An IFBB Pro Jeff Seid – Shoulder Workout, Steroids Cycle & Nutrition

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Jeff Seid is an IFBB Pro who trains hard & smart for amazing gains.

At the end of the day, when it comes to building muscle you can follow advice from many people. There are tons of workouts on the web and all of them recommend slightly different things.

Ultimately though, the smartest advice is to listen to the people who train for a living and who are real professionals. No one is built quite like a professional bodybuilder or aesthetics so if you want the best results, those are the routines to emulate.

Jeff Seid always desired of sculpt body like his ideal, Arnold Schwarzenegger which is not an easy task but he has get succeed in building ultimate body.

But, how he has done it?

So, basically in this blog we will discuss the inspiring success story of Jeff Seid for his incredible transformation.

Here’s the table of content

  • Early life
  • Workouts (Shoulder workout)
  • Bodybuilding Competition
  • Career in fitness
  • Controversies and Criticism
  • Steroid Cycle
  • Nutrition
  • Things to Note

So, let’s start with his early life.

Jeff Seid’s Early Life

At the age of 12, Jeff’s parents gave him a weight set and a weightlifting book because they wanted Jeff to obtain confidence by acquiring better body shape. In fact, he truly beliefs that his first goal to became teenage weightlifter was only to get attention from the girls.

jeff seid at young age

In spite of that, he saw weightlifting is the right path to do better in sports and that is why he went to the competitive high school that was really important for him.

Jeff was intended to get wrestling scholarship and he may impressed some college football talent scout too. But, unluckily Seid’s dreams get shattered when he tore the knee in first football game of senior session.

Further as a results of that injury, he has to undergo ligament surgery due to which he was restricted to rum for a period.

Nonetheless, after being depressed, he didn’t give up. Jeff completed his physical therapy and treatment leads to transition into pure weight training and bodybuilding.

Jeff Seid bodybuilding - great physique

However, another adversity was waiting for him as because Jeff’s impatience leads to negative consequences, he once again blew out his knee just after 3 months.

Todays on social media it seems that everyone is gaining tremendous shape. So, without wasting much time let’s move to the workout regimen of Jeff.


Get shredded & ripped with the Jeff Seid Shoulder Workout

Seid is a champion of High intensity interval training. Thus, when it comes for cardio, he used to perform intense workout for at least 10 minutes whereas his favorite exercise is bicycling.

However, his weight training is also quite intense. Jeff seems to implement volume and supersets in his routines.

Like many athletes and bodybuilders, he targets abs and calves more frequently during a week. Jeff work hard on huge muscles groups such as shoulders, chest, legs and back twice per week.

Jeff perform 4 sets of 8 to 15 reps per workouts the total of 20 to 30 sets every day. But on weekend, he enjoy the social scene and take rest as reward of hard workouts of that week.

Jeff Seid trains just like many other pro bodybuilders and his shoulder workouts contain many principles that hold true for all the pros.

Let’s take a look at his shoulder workout in full and what we can learn from it.

Jeff Seid Shoulder Workout – 4 Exercises Backed By Science

Make Your Shoulders Bigger w/Jeff Seid

1. Military Press

Jeff starts with a nice and straightforward shoulder press using a barbell. This is a great compound movement that will involve all three of the deltoid heads and that will create real power in the upper the arms.

Starting the shoulder workout with a big compound move is a great way to ensure that every deltoid head is working, to get the hormones flowing and to challenge yourself most when you have the most strength and energy to spare.


2. Dumbbell Shoulder Presses Drop Set

Jeff Seid next moves straight onto the dumbbell shoulder press and moves down the rack as he does. Dumbbell presses are excellent for developing symmetry as there’s no way that the left arm can be helped by the right arm for instance.

Drop sets really keep the pressure on the muscle, they allow for amazing volume and they ultimately result in fantastic hypertrophy.


3. Superset Side Raises & Forward Raises

Jeff supersets his side raises and forward raises when he was very young at high school. This way he barely even has to put down the weight set and this allows him to maintain intensity. Of course the side raises hit the side delts while the forward raises hit the front delts.


4. Reverse Flyes

Reverse flyes train the rear delts. No pro bodybuilder or youngest IFBB (Football game) would make the mistake of leaving out the rear delts but this is a mistake that is made all too often by others in the gym.

Jeff Seid has participated in several bodybuilding competition and also get succeed. Its time to highlight that! So, just take a quick look on that!


Bodybuilding Competition

Before Jeff was set to undergo his 1st knee surgery, he said that he was searching online forums to know about the new category added in the IFBB or “Men’s physique”. Unbelievable, just one year later after twice knee surgeries he has won Nationals and created history as a youngest IFBB professional ever.

