Deca Durabolin Side Effects Bodybuilding

Side effects of this anabolic steroid: Deca durabolin

Deca Durabolin is a steroid that is used by many bodybuilders to increase their muscle mass, their drive and even their definition.

Like many anabolic steroids it can also have a number of other potentially beneficial effects such as increasing muscle growth, stimulating the appetite and adding to bone density. It can even increase the production of red blood cells which means more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

First and foremost though, Deca Durabolin is about increasing anabolism which means that the protein you consume will be more likely to be converted into muscle resulting in pro-bodybuilder-like physiques.

Compared with other anabolic steroids, Deca Durabolin is one of the safer options with relatively few side effects.

But does that mean that this is something that’s ‘safe’? Or that you should consider using?

For most people the answer would be NO.

Like all steroids and most illegal substances in general, Deca can have a number of severe negative consequences and it’s very important to understand these before considering using it.

Before we discuss the potential side effects, lets get to know how it work….


Deca Durabolin Working Mechanisms & Benefits

Whereas many steroids (like anavar) work by being converts to DHT or dihydrotestosterone, deca durabolin is different and instead works by being converted into nandrolone and dihydronandrolone.

If that all just sounded like gobbledygook, then basically DHT is a substance that is even more potent than testosterone and leads to the formation of secondary sex characteristics and plenty of lean muscle.

That may sound good but it also leads to a number of serious side effects. The good news, is that nandrolone and dihydronandrolone are less potentially damaging.

Deca durabolin is less likely to aromatize into estrogen (though it does still happen) which means that it won’t be as likely to cause gynecomastia (the formation of breasts) or other complications.

Again though, we should urge that this does still happen and you should be wary that breasts are a fairly common side effect. Best of all, deca durabolin is less toxic for the liver which means there’s less chance of lethal liver damage.

That said, ‘deca’ still provides many of the benefits that we associate with steroid use generally.

These include increased muscle mass and fat burning to reveal hard muscle, increased sex drive and libido and even greater drive and determination in the gym.

The use of some kind of steroid will make a huge difference to your muscle building and this is why so many bodybuillders and other athletes use them despite the potential risks.


Deca Durabolin Side Effects Bodybuilding

Many steroids, such as Anavar, work by being converted into DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This is more potent than testosterone itself and is responsible for many of our secondary sex characteristics.

Deca Durabolin Hair Loss

It’s also responsible for many of the side effects associated with other anabolic steroids including hair loss, acne and oily skin. Basically, Deca-Durabolin is quite unsafe for hair in men. This can have a negative effect on hair.

The steroid element 5-alpha reductase produce much less potent DHN, instead of producing DHT. Therefore, you should never take steroids like dutasteride or finasteride whilst on Deca steroid cycle – it actually results in baldness or hair loss in men which is worse than not taking it at all.

deca durabolin hair loss

Deca Durabolin Liver Toxicity

If you use Deca however, this is instead converted into nandrolone and dihydronandrolone which is a weaker alternative to DHT and which causes fewer side effects. At the same time, Deca also has lower liver toxicity meaning that it is less likely to cause potentially fatal liver failure.

deca durabolin liver toxicity

That said though, there are still a number of severe Deca Druabolin side effects that you need to be aware of. For starters, Deca can still be aromatized into estrogen which means gynecomastia is possible. This is particularly common if you should combine Deca and Dianabol as many steroid users will.

Likewise, while Deca might be less liver toxic as compared with other steroids, that is not to say that it is safe for the liver and it can still cause potential damage. This isn’t something that should be trifled with.

Another common Deca Durabolin side effect is impotence – which is the result of the body reducing its own natural testosterone production. This may result in the user requiring hormone replacement therapy subsequent to their usage.

Here is a list of some most serious side effects of Deca durabolin

  1. Erictyle dysfunction – this means that you will not be able to get a desired erection.
  2. Low testosterone producing ability– Testosterone is directly responsible for producing muscle growth, energy levels and sex drive.
  3. Gynecomastia – Enlarged chest of mean often called moobs or man boobs.
  4. Severe back and facial acne
  5.  Liver toxicity problem 
  6. Enlarged Prostate
  7. Water retention
  8. Death – heart failure or stroke
  9. Depression
  10. Loss of appetite
  11. Liver cancer – can lead to death
  12. Irritation in the stomach
  13. Excessive fat in blood
  14. Oily Skin
  15. Swelling of the abdomen
  16. Low sperm count

This was some most serious side effects and health risks using deca durabolin.

Important to Note: If you are already involved in some kind of medication or using some kind of steroid, then it is essential to consult your doctor first to ensure everything is fine.


The Risks and Alternatives

But as mentioned, there are still some serious side effects to consider with deca durabolin. As they say, there’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. As well as risking gynecomastia, users will also be vulnerable to liver damage as well as lowered testosterone levels.

The latter is a big issue with any steroid as the body will often ‘adapt’ to their use by producing lower levels of natural hormones. This can result in the need for permanent hormone replacement therapy and diminished natural muscle building.

But there is a way to get the benefits of deca without the risks.

Fortunately, safer alternative options do exist which include the excellent Crazy bulk Deca Duro. It is a supplement that utilizes entirely natural ingredients designed to trigger the same effects as Deca but without the negatives.

The key is to use a supplement like Deca Duro from Crazy Bulk. This is a specialized blend of minerals, vitamins and even herbal extracts that encourages hormonal changes in the body specifically designed to mimic deca.

Such supplements work by using substances that are known to increase the body’s natural production of testosterone.

This means you’ll benefit from increased muscle mass and anabolism, extra drive and determination and more rapid weight loss. Because the extra testosterone is coming from your own body though, there is no risk of it being aromatized to estrogen, no strain on the liver and no subsequent dip in T production.

crazy bulk deca duro - best Alternatives to deca durabolin

The difference?

Because Deca Duro uses natural ingredients to stimulate the body to produce extra hormones of its own, there is zero risk of liver damage, no breasts and no need for HRT. Get all Deca Benefits WITHOUT Any Side Effects

In fact your testosterone will increase and stay there even when you finish using the product!

It looks like there’s a new king in town…

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  1. Albert D'costa says:

    Deca Durobolin is very harmful for your liver as it can cause liver damage or liver cancer in some cases. Use of Deca Durobolin leads to severe health issues. It causes hair fall and other health problems. It is fatal for liver because estrogen is converted into liver in great amount which is not good for your health.

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