Home Workouts [Best 8]: How To Stay Fit When The Gym Is Closed

Home Workouts

The coronavirus pandemic has led all of us stuck in their homes for an unknown time. A little distraction from your fitness can make you regretful.

With this stressful time and having nothing to do with, you are more prone to having unnecessary meals.

Of course, this is going to make you fatter and fatter without even letting you know.

When this quarantine time ends, you would be coming out with you better half, not your wife, but your fluffy stomach.

You can’t assume yourself in that scenario, right?

Also, we won’t like our dear readers to face such a horrible situation and the embarrassment of having not so good figure.

So, we sat with experts on face time and here we have got you with Ultimate Home Workout Plan to Stay Fit At Home during The Pandemic.

Guess what we also have respective Workout Videos for Men to give you a real deal of help.


8 At-Home Full Body Workouts To Do During Quarantine 

How To Work Out Under Quarantine?

Well, all you need to do is follow our full-body workout plans.

This will get you the required push to stay fit and grab an impressive physique.

So, let’s dive in…


#1: Working out Arms Without Any Equipment

Get fit at home with these best home workouts plans. These below-mentioned workouts would help you get a stronger and sculpted arm do much as possible.

a) Plank Tap

  • Begin in a high plank with your hands at a shoulder-width distance, shoulders slanted directly above your wrists. Keep your legs stretched behind you, and your glutes involved
  • Now, take your right hand to left shoulder while keeping your core and glutes to your hips
  • Repeat with your left hand to your right shoulder. This is 1 rep.
  • Continue, interchanging sides.

b) Side Plank

  • Lie on your right side with your hand
  • Extend your left leg on the top of your right.
  • Extend you left hand up toward the ceiling
  • Stay in the moment for a few minutes


#2: Triceps Mass Builder—Train Your Biceps At Home

Stay Fit During Self-Quarantine with these triceps focused exercises. Do this and repeat as much as possible to frame up your triceps.

a) Arm Circles

  • Standing in a straight position having your feet flat on the floor keep your arms extended at 90-degree angle to your body
  • Move your arms now in small, fast circles forward.
  • Do as much rotation as possible and then reverse the direction and do as many possible circles
  • Take a break and repeat it twice.

b) Tricep Dip

  • Sit on a chair, hold its edge and stretch your legs in front of you
  • Lift your body forward keeping your feet flat and arms behind you, and your body is above the ground.
  • Slowly lift and lower your torso using your triceps.
  • Repeat it as possible


#3: How To Build Your Back At Home Without Weights

Getting muscular and defined back is tricky. Well, these Home workouts would help you get your back in the best shape.

a) Plank Up-Down

  • Begin in a plank position with your hand at shoulder-width apart and legs extended behind you keeping your core and glutes engaged. Keep your feet at hip-width distance.
  • Slowly lower your left arm to take your forearm on the floor.
  • Do the same with your right forearm
  • Return to the previous plank position. This is one rep.
  • Meanwhile, you move to keep your hips in a static position. Also, you can widen your legs to make exercise easier.

b) Push-up

  • Take a high plank position with your palms at shoulder-width distance and legs at hip-width apart.
  • Now, bend your elbows and lower your chest as much as possible.
  • Next, by pushing your arms come back in the previous position. This is one rep.


#4: Build Biceps At Home Without Weight

Here are some home workouts for getting a muscular and massive biceps.

Also, you can add other Best Quarantine Home Workouts.

a) Decline Push-up

  • Put your toes on a bench, box or step and get in a high plank position. Make sure, your palms are at a shoulder-width apart while your shoulder being just above your wrists.
  • Next, lower your chest by bending your elbows to the floor
  • Now, get back in the initial position. This is 1 rep just repeat it as much as you can. This is one of the best quarantine workouts.

b) Incline Push-up

  • Get back into a high plank position with your hands lying on a bench, box or step. Keep your palms at a shoulder-width distance and your shoulders being just above your wrists. Next, keep your legs at a hip-width distance while engaging core and glutes.
  • Now, lower your chest to the bench by lowering your elbows.
  • Next, get back in the initial position by straightening your arms.


#5: How To Build A Perfect Chest At Home

Have a super defined and muscular chest with these powerful at-home workouts.

Just check these out!

a) Rotational press-up

  • Begin in a press-up position by lowering yourself on one side moving as most of your weight comes to one shoulder.
  • Press up and then repeat it on the other side. This is two reps.
  • Do as much as possible to sculpt your chest

b) Shuffle press-up

  • Start in a press-up position with one hand in front of your shoulder and one behind
  • Now, slowing get yourself to the floor and press up. Well, this is one rep
  • At the top of the movement, you can jump or walks your hands into a diverse position and then do the next rep. Keep interchanging.


#6: Build Huge Shoulders At-Home Workouts (Front, Middle, Rear)

Try these powerful home workouts to have your shoulders in shape. Get yourself in shape.

a) Dumbbell lateral raise

  • Begin in a standing position with your feet at hip-width and your arm on both sides holding a dumbbell in each.
  • Now, uplift your arms to either side until they reach the level of your shoulders while keeping your palms downward.
  • Next, slowly bring your arms in the initial position. Repeat!

b) Reverse fly

  • Start in standing position with your feet at shoulder-width apart while each holding dumbbell
  • Move your hips forward until your chest becomes parallel to the ground. Next, let the weights hang down at arm’s length. Well, this is the initial position.
  • While keeping your back flat, uplift your arm on both sides until they come in line with your body. Further, squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Come back to the initial position, and repeat.


#7: Home Workouts To Get Abs and Defined Obliques

Well, one of the major concern men is for their abs and oblique. These workouts are going to get you results.

a) Offset Dumbbell Squat

  • Hold a medium-weight dumbbell with one hand in the racked position. Do that so end rest by your shoulder while your elbows are bent.
  • Now, lower your hips to the parallel of the floor. Next, pause and reverse and come back in the initial position.
  • Once you are back in upright position repeat your reps by switching hands.

b) Single-Arm Overhead Press

Grab a dumbbell with one hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Squeeze your glutes and brace your core—like you’re about to be punched in the gut—and press the dumbbell overhead. Pause, and then reverse the movement to return to the starting position.

Perform all prescribed reps on one side, switch hands and repeat.


#8: How To Target The Obliques!

Lastly, we have some specific workouts directly targeting your oblique getting you a super toned one.

So, repeat them as much as you can also add some other exercises through Best At-Home Workout Videos.

a) Single-Arm Farmer’s Carry

  • Hold a heavy dumbbell in one hand and start in a standing position with feet at shoulder-width distance. Well, keep your dumbbell a few inches away from your torso.
  • Brace your abs as you are going to get punched in the gut and walk for a suitable distance by your elbows bent.
  • Lower your hips until its parallel to the ground. Wait and do the movement in the reverse in standing position.
  • Bring your back in the initial position and repeat the reps by switching your hands.

b) T-Rotation

  • Begin in a push-up position. Keep your weight on your left arm and rotate your torso up and to the right, till you are facing sideways.
  • Wait for 3 seconds before you change your movement and repeat on the opposite side.


How To Stay Fit When The Gym Is Closed?

Well, the above exercises are going to help you remain in a good frame.

Also, to enhance your workout get you can add other exercises through the above shared Best Workout Videos YouTube.

Not only these home workouts will maintain in a good frame, but when done seriously can get you a massive physique.

So, just get started and make most of your quarantine time.

For further assistance and queries refer to the comment section!


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