Every Possible Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder

Every Possible Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder

How to Get Bigger Shoulders?

Everyone likes to have a body of his or her desires. But earning it is not a simple task. The more you will dream or desire the more sweats it will cost to you.

Generally the muscles of Shoulders, chest and triceps are the priority of the person indulged in gymming or who wants a good physique.

So the hardcore gymmers or lovers of body physique wants their shoulders to be massive, because it gives their body a perfect start or cut for the V shape and also brings them a feeling of confidence.

A massive shoulder also represents you as a tough person in other’s eyes, and makes you more attractive towards the opposite sex.

So here we are with the tips for getting your shoulders noticeable, massive and vast.

There are 8 exercises that you should go through for achieving massive shoulders. After which you wouldn’t need any kind of supplement.


1- Side Deltoid Raises or Lateral Raises

Side Deltoid raises is one effective exercise to gain some shoulder muscles. In the beginnings you can go through less weights and can increase, as per your strength and capacity.

The slower you go through the SIDE RAISES, the more it will hurt, and the better results it will give it to you. This exercise is perfect for declutching of deltoid muscles.

  • Ways to perform it –

    • Grab dumbells and hold it in both of your hands and keeping your upper body still (there shouldn’t be any swinging) and arms against the sides of your body.
    • Now raise the dumbbells, until your arms gets parallel to the floor. Then slowly return (lower the dumbbells) to the starting position.
    • Do 3 sets of 6 to 10 repetition

Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder


2- Upright Rows with Wide Grip

It is an another great exercise which helps to build up your shoulder muscles to make it wider. Upright rows with wider grip helps you to build up pressure on the muscles at the outer edges of your shoulder, that would widen your shoulders.

  • Ways for performing it –

    • For doing this exercise, you need to grab a low cable bar. Now, with an overhand grip, pull the bar straight up and back. While pulling it back, lead with the shoulders.
    • You can also perform this exercise with the help of dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells in each hands, relaxing it in the front of your thighs. Pull the dumbbells vertically until they are in line with your collar bones and your elbows pointing a little towards the ceiling. Now down the dumbbells to the starting position.
    • Repeat it for 6 to 10 times and do it for 3 sets.

Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder

3- Rear Deltoid Raises

These are similar of the side deltoid raises, and is also very effective exercise for widening the shoulders. It is best for targeting the posterior deltoids.

  • Ways for performing it – 

    • To do rear deltoid raises, sit on bench and bend forward and take a dumbbell in each hand.
    • Get a moderate weight dumbbell so that it could be easy for you to repeat the exercise more times.
    • Now, while staying bent, raise your arms having dumbbells to the out and away from your body, lining the dumbbells with your shoulders. Release the weight down to the starting posture.
    • Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetition on each side.

 Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder

4- Front Raises

There are deltoid muscles in front of your shoulders also. Front raises helps in developing the deltoid muscles of the front of your shoulder. It is performed with a single dumbbell and both of your hand.

  • Ways to perform it – 

    • Hold the dumbbell with both the hands in a posture in which the dumbbell should rest between your legs.
    • Now, begin lifting the dumbbells upwards and in front of your body, keeping your arms extended.
    • When the dumbbells reaches the height of your shoulders then gently take it down to the starting position.
    • Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetition.

Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder

5- Overhead Presses

Overhead press means to pressing the weight over your head. It helps to add bulk to your shoulders. You can do it as standing or while being seated also.

  • Ways to perform it –

    • Grab a barbell and hold it on the height of your shoulder with your palms facing forward.
    • Now, push the barbell straight upwards above your head and then gently bring it down to the shoulder height.
    • Do three sets of 8 to 10 repetitions.

Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder

6- Wide Grip Pull Ups

Pull ups are mentioned as one of the best exercises because most of the muscles of our body works and gets involved when you do a pull up. Now, pull up with wide grip can mainly focus on on your chest and shoulder region, and thus is a good exercise for hardening and widening the shoulder muscles.

  • Ways to perform it – 

    • Just grab a pull up bar with wide distance between your palms, and stretch your body upwards until your chin reaches the level of the pull up bar.
    • Do as many pull up as you can.

Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder


7- Pike-Style Push Ups

Push ups also is one of the best exercises as it also uses almost every muscles of your body, mainly the arms and deltoid muscles. Pike style push ups are something of next level of the normal push ups. Because it increases the height of pushing your body from the ground. Thus it adds more pressure to your chest and deltoid muscles which will provide you what you wanted here.

  • Ways to perform it –

    • To do pike style push ups you need a bench or a chair or a swiss ball (anything which can increase your height from the grounds to your legs at approx 35-50 cm). Then put your feet on that and get into a push up position in front of that object.
    • Take your upper body to the height of the object until you reach into the pike position. With your feet on the object, your body should be bent at the waist part.
    • For doing this push ups, down your face towards the ground by bending your arms and then raise yourself up by pushing the ground.
    • Do as much pike style push up as you can according to your strength.
    • But do this exercise with precautions because any kind of mistake such as losing grip or mispositioning for even a second can cause harm to the neck and spine.

Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder

8- Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Seated Dumbbell shoulder press are great for growing wider shoulder. It is really good for handling weight as well as gives freedom of using dumbbells. It directly creates load on the delts which affect it into going harder.

  • Ways to perform it –

    • Sit on a bench having dumbbells in each hand with an overhand grip, and holding it equally at the height of your shoulders.
    • Press the dumbbells weight upwards the ceiling until your arms get fully stretched. Now return to the starting position.
    • Do 3 sets of 6 to 8 repetition.

Way for Getting a Massive Shoulder

These are productive and effective exercises which can help you in bringing out an impressive looking shoulders. Exercise these all regularly if you wants to make your shoulders massive..


No need to worry, if maintaining time for gym is tough task for you.

We understand that in this world of rush for living and earning, it is hard to give your precious time to the gym. But do not worry!

There are some of the exercises which you can perform at home and can achieve your shoulder goals by working inside your home sweet home.

They are-

  • Shoulder exercises using the body weight

Some of us don’t have the gym equipments available at the home. Then here bodyweight exercises plays a supporting role.

Following are some of  the exercises which don’t need the gym accessories, you can perform it by using your body weight to gain shoulder muscles for widening it.


* Headstand Push Ups

For doing this exercise just get in a position of headstand with taking support of the wall ( If you are capable of doing headstand without taking aid of wall then that would be more productive. So time to time practice for it also).

Now bend your elbows and dip down your until your head reaches closest to the ground. Then push yourself  back up and repeat.


* Pike Push ups

As mentioned above pike push ups can be performed with using any household item which can give your body a lift of approx 35 to 50 cm and is a good exercise for the shoulders.


* Push Back Push Ups

Push back push ups are a great workout for the shoulders as it is little bit different from normal push ups, and mainly focused for the shoulder regions.

For performing this exercise get into a position of the normal push up and regardless of pushing your bodyweight upwards, push it backwards, interjecting your body back and working your shoulders.


  • Shoulder exercises using dumbells

Keeping a dumbbell or set of it is not a big matter nowadays. It is an useful equipment for gaining the muscles of different group such as Chests, Triceps, Biceps as well as shoulders.

And thus here we are telling you the name and way of performing of those exercises which can give your shoulder a bulkiness.If you are having a pair or at least a single dumbbell at your home then you can perform the following exercises at your home.


*Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Dumbbell lateral raise can be easily performed in any place of your home where there is a space for you and the dumbbells in each of your hand. It has been already discussed above for how to perform this workout.


* Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Just grab two dumbbells each in your hands and be seated at any place of your home where it would give you the posture of sitting on a bench as it is performed in the gym.

Now as per the instructions read above. Continue doing this exercise. It will add bulkiness to your shoulders.


Upright Rows

As you have read above that Upright rows can be performed with the help of dumbbells.

Thus as instructed above stand at any place of your choice of your home and start doing this exercise. The massiveness of your shoulders will must be on the way.

Now let it be the gym or your home, your goals of achieving the massive shoulders can be worked upon.

But always remember, all changes takes time. Don’t go in rush that might lead you to the injuries. First rule of the exercises is that “Don’t go beyond your body capacity, just increase your capacity by regular practice”.

So keep patience while exercising, give it some time and practice these all at regular. It will surely give you your desired results.

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