Five Moves to Wide Wings

If you’re looking to build wide lats or ‘wings’ that give you a silhouette like Bruce Lee, then Hunter Labrada is definitely the guy to listen to. His lats look like they’d let him glide if he ever jumped off of a building but believe it or not, his back was once one of his weaker points!
Hunter and his trainer helped him to devise a workout that changed all that and that gave him the awesome lats that he has today. And the good news? Hunter shared five of his very favorite lat moves on YouTube and we’ve coalesced them here for your reading pleasure. Add these to your routine and you’ll pretty much struggle to hang your arms down by your side!


Note that the key to success here is to really engage the lats in every movement. All too often our ‘lat workouts’ end up involving our biceps and shoulders too much and aren’t actually lat workouts at all. These moves are designed to prevent that issue but you can help too by visualizing your lats doing the work and squeezing them at the top of each rep.


Here are the five moves:

Straight Arm Push Down

Often we associate the push down with the triceps but in this version you will be keeping your elbow joint entirely straight and instead generating all of the movement from your shoulders and all of the power from the lats. It looks a little counter-intuitive to begin with but give it a go and you’ll feel it working those wings right away.


Seated Low Cable Row

Hunter supersets this movement with the above but you can integrate it into your workout however you see fit. Using supersets and pre-exhausts though is a very effective way to make sure it’s really the right muscle groups that you’re working, so consider using them in your own routines.


The low cable row is an easy exercise with a cable pulley machine. Make sure to pull your elbows all the way back.


Underhand Pull-Down

The lat pull down is a great movement but by using the underhand grip you’ll find it’s easier to pull your arms down further increasing the range of motion with a natural feeling movement.


Underhand Barbell Row

The underhand barbell row is performed with a supinated grip and a bent over posture. Keep your elbows in and bring the weight up just below waist height. You will really feel that movement hitting your lats while being bent over will help to prevent it being a bicep movement rather than a lat one. It’s a perfect move to follow on from the similar underhand pull-down too.


Close-Crip Pull-Down

Back onto the pull down, you’ll now be using a close grip and pulling it right in to your chest. Keep your chest as upwards as possible and consider the movement similar to a row.


Complete these exercises while squeezing the lats and you should really be able to feel the pump. Perform this workout regularly and they will really grow.

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