The Best Ab Workout Tip for Getting Results IMMEDIATELY

It’s not uncommon to work for months on your abs to no avail. No matter how many sit-ups and crunches you do, you can find yourself still struggling to get abs that are actually visible. Perhaps you still have that spare tire covering them up? Or maybe they just don’t have the definition you want…


Problem is, doing tons of sit-ups really isn’t the answer. This workout is simply too easy and doesn’t provide the resistance you need to build real muscle. What’s more, it doesn’t provide much benefit from a fat burning perspective either and most people do sit ups and crunches wrong.


But what if I told you there was one simple tip you could use to start immediately getting better results from your abs training?


This is one of the best ab workout tips you will ever hear. And those aren’t my words…


The Problem

Working out is not about getting from point a to point b; rather it’s about how you get there.


Never is this more true than in abs training. When training abs, you might use crunches for instance which will involve bringing your shoulders up off of the floor. As long as you’re rolling the abs while you do movement and you aren’t pulling on your head, you’re using correct technique. That’s a well-executed rep right?


Not necessarily. Just because you’re going through the correct movement – literally ‘going through the motions’- that doesn’t mean you’re going to be building muscle in the right way.


The Fix

So instead, while you’re doing the movement, make sure you are exhaling and tensing the abs. Actually force the abs to engage and feel them working through the movement.


This is what many bodybuilders refer to as the ‘mind muscle connection’ and it’s absolutely critical for building strength, especially in the abs.


In order to get results you need to tax the specific muscles you’re training. For that reason, you need to concentrate, you need to contract and you need to engage. Rep count literally means nothing in this context so you have to focus on the muscle.


Right away, you will find that this also fixes the problem with not getting enough of a challenge from your abs workouts and crunches. When you train with focus and you really engage the muscle, you will feel the difference. And to get your muscles respond, you need to work hard.


Intensity and Volume

There are two factors that make all the difference when it comes to getting results from any workout: intensity and volume. As long as you are working hard you will get the intensity and as long as you aren’t just ‘going through the motions’ you will trigger growth and strength.


Likewise, volume means increasing your reps through techniques like drop sets and like supersets. Again, that doesn’t mean doing a few extra sets – it means doing whatever you can to keep working in a way that is hard and that you can feel getting results as you go. Your abs are no different from any other muscle group – they need challenge to grow.


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