A Workout for V-Cut Abs From Home

Ultimate V-Cut Abs Workout & Exercises (At Home!) | Get that abdominal V

Ultimate V-Cut Abs Workout

Get the abdominal V

Want to get that v-cut in your abs?

That means a body that tapers to a thin waist and flat stomach, a highly defined mid-section and clear cuts around the obliques.

In other words, it’s the insanely shredded look that pretty much every guy wants for his abs. And this routine can help you get there…

This routine comes straight from Brendan Meyers and that means it’s going to be a brutal, long sequence involving all kinds of variations on classic moves.

Get ready then, this one will hurt!

V-Cut Abs Workout for Ripped obliques (7 Exercises!)

1. 20 Pulsators

Start with 20 repetitions of pulsators. That means holding your legs just off the ground while lying flat and ‘bobbing’ them up and down slightly. This is a perfect isometric hold that will also train the lower abs.

2. 10 Crunch to Twist

Lying with your back flat on the ground and feet just above the floor, bring your knees up to your chest, rotate at the waist both ways and then push them out again. This is a great move for the upper and lower abs that also engages the obliques.

3. 10 Single Leg Crunch to Twist

This is the same move but performed on just one side with just one leg. The other remains outstretched and just above the floor in an isometric hold.

4. 12 Oblique Plank Crunches

Now you’ll be in a side plank. That means resting on one elbow and one foot, with your body facing forward perpendicular to the floor. Your free leg will lie on top of your stabilizing leg, while your free arm will point into the air. Then you ‘crunch’ your oblique by letting your side drop toward the ground and then pushing it back up again.

5. 12 Plank Crunch Twists

This is similar to the crunch twists except in plank position. Bring one leg up to your chest while in plank position, then twist it left and then right to work the obliques. Remember to train on both sides!

6. 12 45 Degree Leg Lifts

These are simply leg raises with your back flat on the floor. As the name suggests, you’ll be raising them to 45 degree. At the same time, you shouldn’t let them touch the floor when they come back down.

7. 10 Pop-Overs

Pop-overs involve having your legs pointing straight forward and then bouncing them from one side to the other. While you’ll be keeping that great isometric hold on and essentially performing leg raises, you’ll at the same time be moving from side to side, thus engaging the obliques.

Ultimate V-Cut Abs Workout | 7 Exercises At Home!

Why the Routine Works?

And there you go!

There’s no need to do laps of this one – one go around should be more than enough if you aren’t resting in between.

And you should find this is the perfect routine to get that v-cut.

Why? Because it focuses very much on flattening the stomach and hitting those lower abs while at the same time involving the obliques. The result in an increasingly narrow waist line and a very flat washboard stomach.

But doesn’t building up your obliques thicken the waist you ask?

Well yes – but only if you’re using them for bending movements. Use them for twisting and you’ll simply bring the stomach in more at the sides and add those awesome diagonal cuts.


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