An Intense Home Ab Workout From Brendan Meyers

An Intense Home Ab Workout From Brendan Meyers - Abs Exercise Video

Intense Home Six Pack Ab Workout from Brendan Meyers

Brendan Meyers is a YouTuber with an excellent body that’s nevertheless highly attainable. This is an everyday guy clearly but there’s no questioning that his routines work.

This Brendan Meyers 2018 abs routine in particular is fast, effective and straightforward. At the same time, it involves some moves that many of us won’t have seen or used before.

To give this workout a go yourself, simply perform the moves in order while making sure not to break in between. There’s no need to do multiple rounds – you should find one is more than enough!

Brendan Meyers HARDEST Ab Workout On YouTube!

Brendan Meyers’s Six Pack?

Here are 12 Intense Home Ab Workout to Try

  1.  10 x Roll Ups
  2. 10 x Plank Crunches
  3. 12 x Plank Side Crunch
  4. 10 x Leg Ups
  5. 10 x Butterflies
  6. 15 x Toe Touches
  7. 15 x Toe Flutters
  8. 10 Second Six Inch Hold
  9. 10 x Six Inch Crunches
  10. 12 x Supermans
  11. 10 x Single Leg Plank Crunch
  12. 10 x Flutter Leg Lifts


Workout#1: 10 x Roll Ups

Start in sit up position but have your hands on your knees. Now roll your stomach upwards and slide your arms down your knees as you go. And repeat!


Workout#2: 10 x Plank Crunches

Start in plank, then lower your abs slightly towards the ground, then push your buttocks and stomach up in the air. This is great for the rectus abdominis and the transverse. That means a flat stomach with tons of definition.


Workout#3: 12 x Plank Side Crunch

This is a side plank, so you’ll be resting on one forearm with your body facing forward perpendicular to the ground. The other arm will be pointing directly up in the air.

Now you’re going to crunch your body down sideways and up. Remember to perform 12 on both sides.


Workout#4: 10 x Leg Ups

These are like leg raises, except you’re starting from the top with your feet pointing up at the ceiling. What you’re then going to do is to do roll your legs even higher by moving up your back.


Workout#5: 10 x Butterflies

Butterflies are like V-Ups except you’re going to bring your arms out to the sides at the end of each rep, the bring them forward to touch your toes. Remember, your back and feet must remain perpetually off the ground!


Workout#6: 15 x Toe Touches

Legs pointing straight in the air and back flat on the ground, you’re going to roll forward to touch those toes.


Workout#7: 15 x Toe Flutters

Keep your legs straight and then just perform little kicks.


Workout#8: 10 Second Six Inch Hold

Now keep your feet raised just above the ground by six inches. This is an isometric hold for the lower abs and it works wonders.


Workout#9: 10 x Six Inch Crunches

Next up come the crunches. The six inches refer to the fact that your legs are still going to be held that short distance above the ground.


Workout#10: 12 x Supermans

Supermans work the lower back. Start on your stomach and then raise your feet and arms up simultaneously to engage the erector spinae.


Workout#11: 10 x Single Leg Plank Crunch

This is the same as the plank, except one leg will be pointing up in the air behind you. Not only does this make the move harder, it’s actually a great stretch.


Workout#12: 10 x Flutter Leg Lifts

Flutter your legs as with the flutters earlier but lift the legs up all the way you go.

And now go and rest… you’ve earned it!

Ab Workout From Brendan Meyers

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