My Personal Test RX Review for the Guys Who Want Pack on Huge Muscles!

My own experience with Test RX Testosterone Booster has taken me to write this reviews

Test RX, an old yet effective product for boosting testosterone level in the body but does the product really work and helps in boosting testosterone level?

I hope you too looking for the same question… so without wasting your precious time let’s jump to the subject.

As you already know that people with low testosterone level seems to have trouble with building muscles and gaining muscular mass.


Based on some researches it is also observed that 1% of male testosterone begins to decrease as you reach your 30s, 40s and 50s. This declination gradually reduces your energy levels, overall physical strength, reduces sex drive and the ability to perform robust exercises.

And it’s a blatant fact that the symptoms will become worse with the time if you don’t do anything to improve it.

This is why going for a natural supplement to increase testosterone level would be a better decision for a healthy and enjoyable life.

To help people with low t-level, I started to look for a natural testosterone boosting supplement where after lots of research and analysis on various products I found Test RX supplement that claims to be natural, safe and effective at the same time.

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test rx - testosterone booster pills


Before I start using the product, I wanted to get clear about the fact whether the product is potent, does it work or it’s just a promotional tactics.


I began my research. I swilled through many user’s posts, comments, forums and stories. They all said that they were happy with the results and that they all had one thing in common which was “Test RX is blinding product”.

Though I was influenced by the comments and users opinions but to be very sure, I had to use it by myself.

In order to examine the product’s efficacy, I ordered a bottle of Test RX from its official website.

Out of my curiosity, I soon started to take the supplements and noted its results week by week.

Here is my brief experience on using Test RX for increasing the testosterone level in the body.

So let’s see what I come-up with…


My Experience of Using Test RX

I used the product for 3-4 weeks and noted down its effects on my body. Here is my 4 week report on usage of Test RX t-booster.

Week 1

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any changes in my body during first week usage of Test RX as compared to some people who had started to notice its changes in the first week only. They reported to have high energy levels and improved mood.

Don’t worry, there is nothing worry about the product’s working mechanism as this can happen with few people because the working principle of any supplement totally depends on your body that how it reacts to its ingredients whether fast or slow.

The same thing happen to me. Even if you have the most potent formula with you, you will not notice the desirable results until product’s ingredients are not tolerated well with your body.

It’s your own body chemistry that is responsible for the effective working of the supplement.


Week 2

By this week, I began to notice some changes in my body like I noticed better focus and increased stamina during my workout sessions. Effects were completely incredible.

In fact, I was able to do an extra set of 10 dumbbell curls on each arm. I was literally happy by seeing these changes.

john shooting a video with test rx

Week 3

In third week, my energy levels remained high and stamina kept increasing day by day. My performance was increased at the gym.

Although Test RX is capable of making improvements in libido department but not to a point that can be mentioned.

But, yes. It does little bit improvement for your libido section as well.

john before after results

Week 4

In the last week, I felt that my sex drive has increased too.

Thus, I can say that Test RX is very much able to sky-rocket the performance as well as testosterone levels in your body.


After experiencing its effects on my own I really feel like that this product is worth buying. It has all the ability that can increase your testosterone level quickly and thus helps you gain muscle mass quickly.

All the claims made by its manufacturers are indeed correct. Test RX really aces the performance level.

test rx benefits and effects i experienced on my body

For more clear concept. Let me show you some user’s reviews who are completely satisfied with outcomes.

Here are some of the user’s reviews…


Test RX User’s Reviews

“I felt increased energy level the most while doing workout within my first week. I also felt way too stronger and lift heavier weights in the gym without taking any breaks and that’s how you grow your muscles. This is really blinding. I loved the product.”

robert reviews


“I had used Test RX for 8 weeks and seriously I wasn’t expecting such an incredible change in my body. I was totally amazed to see the results. I was able to put on about 3-4 pounds of new muscle tissues that was absolutely a pleasant surprise to me. Also, my body fat reduced as well. My body now looks little fuller and little harder. It all took place without changing my diet regime. I just had the diet alone and now you all can see the results.”

patrick review


“Every time I take Test RX when I used to work out and have seen literally seen huge difference in my muscles size so far. After taking this pill, I have by now increased energy level and the recovery time is much faster during workouts.”

greg before and after


Needless to say,

There are many reviews available related to Test RX on its official website and other commenting sources. Some users are happy with it or some are not, so reviews are mixed.

But, what you will find interesting is that more than 80% of the users are happy with the product.

This was my complete review on the Test RX and that I am completely satisfied and happy with the results that it has done with my body.

My testosterone level has increased. I have built bulk muscles with enormous strength.


We have talked enough about the Test RX reviews and it’s time to know about the product in detail that what Test RX is all about, how it works and so on.

Let’s jump to Test RX description part…



What is Test RX?

Test RX is a testosterone boosting supplement which is designed by Leading Edge Health Company. The company was established in the year 1999 and it is the same company behind another most successful product called VigRX plus.

