Powerful Intensity Techniques for Chest from Vince DelMonte & Mike Chang

High Intensity Muscle Building Workout

We are constantly bringing you some of the most powerful and effective workouts from around the web and particularly looking at some of the biggest names on YouTube and how they workout.

Two big names who crop up often are Vince DelMonte and Mike Chang. So what happens when you put these guys together?

In this chest workout they share some strategies they both use/devised together that can really trigger some serious growth in your chest.

Try these mad techniques in your next workout & you’ll see what we mean!


This means taking a six to seven rep max – the amount of weight you can maximally lift for 6-7 repetitions – and then doing three ‘mini sets’ of four reps.

This interesting technique essentially involves doing three sets, pausing for just a moment, and then going again. By using this technique you can actually perform twelve repetitions with a weight that you could normally only lift 6-7 times.

In other words, a very minor break in of just 10 seconds is what will allow you to recover and go again.

The objective is to complete five sets in total of the whole thing, but by the end you’ll usually start to notice yourself losing reps.

This is a good sign – it’s how you know that you’re pushing yourself hard enough. Generally you will need to complete about 2-3 full workouts before you start to develop enough strength and endurance to complete the routine completely.

The first exercise they use to demonstrate this technique is the incline bench press, a classic exercise that focuses on the upper chest and the deltoids (shoulders).


5×45 Second Timed Sets

The next technique they share is their 5 x 45 second timed sets. These aim to really increase time under tension by ensuring that the weight keeps moving for 45 seconds and even once you can no longer do any more reps you are just going to keep holding the weight in position.

This way there’s no cheating by going faster and no time wasted by swapping weights – you are literally just keeping the tension on for 45 seconds no matter what.

The result is more time under tension which every bodybuilder knows is the most important factor for triggering hypertrophy. They demonstrate this technique using press ups and dumbbell presses.


Taking it Further…

Here’s the thing though: if you really want to up the challenge, then you’ll want to increase the amount of complete reps or the amount of time. Finding clusters too easy?

How about 6 sets of 3 + 3 + 3 next time?

And once you’re finding that to easy you can ramp it up even further to 8 sets of 4 + 4 + 4… Likewise if you find the 5×45 second timed sets too easy then you can increase the challenge next time with 5×50 second timed sets… you get the picture!

Finally, make sure to use good technique for all these exercises and that means following the motion of the joint through its natural arc – not following the motion of the weight!


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