day. However, I think that a fit back to track calories being consumed is a great way to figure how much calories you need to eat.

bodybuilding diet i used to take

When I started my bulking phase, I was told to stick to a rule of 50/30/20 macro-nutrient breakdown which actually means,

  1. 50% carbs
  2. 30% protein
  3. 20% fats

This was a good macro-nutrient ratio which really worked for me and I had plenty of carbs and full of energy throughout my workouts.

I also had some foods that I ate on regular basis, they were:

  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Bananas
  • Green vegetables
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Milk
  • Brown rice
  • Fish
Tip: It is very important that you track your calories so that by the end of day, you will have an idea whether you have eaten too much or too little.

brown rice, green veg, chicken, etc

After diet regime, workout plays a vital role so here is my workout plan for you…

My Workout Routine for Bulking

In order to get definite outcome and things to work out well, I followed for a strenuous workout routine. This was body beast program which gives you a strict workout plan and specifically designed for those who want to build muscles.

This exercise was little tough and I found it hard to complete it on time. But when I started to use Crazy Bulk bulking stack not only I was able to finish the workout on time but also I found it easy.

To ease your bulking process, I have mentioned my workout plan for you to help you getting bulk easily. However, you are free to modify it according to your convenience.

working in the gym

Monday –> Chest

  • Incline fly reps – 15/12/8
  • Incline press reps – 15/12/8
  • Dumbbell chest press reps – 5/5/5/5/5
  • Incline press reps – 15/12/8/8/12/15
  • Wide grip fly reps – 15/12/8
  • Decline pushups reps – maximum 3 reps with 10 sec break between each set

Tuesday –> Legs

  • Front to back lunge reps – 12/10/8
  • Squat reps – 15/12/8/8/12/15
  • Sumo squat reps – 5/5/5/5/5
  • Split leg squat reps – 15/12/8/8/12/15
  • Stiff leg deadlift reps – 15/12/8
  • Calf raise reps – 15/12/8

Wednesday –> Back

  • Pullover reps – 15/12/8
  • Pullups reps – max 3 reps with 10 sec break in between each set
  • Reverse grip row reps – 15/12/8/8/12/15
  • One arm row reps – 5/5/5/5/5
  • Deadlift reps – 15/12/8
  • Reverse fly reps – 15/12/8

Thursday –> Arms

  • Standing curls reps – 15/12/8/8/12/15
  • Tricep extension reps – 15/12/8
  • Eazy bar curl reps – 5/5/5/5/5
  • Tricep kickback reps – 15/12/8/8/12/15
  • Arm out curls reps – 15/12/8

Friday –> Shoulders

  • Lateral raise reps – 15/12/8
  • Arnold press reps – 15/12/8
  • Upright row reps – 15/12/8/8/12/15
  • Front raise reps – 15/12/8
  • Plate twist reps – 10/10/10
  • Reverse fly reps – 15/12/8/8/12/15

Saturday –> Abs

  • In and outs – max reps
  • Crunchy frog – max reps
  • Fifer scissors – max reps
  • Pulse ups – max reps
  • Oblique v-ups – max reps
  • Leg climbs – max reps
  • Mason twist – max reps

Sunday –> Rest

Crazy Bulk is safe for Women

Crazy bulk is absolutely safe for women. You need not to be frightened as this is not going to turn you into huge she-hulk neither the weight training.

You can easily weight train for better body while still retaining that soft and feminine look as I retained my feminine look after using the product.

Its supplements smoothly increases your lean muscle mass but not in a wrong way. These supplements will help you get stronger and more muscles without looking like a hulk. Thus, no need to worry, Crazy Bulk is 100% safe for women as well.

I have personally experienced it and literally found anything unusual so I do believe that it is safe for women as well. There is absolutely no unwanted changes in my body and haven’t developed any masculine feature.

I have also discussed about its zero side effects in the below section…

What I find is….You Don’t have to worry too much about the side effects!

Side effects are mostly associated with anabolic steroids but when it comes to legal steroids, there are absolutely minimal side effects. However, this is almost negligible in case of Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

Yes, Crazy Bulk is free from any kind of harmful side effects. Any of its supplements are not intended to do negative impact on the body. In fact, all its products are manufactured using 100% organic substances. Hence, chances of getting side effects are very less.

I am saying this because I have used the products and still got no harmful impact on my body. In fact, I didn’t find any signs of getting negative effects on my body.

Talking about maintaining feminine look, the result is in front of you. There is not a slight change in my body and thus I have maintained my feminine look.

You must be thinking that this product might be in injectable form… the answer is no. scroll down to know…

No Injections Required

You will be pleased to know that there is absolutely no need to inject these supplements of Crazy Bulk. This is because Crazy Bulk comes in pills form that can be easily take with water only.

Legal steroids offered by Crazy Bulk are available in tablet form only just like you take a vitamin tablet.

I was at first too worried about this issue but soon I realized that there is no need to inject these supplements since they are available only in pill form. I was terribly happy that I need not to inject them.

Finally I Ordered My Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids

If you are looking to buy Crazy Bulk legal steroids in India then you need not to go for any other source, simply visit its official website and place your order. Your order will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

Remember, do not order it from any third party sources such as any pharmacy shop or GNC shop or online portals like Amazon. These sources sell fake products, so better pay attention. However, delivery in India takes little time which is approx 20-25 days.

Thereafter I got to know about Crazy Bulk, I ordered bulking stack for myself. The product was shipped from UK and reached to me within a time period of 20-25 days. I had to pay the moderate charges for shipping in India which was around 599 rupees.

But, this was for sure that the delivery was right on time and at my doorsteps. I need not to go anywhere to get the package. Also, my package was safe and discrete.

crazy bulk india

Order Crazy Bulk From Official Website Now


My Final Verdict

I personally believe that if you really want to bulk up while maintaining your feminine look at the same time then nothing can be better than Crazy Bulk. I truly believe that these legal steroids are worth buying. It is worth of money.

In my opinion, Crazy Bulk is best suited supplement for all those ladies who want to have ripped and toned body without getting that hulk look. Additionally, its products are safe for women as well. You will not encounter any harsh side effects.

Moreover, products are legal, affordable and very effective. These supplements are not only for boys to give them ripped body but also fit for women as well. Crazy Bulk not just helps in providing good physique but also has various health benefits as well.

Now I’m leaving this page open for users of the Crazy Bulk products to leave their reviews…..

Ruma Patil
Experienced financial executive with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Also I am very fond of bodybuilding, fitness & workouts. Throughout all my high school and college life I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle. So I decided to make a change and get committed to making “health and fitness” a way of life.

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