Top Tips for a Chiselled Chest

3 Must-Do Moves for a Strong, Chiselled Chest | Muscle and Fitness

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3 Must-Do Moves for A Strong, Chiselled Chest   

#1: Use the Underhand Bench Press

A lot of people talk about isolating the upper chest but the only way they ever really do this is by using an incline bench press.

Another interesting technique you can use to achieve the same end is to use an underhand grip on your regular bench press. This is a great way to isolate the upper chest and it actually also brings the biceps into play. It almost entirely removes the involvement of the shoulders too.

It feels awkward at first but that’s kind of the point! Make sure your elbows don’t flare out and this can be a great one to add to your roster.

Underhand Bench Press


#2: Plate Squeeze

Another unusual movement that you can involve in your workouts is the plate squeeze. This is an awesome move that trains the chest in a manner quite different from other chest moves you may be used to.

Essentially, what you do is to hold a weight plate between two hands and then to squeeze those hands together. You’re not gripping onto a handle, so it’s only by squeezing that plate that you’re going to be preventing it from falling.

Now move your arms in and out like a chest pass and you’ll be going through a good range of motion while combining that with an interesting isometric hold/overcoming isometric. This is great for going right at the end of a workout.

And guess what? You can use a squeeze in a number of other exercises too – why not try squeezing your arms slightly together when you’re doing a bench press, or even using your grip to crush the bar during pull ups?

Plate Squeeze


#3: Use Cables for Movements You Don’t Normally

Here’s another fun tip – try swapping out those dumbbells for cables.

A great example is to use these during a pec fly. Take the bench and lie it in the center of the cable crossover machine and then set the cables to be at their lowest point. Now grab a handle in either hand and bring them up to the middle keeping your arms straight.

What’s great about this is that the pressure remains constant throughout the movement (rather than getting easier near the top) and it also makes it much easier to perform drop sets and the like.

Of course this also works like a charm for bench press! The reason we’re keeping the arms straight is because we don’t want to put too much strain on the joints which can be an issue otherwise.

arm workout using Cables

And there you have it – three tips that can help you to get a much more chiselled chest. Together these will make your workouts more unique and interesting while at the same time ensuring you don’t miss out on hitting your upper or inner pecs.


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