The Best Home Exercise for Getting Big Biceps without Equipment

The Best Home Exercise for Getting Big Biceps without weights

How to Get Bigger Arms At Home Without Equipment?

Brendan Meyers is well known for videos and workouts that really challenge us! What he’s also known for is being inventive with his workouts and this is great if you’re someone who struggles to train in the usual ways – very often you’ll only need your body weight to follow along.

But the biceps are very often the sticking point here.

While you can work nearly every body part with body weight alone, the biceps often present some challenge. Almost every bicep exercise requires a dumbbell and even if you use a pull up bar, that’s still technically equipment. Then….

How can you perform curls without any equipment at all?

Well, as it happens, there’s a way!


Program to Get Bigger Arms At Home without Equipment

This exercise will show you how to challenge your biceps and grow bigger arms with no equipment necessary at all. Instead, you’ll be using your body weight alone to create resistance.

This is something you should use about 3X a week and for sets of about 6-8 reps. Rest in between sets for about 45 seconds. Follow that and this is more than challenging enough to grow you some big guns without the need for any weights.

Enough mystery. How does this work?


How to Train Your Biceps With ZERO Equipment

  1. To start, you’re just going to need a sofa or some kind of ledge you can sit on. Now have your legs at 90 degrees and your foot on the ground.
  2. Now lean down with one arm and grab your ankle with your that hand.
  3. As you may have already guessed, your leg is now going to become the weight. Of course your leg on its own isn’t heavy enough to lead to any real hypertrophy though so we need to increase the challenge.
  4. One way we’re going to do this is by using the leg to push down. Now you’re essentially in a tug of war with your own leg so that you’re fighting the strength of your leg with the strength of your arm. Don’t push too hard and risk hurting your knee though. This is what Charles Atlas referred to as ‘dynamic self-resistance’.
  5. At the same time, you’re also going to be tensing your bicep hard in order to really focus those contractions. This can help in any exercise but this is particularly important when you have less weight and resistance to work with.
  6. Finally, you’re also going to really slow down the movement and take a very deliberate pace. This way you’ll be forced to use more control and to really send more blood and pump to the arm.

Exercise for Getting Big Biceps without Equipment

Some Tips for Skinny Guys to Get Bigger Arms Fast

This can feel a little awkward at first and especially if you’re not that flexible. The key thing to realize though is that this is all about discipline. Your job is to make it hard for yourself and that means that you need to be able to offer yourself that challenge – don’t cheat now!

If you find it hard to reach your leg, make sure to bend over more. This will then require less flexibility to get your ankle up.

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