The Cornerstone Leg Workout – Now for Something Different

Best Leg Exercises

Training legs can often be a bit boring & unpleasant.

Why do you think that ‘skipping leg day’ is such a big problem?

There’s no need for this to be the case though: a legs workout doesn’t have to be squatting for hours and there’s no reason you can’t mix things up.

The following workout is definitely something a little different and so it’s perfect for shocking your legs into growth. That said though, it’s still unpleasant.

Definitely unpleasant…


Introducing ‘The Cornerstone Circuit’

This workout is a ‘conerstone circuit’. This essentially means you’re doing a circuit that has one ‘main move’ that will act as your ‘cornerstone’. The circuit will involve moving around from one exercise to another and each time you do a ‘lap’ you will add to it.

Here our cornerstone is the dead-lift which is just one of the most incredible exercises for building leg strength as well as overall size and power. It’s highly functional, involves a ton of muscle and should pretty much be the cornerstone of all your leg workouts.

So a cornerstone circuit using legs as the cornerstone will look something like this:

Deadlift, Front Squat

Deadlift, Front Squat, Glute Hamstring Raise

Deadlift, Front Squat, Glute Hamstring Raise, Eccentric Raise

Deadlift, Front Squat, Glute Hamstring Raise, Eccentric Raise, Drop Lunge

Deadlift, Front Squat, Glute Hamstring Raise, Eccentric Raise, Drop Lunge, Leg Curl

Deadlift, Front Squat, Glute Hamstring Raise, Eccentric Raise, Drop Lunge, Bodyweight Sissy Squats

Take a short break between each round but otherwise just keep it going!


7 Best Leg Exercises

In case you’re stuck for what any of these moves are, here’s a breakdown…

  1. Deadlift: You know this one, or at least you should. This is a core exercise, a legs exercise, a grip exercise and more. Make sure you’re using proper technique and maintain a slight arch to protect your back.
  2. Front Squat: This is the classic squat we all know and love, except with the weight balancing on the front of the body at the top of the chest.
  3. Glute Hamstring Raise: Using a machine/bench or partner to hold your legs down, start in a kneeling position and then lower your upper body to the ground and then raise it again using your hamstrings to pull yourself up.
  4. Eccentric Raise: Also known as the eccentric calf raise, you’re effectively doing a calf raise with two legs on the concentric portion of the move and a one leg on the eccentric side.
  5. Drop Lunge: A drop lung is a bodyweight lunge (though it can be weighted) that starts from slightly higher up so that you are ‘dropping’ into it. Also takes more power to return to your starting platform.
  6. Leg Curl: Simply hamstring curls using a resistance machine.
  7. Bodyweight Sissy Squats: Here you’ll be balancing your body with one arm lightly touching a wall. Then you’re going to push your knees forward going up on tip toes and ‘squat’ while leaning backwards. You effectively look like you’re performing limbo and it’s a great way to build muscle and to improve your balance.

The Cornerstone Circuit- best leg workout

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Watch this YouTube Video to Get Chiseled with Ryan Faehnle Cornerstone Leg Workout

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