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In the film industry, people are mainly known or get popular for their work. However, sometimes they do also get popular because of their bodies. Some examples of such celebrities are Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Lavid, Jeff Bezos and etc.

These are the celebrities which got like really popular because of their all of sudden body transformation.

In Mark Wahlberg’s case, his arms became iconic as such of his characters like Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights and Micky Ward in The Fighter.

No matter his roles keep on changing from film to film, Mark’s biceps stay pumped.

Mark Wahlberg biceps are genuinely appraisable.

And in case if you’re amongst those who want biceps as such of Mark then my friend, this blog is for you…

We genuinely agree with the fact that now its time for you to stop envying Mark’s biceps and build up your ones

And thus we’re here providing you guys with the Mark’s very own workout 2018 routine.

Mark Wahlberg Arms Workout 2018

Mark Wahlberg changes his training often. So it is just not possible to discuss all of his workout schedules. However here below we can briefly discuss one of his default workouts which he did almost in his every film for adding size to his biceps fast.

His approximately all arms workouts mainly focus on hitting the biceps from every angle while utilizing the full range of implements (from dumbbells to machines).

Despite all this, must say Mark’s arms workouts are basic enough to perform practically in any gym.

Mark Wahlberg in his one exercise, pyramids his weights, starting fairly heavy for 10 reps. Furthermore, he increases the weight and reduces the reps on subsequent sets.

This ultimately hits a wide spectrum of muscle fibers and builds up a warmup into the workout. So, he never trains with heavy weights sooner than his body get ready for it.

Warning: It’s a high-volume routine. So, in case if you think that you haven’t till yet given your biceps such attention before, then you must start slowly and leave off the last two exercises.

Direction to Implement Mark Wahlberg Workout

Complete the above mentioned Mark workout once a week.

Space it out by at least three days before and after any back training you do.

Do the exercises as straight sets, accomplishing all the prescribed sets for one move before going on to the next.

Add weight each set so that the prescribed reps are all you can do. However, keep remembering to stop one rep short of failure.

Now have a bit deep glance at Mark Wahlberg Arms Workout


Here’s workout step by step on how to get arms like Mark Wahlberg

Now build up to bigger biceps with the Actor Mark’s Go-To-Workout

Exercise #1. Seated Dumbbell Curl and Press

Skill Level: Beginner

Type: Strength Training

Equipment: Dumbbells

Body Parts: Arms

How to do:

  • Sit on a bench with arms resting at your sides, holding up a dumbbell in your every hand.

  • Now curl the weights to shoulder height without allowing your elbows to drift in front of your shoulders.

  • Next, extend your arms upward, pressing the weights directly above your head. Now return to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Exercise #2. Dumbbell Curl

Equipment: Dumbbells

Body Parts: Biceps

How to do:

  • Stand holding up a dumbbell in each hand with palm facing your sides.

  • Now without letting your upper arms drift forward, curl the weights, rotating your wrists outward. Do this in a way that your palms face you in the top position. Hold for a moment and then squeeze your biceps.

Exercise #3. Barbell Curl

Equipment: Barbell

Body Parts: Biceps

How to do:

  • Hold up a barbell with your hands at shoulder width. Now keeping your upper arms at your sides, curl the weight up.

  • Keeping your upper arms stationary, curl the bar.

Exercise #4. PullUp

Skill Level: Intermediate

Type: Bodyweight

Equipment: Pullup Bar

Body Parts: Abs, Arms, Back

How to do:

  • Grab onto a bar and hang in a way that your arms are straight and your feet aren’t touching the ground.

  • Now pull yourself in a way that your chest touches the bar. Further, slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position. That’s complete one rep.

Exercise #5. Preacher Curl

Equipment: EZ-Bar

Body Parts: Biceps

How to do:

  • Sit at a preacher bench and adjust your height. Do this in a way that your armpits touch the top of the bench.

  • Next, grasp an EZ-curl bar or dumbbells at shoulder width with your arms completely extended.

  • Curl the weight, keeping back of your arms against the bench. Take at least three seconds to lower the bar back down.

Exercise #6. EZ-Bar Curl

Equipment: EZ-Bar

Body Parts: Biceps

How to do:

  • Grasp an EZ-curl at shoulder width.

  • Now keeping your upper arms stationary, curl the bar.

Exercise #7. Machine Curl

Skill Level: Beginner

Type: Strength Training

Equipment: Cable Machine

Body Parts: Biceps

How to do:

  • Adjust your seat and the machine in a manner that it fits your height correctly.
  • Now placing your upper arms against the pads, grip the handles comfortably.
  • Flex your elbow, bringing up your lower arms towards your upper arms.
  • Pause for a while and then slowly return to the starting position. That’s completely one rep.

So, this was all about Mark Wahlberg Workout 2018.

But for fitness, it’s the fact that meals are also very important.

The food we eat does play a very vital role in how we look and feel.

Despite the fact that regular workout is important, as per researches, nutrition does have the largest impact on fitness.

So same is the case with Mark Wahlberg world famous biceps.

Credit to Mark’s such biceps also goes to his daily routine meals.

Yeah… so let’s have a look at the Mark Wahlberg Daily Routine Meals…

Mark Wahlberg height is 5’8”, which is of course not so tall. Besides his average weight is approximately around 185lbs.

So according to this, it’s the fact that he must be in taking an appropriate amount of diet meal.

So, now the question arises, “What Does Mark Wahlberg Eat?”

Mark Wahlberg Diet

When it comes to meal, Mark Wahlberg has been reported basically centered around:

  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Whey Protein
  • Some Pasta
  • Blue Berries, Bananas, Raspberries & apples

As per Mark’s statement,

In terms of the schedule, he eats all about 6 meals a day.

These meals include 3 good healthy meals and then 3 smaller snack size meals.

Moreover when it’s about Mark Wahlberg Breakfast, then must say it’s really very proper, like in the way it should be.

Mark Wahlberg Diet Breakdown


Mark typically gets 30% of his diet from lean proteins. Moreover, the next 40% he gets from whole wheat, fruit, legumes, and vegetables. The remaining 30% he takes from healthy fats.

So, here the blogs end!!

This was all about Mark Wahlberg arms workout.

Hopefully, you read the blog thoroughly and it inspired you to have biceps as such of Mark.

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