Instant Testosterone – 7 Tricks You Can Use for an Immediate Surge in T

Instant Testosterone - 7 Tricks You Can Use for an Immediate Surge in T

Boost Your Testosterone Instantly

Sick of articles that tell you how you can raise testosterone 5% by following a complex & unenjoyable diet regimen?

We are too!

Sometimes you just want fast results.

What if you could boost your testosterone right now and then take that increased T to the gym with you?

Well… I’m glad you asked.

Here are 7 EASY ways you can immediately boost your testosterone.

  1. Take Up a Power Position
  2. Win a Game
  3. Hit a Bag
  4. Have Sex
  5. Drink More Water
  6. Take a Cold Shower
  7. CBT/Visualization


T Booster Tip#1: Take Up a Power Position

The first thing to do is to put your hands over your head in a ‘victory celebration‘. Imagine you’re an Olympic sprinter and you just crossed the finish line – and came first.

Studies show that this posture is actually a completely universal one seen across cultures and languages and that it can cause a significant spike in testosterone.


T Booster Tip#2: Win a Game

Winning apparently also boosts testosterone levels – as long as you’re playing competitively against someone else and ideally a stranger. Winning a contest will boost your testosterone about 30% in fact.

Our recommendation? Find an online shooter you’re really good at and have a quick death match before heading to the gym.


T Booster Tip#3: Hit a Bag

Our body also produces more testosterone as a general response to aggression because it thinks we’ll need it.

A way you can stimulate this without an opponent or a game of chess, is to punch a heavy bag. This is also a great cardio workout, so it’s perfect to go at the start of a workout!


T Booster Tip#4: Have Sex

Another thing that will spike your testosterone levels is having sex. And actually, ‘going solo’ will also raise your testosterone significantly.

Unfortunately you also tend to get quite the energy slump following the end.

So actually, the best way to take your testosterone with you to the gym would be to go with blue balls! Watching porn actually stimulates testosterone production too.


T Booster Tip#5: Drink More Water

Dehydration leads to low testosterone, so for many people an instant way to get a boost is just to down a big glass of cold water.


T Booster Tip#6: Take a Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower can increase testosterone and your norepinephrine. That puts your body in a prime condition for hitting it hard at the gym, while also subjecting your testes to conditions they will enjoy.

The ideal temperature for our gonads is below body temperature, so having a cold shower or going for a stroll outdoors can do a lot of good!


T Booster Tip#7: CBT/Visualization

CBT stands for ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’ and it is the process of changing your thinking in order to change your behavior and your beliefs.

By using affirmations and by questioning and breaking down your beliefs, you can build up healthier thought patterns and ideas that will help to stimulate a healthier attitude and behavior.

Combined with visualization, you could theoretically use this to ‘trick’ your brain into thinking it needs to produce more testosterone.

Theoretically, by imagining yourself about to get into a fight to save your girlfriend from muggers – and then imagining yourself winning and having victory sex – you could potentially raise your testosterone.

Or alternatively, just focus on why your performance at the gym matters to you and try to view it as a competition with yourself.

Do this, you can increase your focus & surge your levels of T.

Instant testosterone | Instant testosterone booster

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