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best and safest bulking steroids 2018

Are You Looking for the Best Steroid Stack for Gaining Lean & Hard Muscle?

Well! Lots of guys, now-a-days work out to build muscles and a large portion of these are obsessed with “lean and clean bulk”. They just want to pack on muscles and get a toned shaped body fast. In order to get that, many of them are looking to pick the right steroid supplement and the others are already using it!

In fact, the steroid usage is on the verge these days because nobody has enough time to go gym and exercise for an hour to get perfect shaped body. 90% of the bodybuilders today have no personal interest in aesthetic principles of bodybuilding.

If we talk about the steroid benefits for bodybuilding then… It’s also been recorded that on an average, steroids produce lean muscle gains of between 2 – 5kg of body-weight.

However, most steroids in the market come with some side-effects which include high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, etc. Picking the right steroids for beginners can be hard and dangerous.

Don’t worry! Here we’ll give you the complete list of the best beginner friendly steroids which can really take your workout to the next level.

Yeahhhh! There are certain popular steroids (100% legal) available which do not have much negative impact on your body. This article will cater you in finding clean and lean bulking supplements for those who want to frame their body in exactly the same way they want.

No fat…. All you are going to have is only muscle, muscle and muscle. (Unbelievably stacked with muscles)

Here are some best steroid stacks for lean and clean bulking and all are form crazy bulk. Just have a look on them.

Crazy Bulk products are here to help you get lean and clean Bulk easily. Crazy Bulk only uses natural ingredient that imitates muscle building processes similar to other steroids.

best steroid stack for lean and clean bulking

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Steroid Stack??

Here are top 4 Products from Crazy Bulk to Get Lean & Ripped!

Crazy Stack from Crazy Bulk is a combo of 4 legal muscle building steroids that can help you gain 20-30 lbs of lean, hard, dense and quality muscle without side effects!

buy the best steroid stack for lean muscle mass

Crazy Stack from Crazy Bulk

  • consists of :
    1. D-Bal
    2. Testo-Max
    3. Trenorol
    4. Decaduro
  • can help you gain 20-30 pounds of lean muscle in just 8 weeks
  • increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis
  • helps increase oxygen flow to the muscle during workout
  • speeds up recovery and delays fatigue
  • increases strength
  • helps you workout harder and heavier
  • has no negative side effects
  • has been getting excellent user reviews

Now, using these steroid stack you too can have a successful clean bulk and gain pounds in just few weeks, with at least half of that being lean muscle tissue.

But…If you are the one who are just looking for best steroids for lean muscle mass and have nothing to do with a steroid cycle, then read further. This article going to cater the same!


What are the Best Steroid to Get Ripped & Lean?

Crazy Stack is the strongest stack from Crazy Bulk that can help you achieve incredible results. This stack comprises of 7 legal steroids that help increase lean muscle and strength without negative side effects.

This stack includes:

  1. D-BAL which mimics the effects of steroid Dianabol
  2. Androle which mimics steroid Anadrol or Oxymetholone
  3. Anvarol which mimics the effect of steroid Anavar & improves your strength & energy
  4. Deca Durabolin which mimics steroid Deca Durabolin or Nandrolone Decanoate
  5. Trenorol which mimics steroid Trenbolone Acetate
  6. Clenbutrol which mimics Clenbuterol and
  7. Testo-Max which is a powerful testosterone booster with a high concentration of tribulus extrac

Here are some more details on each of these Crazy Bulk Stack

  1. D-BAL

D-BAL-best steroid stack for lean muscle mass

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The most tested beginner bodybuilder love is dianabol. This steroid is completely safe and ideal for one who likes to build large amount of muscles.  It is typically used for bulking and will help you gain some water and muscles.

In order to facilitate increased strength and lean bulk, this steroid works just like creative and draws extra fluid into the muscle.

D-BAL is known as the Grand Daddy of all steroids. It’s a powerful muscle and strength gainer. D-BAL from Crazy Bulk mimics dianabol without any negative side effects. It’s a staff favorite too.

