Alcohol and Testosterone – Why You Should Avoid Beer? Lowers T- Levels

Alcohol and Testosterone

All You Need To Know About Alcohol & Testosterone

Many of us believe there is some kind of connection between drinking beer and being manly. The most manly thing that many of us think we can do is to go out and drink lots of beer and this is an image that the media only strengthens.

But there’s just one problem: in reality, beer will only make you flabby, weak and more feminine.


Beer lowers testosterone big time.

Alcohal lowers testosterone

In fact, so does all alcohol and seeing as it’s highly calorific as well (not to mention energy draining), drinking is about the worst thing you can do for your gains. Here we will look at why this is the case & how precisely alcohol reduces testosterone.

Here’s why Alcohol Precisely Reduces Testosterone

Lifter using Alcohol

How Alcohol Ruins Your Body

There are countless studies that show how alcohol lowers testosterone and increases estrogen. The reason for this is that acetaldehyde found in alcohol destroys testosterone. This is even worse if you have low vitamin E levels.

In research it has been found that alcohol can lead to drops in testosterone up to 50%.

Other mechanisms may also lead to a ruin in testosterone level, for instance it is thought that alcohol reduces testicular nitric oxide and increases the opioid beta-endorphin. It’s also common knowledge that alcohol damages cells which may also contribute.

This is even worse if you’re drinking beer because the body actually converts hops into estrogen – you know, the female hormone that is the polar opposite of testosterone.

What Lots of Beer Will do to Your Physique


If you drink a lot of beer then, your testosterone levels will regularly be in the gutter. This means that your workouts will be less effective and will trigger less growth.

What’s more, you won’t sleep as well, meaning that you won’t produce as much testosterone or growth hormone during the night and you won’t burn as many calories. You’ll also have less energy the next day when you attack your workouts.

Protein even lessens nutrient absorption, including protein absorption. If you have a protein shake and then drink beer later that night, you may as well be throwing money down the drain!

Drinking beer regularly is so bad that it is even known to contribute to gynecomastia – the formation of breasts. This is why sweaty guys who spend all day drinking beer on the couch will often appear to have massive ‘man-boobs’.

That’s not just a build-up of fat, they actually are breasts which is a result of their devastatingly low testosterone levels.

Bartender pouring beer into tall glass

What to Do?

For these reasons, it’s important to cut alcohol out of your diet fast if you want to maximize testosterone production. Try to stop keeping beer around the house and don’t drink to relax in the evenings – try a cup of tea instead.

Of course, you may still want to drink when you’re out with friends. In this case, try to avoid beer and pick clear alcohols instead or red wine.

When you get back, have some honey which will reduce the acetaldehyde and also help to get rid of that hangover!

After going through the above mentioned post, here are some related queries given for you to help you know more about the combination of alcohol and other steroids.

These queries will help you sketch out the reaction of alcohol with some commonly used steroids either for medical purpose or bodybuilding purposes.

So have a look on them…

Can You Drink on Steroids?


Well, this is definitely not a tricky question that you will not be able to answer it. Since we all are aware about the fact that both steroids and alcohol are injurious to health. They both have potential to upset your stomach.

If you already possess some indigestion or other stomach problems after using steroid treatment then alcohol is most likely to boost up the problem.

Not just you will face stomach related problems but other problems as well. There can be liver cancer, alcoholic hepatitis, high blood pressure, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, strokes, tendon rupture, fluid retention and many more.

So if you are having problems then you would better consul your doctor or rheumatology consultant.

Can you drink alcohol after a steroid shot (cortisone) for allergies?

Red, Scaly, Itchy Psoriasis

Yes, sure. You can have a drink. But remember to keep it minimal. Do not overdue it as you are taking steroids (cortisone). This will not do any harm until the amount of alcohol taken is limited.

So always make sure to drink little. However, it is better to avoid drinking alcohol while using steroids usually.

In case, if you are prescribed steroids as part of a medical treatment, it is important that you are supposed to be mindful of the amount of alcohol you consume while taking them.

You should refrain from alcohol altogether. If you are unable to do so, professional help is needed.


Is it safe to drink alcohol on steroid cycle?

Obviously, it is not at all advised to drink or take any kind of sports enhancement drugs while you are on steroid cycle. It is completely terrible. This can have serious impact on your liver and stomach.


Will it be harmless to drink beer on steroids?

Drinking beer while you are on steroids will definitely get into your ways. So if you are on steroids and training hard to get ripped and toned body, you are required to avoid beer at first. It is nice to have good times once in a week with your family and friends but overdosing the drink is not allowed.

You cannot exceed the limit of drinking especially when you are in steroid cycle. A couple of beer is fine unless you are on cutting phase. However, you can have 6 beers instead of 20 as per the recommended dosage when being on steroid cycle.

Alcohal consumption can cause joint pains

Steroids and alcohal bodybuilding

No matter you are taking steroids for either bodybuilding purpose or cutting purpose, these are harmful combination and can cause serious health issues. Even if you have been prescribed by your trainer to use the supplements with alcohol then think before you follow.

This is due to the fact that drinking alcohol while on steroids for bodybuilding puts stress on your health, resulting in harsh consequences. Hence, if you are using steroids for bodybuilding then avoid drinking alcohol or any other alcoholic beverages.


Can you have a drink while taking prednisone?

mixing prednisone and alcohol

Prednisone and Alcohol

You can have a little drink while taking prednisone. This is because both of them do not interact together. One of the liquid forms of the prednisone (commonly known as Prednisone Intensol) originally contains 30 percent alcohol.

But technically, it is still possible that taking prednisone along with alcohol might increase the risk of stomach ulcers or other gastrointestinal bleeding. On the other hand, some people find it worsening the ulcerative colitis symptoms.

Using the prednisone with alcohol puts stress on the kidney, liver, heart, blood pressure, causes depression and other systems and behavior.

Liver cirrhosis is a severe liver disease

How long after taking prednisone can you drink alcohol?

The recommendation is to avoid alcohol while taking prednisone. Although there aren’t any known interaction of prednisone with alcohol, but there exists possibility of stomach bleeding in general. So you better not to consume prednisone while on alcohol or else avoid using alcohol while taking this supplement.

Can I drink after 5 days prednisone medication?
Generally, it is a bad idea to mix alcohol with any medication. Because this can be literally very dangerous.  Still, if you really want to drink a sip then you should first consult your doctor. After his/her suggestions, you can go with it.

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