Testosterone Levels – What’s Considered Normal, High or Low?

Testosterone Levels - What's Considered Normal, High or Low?

Understanding Optimal Testosterone Levels in Bodybuilders

If you want to raise your testosterone levels naturally and thereby see increased muscle mass, rapid fat loss, more drive and determination and generally better all-round physical performance and masculinity, then there are a number of different things you can try.

But the problem you will encounter when doing this, is knowing just how effective the various different strategies you’re trying are.

How do you know if your latest attempt to boost Testosterone levels has worked?

How do you know when your testosterone is ‘high enough’?

One strategy is to get your testosterone tested. But how do you make sense of the data?


How Testosterone Level is Measured?

Testosterone is normally reported as ng/dl. This stands for ‘nanograms per decileter‘ which basically looks at the density of testosterone on a very small scale in your blood.

So what’s the ‘Normal Testosterone Levels for Bodybuilders’?

According to LabCorp – which is one place in the US where you can get your testosterone measured – reference levels are between 348 and 1,197.

Anything within those two numbers is considered ‘normal’ – which you’ll probably agree is quite a broad range. This range was based on a very large sample though, including all ages, all weights and all levels of fitness.

Another study, conducted in 1996, looks at average testosterone levels at certain ages and finds that the average is generally about 617 in men between the ages of 25-34. Between 35-44 it’s 668 and between 45-54 it’s 606. It generally declines from there onwards.

As a general rule, normal levels of testosterone equate to about 7mg of testosterone being produced daily.

optimal Testosterone Levels in bodybuilders

Go for the Best Testosterone Booster! 

If you go to the doctor today and complain of symptoms of low testosterone: weight gain, low energy, low mood and low libido, they might take a measurement.

As a rule, as long as you’re above 340 or thereabouts, they’ll consider you to be okay and they won’t give you any medication or hormone replacement therapy.

On the one hand this is a good thing…

HRT can actually lower your natural levels of testosterone due to ‘negative feedback’.

On the other hand though, the insinuation that you should be aiming to have testosterone levels that are ‘good enough’ is all wrong.

Why would you want to be ‘barely in the normal range’ when you could instead be at the top of your game?

Especially when you consider that our testosterone is much lower on average these days than it was several decades ago.

So what is optimal testosterone level for building muscle?

Well, that somewhat depends on your goals.

According to one study, the optimal testosterone levels for protection against cardiac problems is 550ng/dl – which is still higher than the average.

But as you get more T, this only results in a better quality of life. And if you’re interested in optimal athletic performance then going above 1,000 ng/dl will only result in good things.

Now the question is: how much testosterone would you need for steroid-like effects?

The answer to that question is probably over 3,000ng/dl. A pro bodybuilder, as a rule, will have about 3,500ng/dl and it can go even beyond 20.

It’s at this point though that the negative side effects begin to show themselves – and you could never get your testosterone that high without some ‘chemical assistance’.

So for readers of this blog, change your diet, do more compound workouts and take testosterone boosters like Testomax from CrazyBulk.

optimal Testosterone Levels in bodybuilders

You might just get your ng/dl above 1,000 at which point you’ll see amazing benefits without any side effects. If you work really hard, you might get it to 2,000ng/dl at which point you’d start to see some very noticeable changes.

It’s not common, but it is possible! 


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