It makes Crazy Stack one of the strongest stacks that can help you gain massive pounds of lean and hard muscle.

D-BAL is designed to show results in as little as two weeks. It’s has been getting great user reviews too.

D-Bal Works

  • works very quickly
  • increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
  • helps increase lean muscle rapidly
  • increases strength and stamina
  • increases blood flow during exercise
  • improves drive and focus

D-Bal User Reviews

This is what Leo says…

“You can’t beat a product that actually works, and D-Bal really makes good by its claims. I’ll definitely purchase this again!”

This is what Will says….

“Great product, great price, fast shipping. Couldn’t ask for more. Was even more excited it was a tablet that dissolved quickly for maximum absorbing. Definitely ordering again!”

  1. Testo-Max

crazy bulk testo-max-best steroid stack for lean muscle mass

Click Here to Buy Testo-Max from Official Website

Most of the toxic and powerful steroids that can cause water retention ruin aesthetics. However, the unfortunate fact is that powerful steroids give you heavy and lean bulk.  The case is different with Testosterone. It is one of the best bulking steroid supplements in the world because of it has ability to build lean bulk.

Moreover, testosterone has fat burning capabilities which make it equally a good fat burner. This also increases your size and strength in just couple of weeks.

You will also observe increased performance and stamina at the time of working sessions. Testosterone also comes up with small amount of water retention ability as well.

Testo-Max is one of the strongest and most powerful testosterone booster. What makes it unique is that it has been standardized to 45% saponins, which is the active component in tribulus terrestris. This makes it twice as strong as other testosterone supplements in the market. It is incredibly popular and has been getting great user reviews.

Testo-Max is one of the key supplements in Crazy Stack, Bulking Stack, Strength Stack and the Cutting Stack.

Testo-Max works

  • promotes huge muscle gains and protein synthesis
  • increases nitrogen retention and blood flow
  • speeds up fat burning
  • boosts strength and speeds up recovery
  • enhances male libido, sex drive and performance

Testo-Max is incredibly popular and has been getting great user reviews.

Testo-Max User Reviews

This is what Bret says….

“I took the Testo-Max and was impressed – I would suggest to others. I’m also 20 and had no issues or side-effects when taking it so you should be good to go.”

Hugo Martinez is another user who is greatly impressed with Testo-Max. This is what he says….

“Fast acting,incredible energy & stamina. Helps focus & concentrate during work outs!”

  1. Anadrol

anadrole: best steroid stack for lean muscle mass

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Anadrol is yet another powerful and effective steroid which is known for its bulking capabilities and for increasing lean muscle. It has tremendous ability to raise plasma testosterone level in the blood. The increased level of testosterone helps in bulking process and gaining lean muscle FAT.

It is a powerful steroid to be considered in terms of gaining muscles and bulk. The important thing is that Anadrol does not get converted into estrogen. So you can easily get lean and bulk up.

Anadrole from Crazy Bulk is a safe and legal alternative to harmful steroid like Anadrol or oxymetholone, which has a lot of negative side effects.

Anadrole works

  • increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
  • may help you gain 15-20 lbs of lean muscle in the first cycle
  • boosts red blood cell production
  • increases flow of oxygen to the muscles during workout
  • promotes massive pumps and delays fatigue
  • increases strength and can help you get through plateaus
  • ensures fast recovery

Anadrole is an important part of the Strength Stack as well as the Crazy Stack. It’s a huge hit with bodybuilders.

Anadrole User Reviews

Axman is incredibly happy with the results that he has been getting. This is what he says….

“Just hit day 15 of my first cycle and so far my bench has increased by 40 pounds (sets of 8) and my squat has increased by 60 lbs. I haven’t seen a whole lot of weight gains but definitely strength and hardness of muscles. I will post a full review on week 8.”

Bernie is another user who has been able to put on 7lbs of lean muscle with Anadrole. In his own words…

“This product is an excellent option to achieve lean mass and strength,I am near to finish my 4 week and using it and I gain 7 pounds of lean mass.”

