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Deca durabolin is an anabolic steroid and is highly regarded by the vast majority of bodybuilders who use steroids. Of course, the use of any steroid is a very controversial matter and there are many potential risks as well as benefits to consider.

What makes a ‘good’ anabolic steroid will always be a favorable risk-reward ratio, in other words, there will be a low risk of side effects and the benefits will be pronounced.

Deca durabolin offers one of the very best ratios in this regard and as such is very popular. In this article we will look at why that is and we will look at how you can get the benefits with no risk of side effects.

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deca durabolin-building strength and muscle

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Deca Durabolin Mechanisms & Benefits

Whereas many steroids (like anavar) work by being converts to DHT or dihydrotestosterone, deca durabolin is different and instead works by being converted into nandrolone and dihydronandrolone.

If that all just sounded like gobbledygook, then basically DHT is a substance that is even more potent than testosterone and leads to the formation of secondary sex characteristics and plenty of lean muscle.

That may sound good but it also leads to a number of serious side effects. The good news, is that nandrolone and dihydronandrolone are less potentially damaging.

Deca durabolin is less likely to aromatize into estrogen (though it does still happen) which means that it won’t be as likely to cause gynecomastia (the formation of breasts) or other complications.

Again though, we should urge that this does still happen and you should be wary that breasts are a fairly common side effect. Best of all, deca durabolin is less toxic for the liver which means there’s less chance of lethal liver damage.

That said, ‘deca’ still provides many of the benefits that we associate with steroid use generally.

These include increased muscle mass and fat burning to reveal hard muscle, increased sex drive and libido and even greater drive and determination in the gym.

The use of some kind of steroid will make a huge difference to your muscle building and this is why so many bodybuillders and other athletes use them despite the potential risks.


The Risks and Alternatives

But as mentioned, there are still some serious side effects to consider with deca durabolin. As they say, there’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. As well as risking gynecomastia, users will also be vulnerable to liver damage as well as lowered testosterone levels.

The latter is a big issue with any steroid as the body will often ‘adapt’ to their use by producing lower levels of natural hormones. This can result in the need for permanent hormone replacement therapy and diminished natural muscle building.

But there is a way to get the benefits of deca without the risks.

The key is to use a supplement like Deca Duro from Crazy Bulk. This is a specialized blend of minerals, vitamins and even herbal extracts that encourages hormonal changes in the body specifically designed to mimic deca.

crazy bulk deca duro - best Alternatives to deca durabolin

The difference?

Because Deca Duro uses natural ingredients to stimulate the body to produce extra hormones of its own, there is zero risk of liver damage, no breasts and no need for HRT. In fact your testosterone will increase and stay there even when you finish using the product!

It looks like there’s a new king in town…

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