An IFBB Pro Chest and Tricep Workout – Jeff Seid (6 EASY Exercises)

Pro Chest and Tricep Workout by Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid – Chest & Tricep workout YouTube

When it comes to getting idea for workouts, it makes the most sense to listen to the pros. By watching IFBB competitors you can learn from actual professional bodybuilders who earn a living from their training and who really know what needs to be done in order to stand out and to achieve maximal benefits.

One such IFBB pro is Jeff Seid.

And thanks to the miracle of YouTube, he was able to share his chest and triceps workout with the world. So what does that look like?

Watch this YouTube Video to know…


Professional Chest & Tricep Workout & Bodybuilder Exercise

1. Incline Dumbbell Presses Dop-Set

Jeff’s workout starts with incline dumbbell presses. These work the upper pecs while at the same time allowing him to train his supporting muscles and to maintain symmetry.

This is a big advantage of using dumbbells versus barbells – they force you to put in equal effort with each arm instead of letting one arm ‘take over’ and do more work than the other.

When he reaches failure, he uses a spotter to continue doing forced repetitions. He continues the workout with more repetitions using a light weight once he gets to failure.


2. Underhand Bench Presses

Next Jeff moves on to the bench press but uses an under hand grip. This moves the effort more into the lower pecs and the triceps and even works the biceps slightly.

What’s interesting about this type move is that it shows how Jeff is clearly interested in mixing up his workouts with different moves that are outside the norm.

At the same time, it also shows how he’s focused on targeting specific areas of the pecs. Remember that the pecs are made from two separate muscle heads separated along the horizontal line.


3. Chest Flyes

Next he heads to the cable pulley machine and performs chest flyes. The cables are in the low position meaning that he has to pull both upwards and in at the same time.

As he progresses through reps though, he will then gradually move the cables upwards and down again to really mix up the movement and involve the full range of pectoral motion.

Varieties: You might need to utilize a palms looking ahead form for changed incitement.


4. Dumbbell Flyes

Next up are dumbbell flyes. This follows up from the chest fly with a very similar movement. At the end of each flye, he moves directly onto narrow presses to work the inner chest.

Again, he’s hitting all the different areas of the chest with a range of different exercises and he’s keeping up the volume.

These are really the hallmarks of any pro workout. Note that the narrow grip presses will also start hitting the triceps.

Varieties: You might need to utilize a palms looking ahead form for changed incitement.


5. Weighted Dips

Now Jeff moves on to weighted dips, holding a dumbbell between his knees as he performed repetitions. He keeps his arms far behind him to really target the triceps.

Note: By putting your legs over another level seat before you, the workout turns out to be all the more difficult. It is best to endeavor this activity with no weights at first so as to get used to the developments required for good shape.

In the event that that variety additionally turns out to be simple, at that point you can have an accomplice put plates over your lap. Ensure that for this situation the accomplice guarantees that the weights remain there all through the development.


6. Push Downs

The push downs are an excellent single joint movement that perfectly isolate the triceps.

Just like Arnie and many other pro bodybuilders, Jeff also follows each set up with his poses. This is a great way to practice posing and at the same time to strengthen that mind-muscle connection.

Note: There are numerous types of workout to this exercise/move. For example you can utilize an E-Z bar connection and in addition a V-calculated bar that enables the thumb to be higher than the little finger. Likewise, you can append a rope to the pulley and additionally utilizing a turn around grasp on the bar works out.

Jeff Seid Pro Chest and Tricep Workout

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