  1. Trenorol

Crazy Bulk Trenorol: best steroid stack for lean muscle mass

Click Here to Buy Trenorol from Official Website

Trenorol is another powerful and fricking compound that can be used for bulking purposes. However, many people do not use tren when bulking, even if this compound does not cause you to lose water.

If someone is lean and using Tren, it is quite obvious that they will look photo-shopped (in good way).

Each muscle becomes striated and veins start to pop-up from everywhere. There are number of rumor about this product. Some people say that it has harsh side-effects as compared to other steroids.

Whereas others say, it is more or less same as other anabolics. However, it is better to use the product rather than to believe what others say.

Another fact about Crazy Bulk Trenorol is that there are some dangers associated with it. Low estrogen level is needed by someone who is looking to get bulky fast but it can be dangerous if this level drops too much.

You have lower drive and performance when you work out or in relation to sexual performance. In order to get benefits from Tren and to reduce the negative impacts, it is better to stack this steroid with dianabol or anadrol.

Trenorol is supposed to be the most versatile steroid used in bodybuilding. It mimics trenbolone safely. It’s taken orally and does not require any injections or needles.

It possesses both anabolic and androgenic properties. What it means is that it can help increase muscle on one hand and burn fat on the other.

Trenorol is an important part of the Crazy Bulking Stack and Strength Stack (Read Reviews).

T-Bal 75 works

  • nearly 5 times as potent as testosterone
  • great for bulking and strength cycles
  • increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis
  • may help gain 10-15 lbs of lean muscle in just 30 days
  • burns both subcutaneous and visceral fat
  • cuts and hardens muscle
  • ensures faster results

T-Bal 75 has been getting incredible reviews.

T-Bal 75 User Reviews

This is what De’Juan has to say….

“It’s really a great product I’m three weeks in and my muscles are really starting to fill out and show”

This is what another user says….

“I’ve been using it for about 3.5 weeks, I’ve gotten leaner and stronger, gained about 8 lbs of lean muscle and i really notice the testosterone increase as well.”


  1. Anvarol

crazy bulk anvarol: best steroid stack for lean muscle mass

Click Here to Buy Anvarol from Official Website

Anavar is also best option for those who want to bulk up and looking to lose weight and fats. It will also help you in gaining small amount of muscles. It is absolutely perfect steroids for those do not want to turn into hulk.  The beauty of using this steroid is its effects that are permanent.

It clearly means that you will neither gain excess fats nor have to shred it off again. The muscle you build will stay and last long. Since Anavar does not come with any side-effects, it is completely safe to use.

Anvarol Works

  • as a guaranteed safe & legal alternative of Anavar
  • Enhances muscle hardness and density.
  • Incinerates subcutaneous as well as visceral fat.
  • Furnish it’s users with very quick results (i.e., around within 30 days).
  • Promotes improved
  • Requires No Needles.
  • Readily available.

Anvarol User Reviews

This is what Jennifer Says….

Omg I absolutely love anvarol. I have energy, crazy strength, and awesome results, and I haven’t even finished one bottle!!!! Also no crazy side effects!….first time I have ever had abs in my life and I’ve only been working out 3 months. Thanks crazybulk!

  1. Clenbuterol

clenbuterol: best steroid stack for lean muscle mass

Click Here to Buy Clenbutrol from Official Website

This steroid was first invented in a bid so as to stop asthmas in horses. While testing it on horses, it was found that the particular steroid would make horses to lose fat instantly along with muscle gain.

In fact, this is the best steroids you can take to get clean and lean bulk easily. Even Hollywood stars take this steroid in order to get in shape for films.

Clenbutrol form Crazy Bulk is not a steroid but it’s supposed to be the most powerful fat burner. It mimics the effect of steroid Clenbuterol without showing any negative side effects or in case if you find it.. then it will be very minimal side-effects thus making it safe to get lean and clean bulk.

It can help burn fat and also tighten and tone muscles. In addition to this, it can also help you retain lean and hard muscle.

Clenbutrol is an important part of the Crazy Stack and the Cutting Stack.