This supplement aims to boost t-level with its natural ingredients. Its manufacturers has designed it with the motive of bodybuilding which claims that anyone using it will “put on pound after pound of rock-hard muscle”.

Additionally, Leading Edge Health, better known for high-quality supplements claims gradual increase in testosterone level in natural way without any hormone replacement. With the help of its natural ingredient, you will be able to build muscles easily, lose fat and boost sex drive.

Test RX has complete unique blend which is powerful and potent as well. Various researches have shown that this advanced formula packed with vitamins and amino acids helps in boosting the natural production of hormones in the body.

test rx pills on furniture


What Are the Benefits?

These are enlisted benefits of Test RX that you will too be able to enjoy when you start taking it. These are –

  • Increased levels of testosterone
  • Boosts HGH levels
  • Encourages healthy weight loss
  • Encourages health weight loss
  • Gives incredible endurance and stamina
  • Provides more and more energy
  • Boosts up natural performance
  • Helps in increasing the libido
  • Elevates sex drive
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Better and improved erection
  • Improves sleep thus providing quality sleep
  • Reduces stress


Natural Ingredients of Test RX

Test RX contains scientifically proven and natural elements in its formulation which makes it safe to use. Generally, Test RX is also famous for its ZMA combo (a combination constitutes of zinc, magnesium and lots of vitamins).

Here are its safe and natural ingredients enlisted below -:

testrx-closeup image of ingredient lebel

Zinc (2.5mg)

It is an essential component required by the body in the normal functioning of the entire body. In terms of supplements, it is used for a better sex drive. Due to an increase in testosterone, zinc also boosts virility. Further, zinc is also responsible bulk muscles.


Magnesium Aspartate (50mg)

Magnesium is required to give more and more energy because it acts as an energizer. It provides that energy which is required by the body for better workout sessions. It helps your body to break down sugar or glucose faster and effectively during strenuous workout to provide quick energy without causing any harm to your body.


Fenugreek Seed Extract (75mg)

Fenugreek extract makes your testosterone booster completely natural. This extract is very helpful in cutting extra fat and weight as well as keeps your testosterone at a healthy level. Moreover, it is beneficial for a better sex drive too.


D-aspartic Acid (575mg)

D-aspartic acid is another important substitute in the formulation of Test RX. It plays a vital role in the regulation of release of testosterone which in turn, works to increase the number and motility of spermatozoa. This increases the fertility. Its main work is to regulate the testosterone synthesis.


Vitamin D3 (2.85mg)

Vitamin D3 is designed to promote absorption of calcium in small intestines that results in better bone health and to maintain bone density. As you age and your t-level drops, your bones start to become weak and there D3 keeps your bones strong and protected.

Vitamin K2 (0.005mg)

This vitamin again aids in increasing the testosterone levels. Studies have shown that reduced level of vitamin K2 in the body has negative impact on the hormone. This is why you must use this supplement to prevent and maintain vitamin K2 level in your body.

Vitamin B6 (1.250mg)

This component is also known as pyridoxine. Vitamin B6 has several health benefits but also helps in boosting the testosterone levels too. Vitamin B6 plays a vital role in checking the levels of testosterone for a natural looking muscular muscle mass.

Tribulus Terrestris

It is the primary testosterone boosting ingredient in this supplement which is responsible for regulating the body to produce more testosterone. Tribulus Terrestris is an active and most effective part of any testosterone boosting supplement so if you don’t see it on the label then you better not go ahead with the product.


Does It Work?

Oh YES!!!

Test RX actually works and is worth grabbing the attention of the millions. With its positive and good reviews online, it seems that the product has really that potential that can help with your low testosterone level.

In addition,

The proven and powerful ingredients of Test RX has found to be useful in increasing the virility, sex drive and boosting testosterone level up to 60%.

It is a combination of high quality ingredients that will surely deliver excellent and expected results. There will an increase in strength and stamina because of the presence of the active ingredient Fenugreek that has been proven to increase sexual performance up to 25%.

Other powerful ingredients like minerals and vitamins contained in Test RX including magnesium aspartate, vitamin B6 and zinc, all work together to boosts the immune system, increase strength as well as enhance energy levels.

After using this supplement, you will soon start to notice the significant outcomes. You will feel boosted sex drive, tough and bulk muscle mass, quality sleep and overall better performance in the gym.

list of benefits - test rx

Note: This formula is for men who are 45 years or more and not for those who are young. This is because young men will hardly notice any significant changes as they have already high testosterone levels in their body at very tender age.

order now cta

Pros & Cons

These are pros and cons of Test RX, have a look on them –


  • It is a natural formula
  • Ingredients are natural
  • Contains all popular testosterone boosting ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Increases testosterone level, sex drive, performance, strength and decreases body fat
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Clinically tested ingredients
  • Available worldwide


  • Buying single bottle is expensive
  • Supplement is not for women
  • Not FDA approved
  • Free shipping is only in US

Does Test RX Have Any Side Effects?

