How to Protect Testosterone Levels as You Get Older?

Protect Testosterone Levels as You Get Older

Getting older does NOT directly cause testosterone levels to drop.

Many guys believe that a decline in testosterone is completely unavoidable as they get older. Just like bad eyesight, forgetfulness and a loss of their sex life. Actually though, this belief is almost certainly incorrect (as are a few of those other assumptions).

Low testosterone is often found in men alongside general decline but a study presented at the Endocrine Society’s 93rd Annual Meeting in Boston showed that testosterone depletion in older age is the result of the health deteriorating in a number of other ways.

In other words, low testosterone is not an unavoidable fact that causes us to lose muscle. Rather, it’s losing muscle, being less active and developing various illnesses that causes the testosterone to deplete.

If you can prevent some of the other effects of ageing, then you can keep your testosterone higher!


The Study

testosterone rate declines after 40's

In the study, the researchers recruited 325 men aged over 40 who reported excellent health with no illnesses, pains or other complaints.

They then compared this to control groups and found that the age itself had no impact on levels of testosterone. Rather, it was the incidence of health issues that caused the problem.

“The modest decline in blood testosterone among older men, usually coupled with nonspecific symptoms, such as easy fatigue and low sexual desire, may be due to symptomatic disorders that accumulate during aging, including obesity and heart disease,” explains one of the researchers. “It does not appear to be a hormone deficiency state.

“Older men with low testosterone levels do not need testosterone therapy unless they have diseases of their pituitary or testes.”

What it All Means?

So what does this mean for you as you get older? 

It means one very positive thing: a loss of testosterone is not inevitable.

If you keep working out, if you protect your mobility and if you eat a nutrient-dense diet that is low in simple sugars, then you can look after your overall health and prevent various types of deterioration that could cause your testosterone to drop.

Lifestyle is also likely to play a big part, as are psychological elements. Often we see the health of older individuals deteriorate as soon as they give up work.


Because they lose the drive, the purpose and the focus that keeps their body ticking.

Getting lots of sunlight and going for walks, making sure to get healthy sleep and doing everything possible to avoid and combat stress can also help to protect your body and mind.

In other words: you need to do all the things you’ve always been told to do to maintain good health. The only difference? The effects will be far more keenly felt as you get older.

And for the young’uns reading this: make sure that you think ahead and recognize the effect that drinking too much and sitting for long periods will likely have on your health when you’re older. Don’t just think about your testosterone levels now – think ahead and play the long game!

What is a normal testosterone level for a man in his 40’s?

By and large, the NORMAL range of testosterone in male is around 270 to 1070 ng/dL with an average of 679 ng/dL. An ordinary male testosterone level is at its peak level at the age of 20, and afterward it gradually decreases. Testosterone levels above or beneath the typical range are considered by numerous to be out of balance.

Normal Testosterone Levels

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