Bakhar Nabieva Admits To Steroids Use For Perfect Legs

Bakhar Nabieva amazing legs

Bakhar Nabieva, popularly known as “Miss Iron Bum” and is famous worldwide for her awesome physique and incredible legs. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and now lives in the city of Dnipropetrovsk in western Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

This complete transformation of her took years of full dedication, hard work and dieting to create such ripped shaped legs. This skinny girl suffered from bullying at school, has now become an inspiration for thousands of people everywhere.

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Bakhar is a weightlifting powerhouse of strength as well as aesthetics and her weight training sessions does not seem to stop right now. Bakhar has strong fan following and still continues to grow in thousands.

Bakhar said, “She was very skinny girl since her childhood. She had thin legs to which all of her classmates make fun of her. The she decided to change the scenario as she was completely tired of the way people look at her.”

Bakhar Nabieva skinny girl with thin legs

Then she went to gym but had no idea what to do. She didn’t count the reps and sets, doing squats every day yet she had absolutely no idea how to build correct exercise routine.

She simply began to work on her physical part and one day when she woke up, looked into the mirror, she saw some muscles.

Bakhar Nabieva before and after results

To which she said, seeing this result and developing muscles, there was nothing that could had stopped her afterwards.

But the question here is, “is she real or on steroids?


Bakhar on Steroids

Though she had given her full dedication and worked hard to achieve this ripped curves and booty yet all her hard worked was indeed accompanied by some kind of performance enhancing drugs or steroids.

Bakhar Nabieva steroids

Her bell curves that wouldn’t be surprising if some girls have it being natty but with a good genes only which is a very rare occurrence. In fact, elite natty powerlifting girls have even smaller legs as compared to Bakhar.

Additionally, her deepen voice, aggressive nature, being horny, more massive muscles on legs and ass than that of most of the teenage kids are definitely not signs of being natty.

In one of her video posted on internet that seems to be deleted by now, she discussed steroid use. This clearly stated that she is not natty.

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Bakhar’s History

Building Legs

Bakhar being a skinny girl, was bullied by her classmates for having such a thin legs. Her training started after suffering from lots of unwanted attention from her classmates.

They kept saying that she had very skinny legs. This made her join the gym but she had no gymming experience prior to this incident. Despite the fact she had no previous training knowledge, she used to hit the weights hard.

During her initial phase of training, she didn’t count the sets or reps. She just did what felt natural and worked on the areas she wanted to grow.

Bakhar Nabieva soon started to read bodybuilding magazines and learnt how to work on muscles in a correct way. And the day soon came that proved to be turning point for her.

Bakhar Nabieva building legs

Bakhar’s Statistics

  • Year of Birth – 1994
  • Weight – 115-125 lbs (52.2-56.7 kg)
  • Nationality – Azerbaijan


Her Training Session

She has tough but simple training sessions. She basically focuses on that physical part of the body which she likes the most (her hamstrings, glutes and quads).

Bakhar said, “She works with weights for 6-10 and 15 repetitions maximum. Her favorite part of working out is to train her legs for sure! The exercises which she likes the most are squats, leg press, leg extension and lats.”

Bakhar Nabieva training in the gym

Workouts for Her Perfect Legs

The 23 year old Ukrainian fitness model has the most shredded legs that you will have ever come across, particularly, on a girl. Bakhar Nabieva is a dream for all those guys who love to dig girls with shredded legs with perfect shaped butts.

workout for skinny legs

Here is her following workouts for killer legs:

  1. Squats

There is nothing to get surprised about squats on the list because squats are full leg builder. For those who have skinny legs and want to pack some muscle on it then squats are the best choice for them.

Squats are multi-join exercise that is very helpful in shaping the quads, hams and the glutes. Squatting adds muscles and size to your legs and also makes you stronger. While squatting, the range of motion is the main key. Bakhar for warming up uses 80 kgs which is not recommended for everyone.

  1. Romanian Deadlifts

Ever since she had started working out, hamstrings were her weakest point so Bakhar mostly goes big on her hamstrings. It is another compound movement which recruits various muscle groups.

There should be slight bend in knees and back arched while performing Romanian Deadlift. Meanwhile, on the concentric movement, push back the glutes so that all the tension is on the hamstrings.

  1. Walking Lunges

Walking lungs is a very effective exercise for building the tear drop in your quads. Bakhar makes use of a barbell iron when she performs lungs. Just keep your steps normal as there is no need to spend long distances while performing this.

The quad of the rear leg should be parallel to the calf of the front leg at the time of doing a lunge. The quad of front leg and calf should be at right angel. On the other hand, rear leg should be an inch away from the floor.

  1. Unilateral Hamstrings Curls

Another exercise which Bakhar loves doing is the unilateral hamstring curls. This hamstring curls on machine is an isolation exercise. The machine helps in maintain the constant tension on the muscles throughout the regular exercise.

This exercise basically indulges one leg at one time. But the unilateral hamstring is great at repairing muscles imbalance and strength building. In fact, one can have better mind-muscle connection with your hamstrings while doing this curl variation.

  1. Hack Squat Good Mornings

It is among Bakhar’s favorite exercise. Performing this Good Mornings exercise on a hack squat helps in isolating the hamstrings than that of performed with free weights. But one has to make sure not to put on much weight while performing the exercise.

Just go slow with the reps and deliberate as well as squeeze the living hell out of the hams at the top movement.

Bakhar Nabieva does all these exercises for 3 set and 12 reps.


Bakhar Nabieva’s Nutrition

Bakhar is no doubt a fitness model but she is not a fan of dieting. Her diet varies greatly. She most often likes to eat eggs, meat and cakes.

Bakhar Nabieva uses these food items to fuel her workouts effectively. Eating foods full of higher calorie during her workouts helps her to prevent from unwanted fat accumulation. This makes sure that she does a strong workout delivering great outcomes.

Bakhar Nabieva- stunning fitness model

Bakhar has shown implausible dedication towards achieving her goals. She did prove that she has the ability to change her body and live the way she wanted to.

She indeed taught everyone a lesson,, no matter what the situation is, anyone can achieve their goal with full determination, enough drive and knowledge.

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