Clenbuterol Works to

  • increases muscle to fat ratio
  • is a powerful fat burner
  • helps burn fat while preserving lean muscle
  • eliminates water retention and reveals obscure muscle
  • increases muscle composition and muscle fiber size
  • tightens and tones body
  • cuts and hardens muscles
  • is ephedrine free

Clenbuterol User Reviews

This is what William says….

Hands down love this product! I am down weight and have energy without sleep issues. Love it just ordered my second cycle.


  1. Winsol

winsol: best steroid stack for lean muscle mass

Click Here to Buy Winsol from Official Website

Winsol is another compound which does not convert itself into estrogen like Anadrol. Hence, there is no need to worry about getting transformed into gyno whilst using this steroid.

Lowering sex hormone called SHBG is very important for someone who is going hard physique. However, the only drawback is that it will lower the sex drive and performance. On the bright side, this will build more muscles as compared to Anavar.

Winsol from Crazy Bulk is one of the most popular legal steroids that mimics the effect of steroid winstrol and can help you gain lean muscle and strength very quickly. It’s great for busting through plateaus and also help you provide great joint support.

Winsol is a part of Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack and Strength Stack. It’s hugely popular and has been getting rave reviews.

Winsol works

  • as a both bulking and cutting agent
  • enhances protein synthesis and builds muscles
  • may help increase lean muscle by up to 20 lbs in just one month
  • provides joint support
  • alleviates joint pain associated with heavy lifting
  • makes plateaus a thing of the past
  • resists water retention

Winsol User Reviews

This is what Simon says…

Great product, It helps me in excellent way to improve muscle growth, retention, and speed of recovery.

This is what Leo says…

“I have to tell you that my recovery after workouts has thus improved at an exponential rate, be that as it may, far surpassing anything ever preconceived about the potential for implementing the so-said supplement. In addition, with mostly this pertaining to things like the impact of the joints usually taking the brunt from all the heavy lifting but since taking this supplement I having a noticeable difference with not only alleviating support and lean muscular gains for my physique.

Crazy Bulk Stack – Pros

  • most powerful stack from Crazy Bulk
  • combines 6 legal steroids
  • may help you gain up to 30 lbs of lean and hard muscle
  • increases strength and stamina
  • all supplements taken orally, no injections or needles required
  • not toxic to liver or kidneys
  • no known side effects
  • excellent user reviews
  • comes with a good discount

Crazy Stack – Cons

These products are one of the strongest and most popular stacks from Crazy Bulk. It has been getting great user reviews too. Even after looking for some time, I could not find anything negative about it.

Price and Best Offers

Crazy Bulk Stack comes at a discounted price of $179.99 and saves you a whopping $50.

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE – Now, you can buy 2 sets of this stack and get 3rd set absolutely FREE!


It comes with FREE SHIPPING in the US and Canada.

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Bottom line

There have been arguably many products, to which you can truthfully answer once you have used the product yourself. Still, in aid of your decision, we have listed some best steroids.

Best steroid for lean bulk are:

  • D-Bal
  • Testo-Max
  • Trenorol

The results using these steroids are staggering with some noticeable changes and big muscles enhancement literally in a matter of weeks.

That’s right, weeks! You heard it correctly. It is just a matter of few weeks. It is suggested to give a shot yourself to see the amazing improvements. Don’t worry, products are completely safe and its components are legal as well as engineered using natural ingredients.

These steroid stacks are also of highest quality. A regular inspection is maintained to ensure best quality and high output of the products.

For beginners, it is important that they keep bulking process very simple.  They do not have to jump in the deep water without knowing how body will react.

After going through all the points mentioned above, it can be now easy for you to get lean bulk without having the fear of side-effects on body.

These steroids stack will give the desired results with no harmful impact on the body as well. Now it is very easy to get clean and lean bulk with these products.

Go grab the products right now if you are willing to gain bulkiness!

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    I’m gonna RUN a lean bulk steroid cycle using Testosterone + Trenorol + Anadrole. Specially Anadrol and Trenorol together can really produce clean gains of lean muscle mass.

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