Moreover, two months later he won his 1st Pro show that mean he was eligible to participate at the Mr. Olympia Men’s physique confrontation. Thus, it is not surprising at all that in less than 2 years out from high school, he has achieved extreme popularity.

Top 3 Men`s Physique Stockholm Pro - Jeff Seid, Anton Antipov, Robin Balogh

Jeff has built his career in not only fitness but also on different social media platform through his amazing physique. Let’s have a look!

Career in fitness

After a huge success in teenage, his career took off to a new level as because Jeff started traveling across the world for the monthly expos and appearances. In addition to that, he parlayed all his popularity at young age with clothing company named “SeidWear” and a book which is quite long called “Guide to Aesthetics”.

Furthermore, Seid also provide online training in order to earn lot of money from social media. Thus, he continuous growing his clothing and writing venture. However, Jeff’s social media pages are continuously followed by his huge fans. He is mostly popular among teenager and 20 age groups fans.

Jeff Seid-Career in fitness and bodybuilding

For instance, Jeff’s YouTube channel has about 1 Million subscribers and more than 1 M views on his videos.

He also has 6 figure follower on Twitter and Whopping whereas 3 M followers on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

All the social media postings show Jeff’s journey all around the world and day to day updates of his life including workouts and shows preparation.

Nonetheless, after gaining so much popularity from the social media, he has also faced the controversies several times due to allegation of steroids use. Let know in detail about controversies and criticism of his life.

Controversies & Criticism

As like other stars in the fitness industry, he also avoids the negativity and doesn’t get react to them usually. The criticism surrounds his statement that he doesn’t use steroids and all his success has been only due to fitness training and special workout program. He further implies that, you should all his programs for 100 dollars then you will be definitely like him.

Jeff pushes products to earn commission from the sales of those products. Such type of thing is very common and normal in the fitness world that makes an east target to be called “Fake Natty”.

However, other prefer more diplomatic and scientific approach to determine whether one is natty or not.

Building lean muscle mass is not an easy task in teenage but Jeff has proved it by gaining ripped physique through workout and nutritional diet.

So, here’s the Jeff Seid’s speculate Steroids Cycle in his bodybuilding regimen.

Steroid Cycle

If there were narcissistic example of the teenager’s appearance in bodybuilding then obviously Jeff would be on the top of that list. But, a series of situation took him to complete different route. 6 feet tall and 210 pounds weighted Jeff became an IFBB pro whereas before he was not even old enough to drink any alcohol.

jeff sied taking steroids

So, there is no doubt Jeff has competed at that level, you need to use steroids. It is appreciable that he claims that he is pure and natural. But we can surmise his steroids cycle would looks similar to the set forth list.

  • Testosterone Enanthate – 500 mgs/ Week
  • Masteron – 600mgs/Week
  • Trenbolone Enanthate – 350mgs/Week
  • Equipose – 600mgs/Week
  • Winstrol – 500mgs/Day
  • Anavar – 100mgs/Day
  • Stenabolic SR9009 – 20mgs (before exercise)
  • Carddarine GW – 30mgs/Day

Now, the last but not the least fact associated with his bodybuilding career till now. Jeff Seid sincerely follow the healthy and nutritional fitness diet that will help you to do so.


Like many other athletes and body builders these days, Jeff follow the strict diet of healthy fats, lean protein and essential carbohydrates sources. His diet include 8 meals a day, fruits and 2 glass protein shakes.

In breakfast, he prefer to eat:

  • Egg whites
  • ½ Cup Oatmeal
  • Some fruit

However, in dinner he like to eat:

  • Small steak
  • Green veggies
  • Sweet potato

Therefore, gaining lean muscle mass faster totally depend upon who you are and what really works for you. Thus, keep experimenting different items until you find out what actually works for you.

jeff seid nutrition cycle

Things to Note

When you watch Jeff train (best men s physique), something you’ll likely notice right away is that he follows every exercise with a bit of posing. Jeff is in awesome shape, so likely he does this at least partly for his ego…

But at the same time, this is also something that you’ll notice every professional bodybuilder does (more or less). That’s because posing helps to strengthen the mind-muscle connection and reminds you what it should feel like when you’re training each muscle.

Tensing generally can help you to recruit more muscle fiber while you train and you’ll also find it helps with your posing routine as well as you’ll be practicing the moves you’re going to use on stage.

This is a technique that anyone can use but if you’re hoping to compete yourself then you should consider it non-optional!

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