Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits In Bodybuilding [Complete Review]

Benefits of omega 3 fish oil in muscle building

If you have ever swum through bodybuilding supplements research, you’ve definitely went in the ocean of facts surrounded by fish oil.

Omega 3 fish oil has become a big buzzword in health and fitness industry over the last decade.
But in reality, there is nothing fishy about omega 3 fish oil.

In fact fish oil doesn’t directly contribute to support muscle growth as the protein do so, however it play a key role in the growth and development of muscles in the bodybuilders.

Want to know more?

Here’s the complete benefits regarding this popular dietary ingredient.

Fish oil plays a vital role in maintaining and building bodybuilder’s health and fitness. And it is well-known by many athletes and bodybuilders that omega 3 fish oil can aid you in many ways.

  • Support testosterone levels
  • Promote muscle growth
  • Burn body fat
  • Speed up recovery time

Fish oil works like a miracle potion as because it offers several other benefits such as minimal the risk of heart attack, reduce blood pressure and also prevent from heart strokes.

Fish oil is exactly the same as name implies – oil from the fish.

And there is no major difference between olive oil, coconut oil and any other oil as because it is extracted from its source.

In a meanwhile we will discuss all the possible benefits associated with omega 3 fish oil in bodybuilding. But, before that let have a quick view about it.


What is omega 3 fish oil?

Fish oil is made up of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is crucial for the survival of human body and unfortunately it can’t manufacture inside the body by its own. So, you must have to intake it through the food you eat.

However fish oil is rich and extremely concentrated source of omega 3 that is why, it is preferred to use fish oil which is very much essential in bodybuilding process.

Omega 3 fatty acids further broke down into two types of molecular structures.

  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid)

EPA plays a huge and massive role in reducing inflammation in the entire body.

  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)

DHA is known as primary structural component of cerebral cortex, brain, retina and skin.

Fish oil consist of both the ingredients which is very much important for the construction and performance of your body.

Fish oil play a major role in bodybuilding, muscle building and fitness. So, without wasting you much time let’s move to the omega 3 fish oil benefits in bodybuilding.


Benefits of omega 3 fish oil in muscle building

Omega 3 fatty acids is much more important in bodybuilding and that is the reason we called it bodybuilder’s best friend. So, first of all let’s check out its benefits and after that apply more omega 3 rich foods in your fitness diet.

In terms of bodybuilding omega 3 fish oil has been found to:

  1. Gain Muscles
  2. Reduce Belly Fat
  3. Good for Joints
  4. Reduce Heart Disease
  5. Allow To Eat Delicious Food
  6. Mood Support
  7. Overall Health and Longevity
  8. Easy To Implement In Your Diet
  9. High Blood Pressure (HBP)
  10. Repairing Injury and Inflammation
  11. Improve Nutrient Absorption
  12. Enhance Protein Synthesis
  13. Optimize Muscle Glucose Response
  14. Reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)


Here’s Top 14 Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil

1. Muscle Gain

In a study, it is found that when our body acquire enough amount of omega 3 fish oil, it ultimately results in gaining muscle mass. Researcher claims that this is only the effects of nutrient partitioning in the body. In other words, we can say that calories which is originally stored in the form of fat might get partitioned into muscle.

muscle building- #1 benefit of using omega 3

2. Reduce Belly Fat

Nutritional Physiology research group of Australia have examined and exhibit that using essential omega 3 fish oil along with exercise benefits more than using omega 3 fish oil alone. And it is clearly mentioned that neither eating omega 3 rich foods nor performing exercise alone is sufficient in bodybuilding and fitness.

get rid of belly fat using omega 3

3. Good for Joints

It is one of the common obstacles that most of the bodybuilders and athletes are facing now- a-days. Fish oil prevents from injuries and helps in maintaining overall health for great performance. Omega 3 fish oil proven as a best ingredients in order to reduce stiffness of your joints.

