Jon Jones Tested Positive for Steroids Ahead of UFC 232 | APOLOGIZED


Few things in life are often hard to believe. But, when it comes to Jon Jones, this is not the case.

Yeah! Once again, this UFC superstar has apologized for a fizzled drug test guaranteeing the steroid being found in the framework this week. According to John Jones, he didn’t consumed steroids with the expectation to swindle or cheat.

“I simply needed to take the time for a while to apologize in front his fans for what is happening,” Jon Jones said in a video that was shared on Sunday night. He further said: “It’s a situation that’s totally out of my control.”

On the off chance that you didn’t know … authorities discovered hints of the steroid called Turinabol while testing Jones for his upcoming battle on Dec. 29 against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232.

But, the U.S authorities of Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) have basically told the follows found in JJ’s framework were TINY and leftover while he was tested positive in year 2017.


Considering all the things, the Nevada State Athletic Commission would not give Jon a chance to battle in the Vegas; but rather he was getting the green light in California. In the way, UFC and the Dana White moved the occasion to L.A.

A few people (counting UFC warriors) are irate – guaranteeing they effectively made arrangements, purchased tickets, plane tickets, lodgings and so on.

In a recent video, Jon Jones recognizes the circumstance is failed however asserts he didn’t take any PEDs and never expected for this to occur.

He further added “This is a circumstance that is totally out of my hand … but, despite everything I will apologize and man up for what that has happened.”

“I understand there’s many individuals who have missed the situation … specially those individuals who came from Sweden, individuals who came from Brazil … I am feeling very disappointed.”

Jon Jones said that he is endeavouring to make things correct also he has paid for hotel lodgings and plane tickets for a few people, however demands, “This isn’t a fault I did.”

Jon Jones’s opponent Daniel Cormier isn’t purchasing JJ’s reasons – tweeting, “He tried positive once more!”

Following positive medication test,….

Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier became personal via social media.

In a stunning unforeseen development, the the upcoming UFC 232 pay-per-view including the arrival of Jones has been migrated from Las Vegas to Los Angeles after it was uncovered that ‘Bones’ had as of late tried positive for follow measures of the anabolic steroid called turinabol.

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Here are 10 Worst PED Fails in the history of MMA

With the Nevada Athletic Commission declining to permit Jones, the UFC was compelled to make a very late change to California, where Jones will go up against Alexander Gustafsson at The Forum in Inglewood.

The session was initially booked to happen at the T-Mobile Arena.

The newsflash quickly elicited shock among fans and individual contenders, with long-term rival Daniel Cormier putting USADA and Jon Jones on impact via web or social media.

Daniel Cormier’s tweeted before long grabbed the eye of Jones, as it was not some time before the two contenders began getting more personal on Instagram, with Jon Jones making an allusion about slapping ‘DC’s’ spouse on the ‘ass.’

In the meantime this trade simply ensued on Instagram profile of Daniel Cormier after he shared about today around evening time’s news:

“I could have slapped your spouse on the ass and you could truly have done nothing about it.

You’re of course my bitch DC and that will never show signs of change… Funny and hilarious how you’re giving me two posts yet told nothing when I was requesting that you return get your belt.” – Jon Jones.

“You couldn’t do poo you steroid mishandling addict! I swear I could never contact your significant other’s level ass lol.

What’s more, I didn’t react I’m not helping you move ur bum ass battle you tranquilize mishandling steroid cheat. F*ck you!” – Daniel Cormier

In spite of Jones testing positive for a prohibited substance, USADA won’t suspend the previous light heavyweight champion.

UFC 232: Jones versus Gustafsson II happens this end of the week at The Forum in Inglewood, California in Dec. 29.

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