Why Organ Meat is Perfect for Boosting Testosterone Naturally?

Why Organ Meat is Perfect for Boosting Testosterone Naturally?

Want to get more nutrition into your diet by adding one simple thing to your eating habits?

Want to gain more testosterone, boost mitochondrial performance, get creatine naturally and see all kinds of other amazing health benefits?

Want to find one of the cheapest sources of protein on the market?

Then start eating organ meat.

organ meat is perfect for boosting Testosterone

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What is Organ Meat?

Organ meat basically means liver, heart, kidney and any other meat that you would find by ripping it out from a carcass.

This type of meat is something that many of us avoid due the strong flavor but in fact it’s also one of the most important ingredients in our diet.

Historically, organ meat would have played a huge part in our eating behavior. If you were out in the woods hunting down antelope and other prey, do you really think you would eat the hairy skin and ignore the organs?

Far from it – you’d dip your hands right in and eat all the guts while they were nice and warm. Mmmm.

Many tribes and cultures have held organ meat in high regard, believing that they can gain the health and vitality of their prey by consuming it. Technically, they’re not wrong.

And this once huge component of our diet has now fallen out of favor in the west – at the expense of our health.

organ meat is perfect for boosting Testosterone

Benefits of Organ Meat & Impact on Testosterone

Why is it such a shame that we no longer eat organ meats? Because they contain so much good stuff.

Did you know for instance, that organ meats are super high in CoQ10?

That’s that really expensive supplement you’ve been paying over the odds for to improve your heart function and mitochondrial efficiency. More organ meat means more CoQ10, means more energy efficiency, means more testosterone.

What’s more, organ meats are also super high in creatine – which also boosts energy and encourages more testosterone production.

What else have we got?

Well, organ meats are very high in good cholesterol, which in turn is what testosterone is actually made out of. They’re one of the few dietary sources of vitamin D which regulates testosterone and the other hormones of the body.

It’s high in choline which is great for brain health as well as in zinc which is actually often used as a testosterone boosting supplement. They also contain purines and nitrogen, which are precursors to DNA and RNA. They’re super high in omega 3 fatty acids and they’re a great, quality source of protein.

And did I mention that this stuff was cheap?

When you think about it, this all makes a lot of sense. The organs are the most important part of the body from a survival point of view and are also some of the most complex, so it should follow that they would contain the most goodness.

Why aren’t we all gobbling all this stuff down?

It seems it’s just because we’re a bit snobby and a bit squeamish. Humans sure are eccentric…

Oh and guess what one of the most nutritionally dense organs in any animal’s body is?

The brain.

Time to stop being squeamish!

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