omega 3 reduces joint pain relief

4. Reduce Heart Disease

Omega 3 fatty acids fish oil reduce the formation of plaque in arteries that is commonly caused through inflammation. It also reduces cholesterol level and ultimately benefits to overall heart health. Fish oil also reduce the risks of heart stroke and heart attacks.

omega 3 fish oil reduces the risk of heart disease

5. Allow To Eat Delicious Food

As many fish are packed using omega 3 fatty acids. Thus, you don’t need to take supplement to maintain the appropriate amount of fatty acids in your diet. You can eat omega 3 rich fish, vegetables and other healthy food as much you want because it will help in getting perfect body physique.

omega 3 allow you to eat delicious and yummy food

6. Mood Support

Omega 3 fish oil intake support in enhancing the level of “serotonin” in the entire body which is most commonly termed as “feel good” hormone. Thus, this hormone helps in accelerating your mood which will ultimately level up your performance at the gym.

omega 3 fish oil helps enhancing your mood

7. Overall Health & Longevity

Omega 3 (fatty acids) fish oil is very much essential for almost every part of the body. It not only helps in maintaining overall health but also provides longevity in preserving your physique. Both the thing is necessary for a bodybuilder to get shredded figure.

omega 3 fish oil improves your health and longevity

8. Easy To Implement In Your Diet

There many health organization where they suggest to eat fish minimum twice a week. If you are every much serious about your fitness training program then it would not be difficult to consume fish twice a week. However, fish is rich in protein therefore including it in your diet will not affect you bodybuilding goal. Thus, consumption of fish and omega 3 fish oil can easily implement in your diet.

omega 3 is easy to incorporate in your diet

9. High Blood Pressure (HBP)

High blood pressure is a very common risk among the bodybuilders. As bodybuilders has to perform stressful workouts all over the day to gain chiseled and shredded figure. Many bodybuilders preferred to eat high level of red meat in their diet which results to HBP. Omega 3 fish oil has scientifically proven as best ingredient to reduce the level of blood pressure.

omega 3 helps maintain your blood pressure

10. Repairing Injury & Inflammation

Omega 3 fish oil is proven to minimize the risk of inflammation and injuries. Bodybuilders develop several injuries and joint pain by spending countless hour at the gym in the training process. Thus by eating omega 3 fish oil rich foods, bodybuilders are able to enhance their workout intensity.

helps in healing your injury and wounds

11. Improve Nutrient Absorption

Muscle building is not depend on your appetite and how much you eat. However it is all about proper absorption of the food you eat. In the study, it has proven that omega 3 fish oil enhance the blood circulation and plays a crucial role in absorption of amino acids.

omega helps in nutrient absorption

12. Enhance Protein Synthesis

If you are interested in increasing gains then you need to focus on optimizing rate of protein synthesis. The formation of protein is occur via amino acids developed from the protein you eat. Thus omega 3 fish oil enhance the formation of protein in the body.

Omega 3 helps in enhancement of protein synthesis

13. Optimize Muscle Glucose Response

If you are against insulin then then it will be harder to build muscle and also to burn fat. In study, it has proven that diabetics and insulin resistant have stubborn abdominal fat. Many researchers claims that omega 3 fish oil can improve insulin sensitivity and cellular muscle metabolism.

omega 3 helps in optimizing slow Glucose Response

14. Reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

Omega 3 fish oil rich foods helps to reduce DOMS and soreness caused by heavy workouts. It also reduce inflammation which ultimately help to heal and recover muscles faster. Fish oil has an amazing benefits of anti-inflammation.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness



So, this was all about omega 3 fish oil benefits in bodybuilding. However, studies has proven that it is beneficial in everything including heart disease, cancer and depression. Thus, taking fish oil is not only sufficient to gain muscle mass.

As we have already discussed, “fish oil is not a magic pill”.

Therefore, we suggest you to properly maintain both the things together that is to consume omega 3 rich foods in your diet along with proper bodybuilding routine.

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