There have been reportedly no significant side effects of using this product. And certainly, the product will not have any as it is made up of natural ingredients that are safe to use and cause no severe health complications.

Test RX is completely safe and natural. It possess no harmful reaction on your body. It contains no filler or additives content which indirectly ensures excellent performance.

The proof is in the results. Once you buy and try (it has a cool 67 day full money back guarantee – risk-free trial ) you will never purchase any other male test boosting product other then Test RX ever again!

no side effects of test rx

However, the only thing you need to remember is that everybody reacts differently to every different supplement. If you are seeing quick and drastic change in other’s body while slow change in your body then be calm and wait. You will too have bulk muscles in time.

Another important thing you need to remember is that the product should not be used by people under the age of 18 years or under the supervision of any medical treatment. You must consult your doctor at first before taking the supplement.


Directions to Use

A bottle of Test RX contains 60 capsules where it is recommended to take only 2 capsules a day. This means that you have to take 1 capsule in the morning and another one in the evening with lots of water. Following this usage direction will give you expected results within 3 weeks.


Is Test RX Worth Buying?

Based on every Test RX reviews, this testosterone boosting supplement is a great choice for every man who is suffering from low testosterone level issue. This natural supplement proves to be an excellent supplement when you are suffering from low t-level problem as well as want to improve state of your mind and body.

You will not regret buying this product as Test RX has been launched in the market after many herbalists were sure about its accurate results and effectiveness without any side effects. In fact, a lot of people have tested and tried this supplement and are very happy with the outcome.

Therefore, Test RX is worth buying.

order test rx

Can I Buy Test RX From Amazon Or GNC?


You must never prefer buying Test RX from Amazon, ebay and GNC as well. In fact, you must avoid buying health supplements from any retailer shops or online shopping portal. The fact behind such restriction is that those places are meant to sell fake products.

You may be deceived on the name of real products for your money. In case, you happen to buy any health supplement from stores or web portal, you will end up only losing your money and getting fake product.

So never every go for Amazon, eBay, GNC, pharmacy or retailer shop for buying Test RX or other health products.

Manufacturers of Test RX do not sell their products on Amazon, eBay or GNC.

do not buy from amazon

Where to Buy Test RX?

If you wish to buy Test RX then place your order only via its official website www.Test This ensures the product authenticity as well as assure you that you get safe and 100% genuine products.


You can also check for your order and track its delivery any time. This ensures transparency of the online transactions.

What’s more, if you are not satisfied with the product and its results, you can return the product and get refund within 60 days of purchase.

In order to buy Test RX, 6 different package options are available –

  1. Package 1 includes 1 month supply which costs $69.95
  2. Package 2 includes 2 month supply which costs $129.95
  3. Package 3 includes 3 month supply which costs $179.95
  4. Package 4 includes 4 month supply which costs $239.95
  5. Package 5 includes 5 month supply which costs $299.95
  6. Package 6 includes 6 month supply which costs $339.95

1 month supply cta

2 month supply cta

3 month supply cta

4 month supply cta

5 month supply cta

6 month supply cta

Visit the official website and fill in the personal details such as name, address, country, state, zip code, e-mail and phone number to order the package. After filling the details, you will be redirected to next page that will enable you to choose your preferred package.

Now fill in the payment information. The payment for the respected order can be made with either your credit card or PayPal account.

payment cards

Buying Test RX from its official website has another important benefit which is deduction of all the additional charges that comes from vendors or middle man.



Leading edge Health is a very old and trustworthy company with good market reputation for its successful work in the field of providing testosterone booster. The company assures you bigger, stronger and better muscles while using this product.

Test RX is definitely an excellent choice for those who are looking for natural testosterone booster that will not just help them in increasing testosterone level but also building lean and bulk muscles and strength.

This clinically proven formula also helps with your libido when it is down and provides better sex drive.  Thanks to its unique blend which makes it to do pretty good job! 

Fenugreek and ZMA formulation of Test RX makes it a unique blend which is very expensive for many manufacturers to buy while creating their product. These two ingredients are most important ingredients for boosting male testosterone level.

Undoubtedly, this supplement provides maximum outcome in the long run. It enables you to enjoy most of its benefits within a couple of month.

But be patient if you don’t see the results within 1 week of its usage, everything takes time to work but will surely give your desired result for long run.

Henceforth, Test RX is pinnacle of a compliment in terms of boosting testosterone and is a great supplement to get started with.

So Why wait? The sooner you start taking Test RX, the sooner you’ll experience more of your powerful, youthful self.


send test rx today


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  1. Michael says:

    I was looking for a t-level booster that can help me to build bulk muscles and make me stronger but was unable to find something appropriate. Then i heard of this wonderful supplement, TestRX that helped me in achieving my goals. I am very thankful to this product and it’s manufacturers.

    This product not only helped me in building muscles but also helped in increasing libido, reduced my stress, made me look younger and boosted my energy-level. Test RX did what it claims to do. I am really happy and i can recommend it to all those people who are looking for safe and natural supplement for increasing testosterone.

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