V-Cut Abs Diet Plan | Get Perfect Abs Quickly | 7 EASY Tips

Lists of diets foods to get perfect v cut abs at home

It is quite often that you get fascinated with the perfect physique and deep cuts in the body. You see these fitness freaks in the gyms and on fitness pages. You often think how they actually get them, the perfect v-cut abs.

V-cut abs are ripped lower ads above the pelvis. These cuts can be gut-wrenching sexy. Of course, it takes lot of efforts and time to get those sexy and ripped cuts in the lower abdominal.

The rectus abdomini or “v-cut” abs scales from the bottom of your chest to the apex of your hips. Meanwhile, many people work out on their upper and middle portions with normal sit-ups and crunches.

The tremendously tightened tummies make you feel envious. So if you too want to have that strongly defined V cut abs, start to sculpt your body. Start your routine with aggressive abdominal workout and nutritional diet regime for an eye catching V cut abs.

In addition to hard work out, there is always a diet plan to build strength in the body along with cuts and physique.

As we all know eating healthy food is the most essential part of achieving an ideal body weight and carves. To actually see the results and ripped muscles, you must have a strict diet plan on point.

So if you are looking forward to get absolute physique like bodybuilders then start the healthy diet plan given here.


Here’s What to eat to get v-cut abs quickly

  1. Eat lots of protein

optimal source of protein for building V-Cut Abs

Intake of plenty of proteins in the body assists fat loss and muscle gain, two most essential elements for developing great abs.

Protein rich breakfast helps in maintaining blood sugar level, preventing dips. Although eating healthy breakfast does not work as magic bullet for losing weight, but sets a healthy resonance for day.

Protein is absolutely a great way to start your day. A balanced meal always makes you feel full and reduces the desire to eat more.

In case, if you have a hard time and unable to get enough protein in your diet, add a protein shakes to get the job done.

  1. Less carbs, more fat

high carbohydrate food for V-Cut Abs

You may get little amazed with the fact that the worst offender to a belly fat is not actually fat, it’s carbs. Yes, you heard it right! It may be little difficult for you to believe it but this is the truth.

The refined and processed carbs restricts you from getting toned and ripped belly. Carbs are responsible for producing blood sugar as a fuel to your liver and muscles. The excess blood sugar is then converted to body fat by insulin.

In order to keep the blood sugar level at a pace and steady level, add fiber contained foods with carbs.

Meanwhile, healthy fats like unsaturated fats can be really helpful for you to make you feel full.

  1. Get sufficient fiber

 oatmeal, nuts, beans, lentils, apples and blueberries

Just “fiber” does not sound tempting, right! But fiber rich foods are indeed tasty and delicious.

Think of berries and fruits, crunchy and colorful salads, roasted vegetables, chili made with beans, whole grain bread and many similar food items. This easily makes your mouth full of water.

Foods that are rich in fiber keeps you all day full with just fewer calories, keep your digestive system in working condition along with steady blood sugar level.

  1. Take more yogurt

V-Cut Abs Diet | yogurt to treat a yeast infection

Yoghurt and other fermented foods contain pro-biotic which is a healthy bacteria living on your gut and reduces belly fat.

Researchers suggest that eating certain bacteria those contained in the calcium-rich dairy products helps you increase weight loss.

  1. Don’t starve yourself

to stay fit and have V-Cut Abs don't starve yourself


Looking to starve yourself to lose daily calorie count? Do you skip your meal to get perfect body shape? Then stop there. Don’t starve yourself. Skipping meals and starving yourself in unhealthy and inappropriate way for toned belly is absolutely a “no no”.

Going hungry releases stress related hormones cortisol, contributing to weight gain. Eating too little lowers the metabolism activity and dampens energy levels in your body.

Eating right food in correct amount, regular meals and snacks help you keep your body fueled all day long.

To achieve your goal of a perfect and toned belly, make sure you are eating enough to maintain your body strength. Then figure out the calories level, you need to have in order to maintain weight.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water to reduce weight

Keeping your body hydrated is the most important thing especially when you are on a fitness plan. Drinking plenty of water has its own benefits and contributes in your weight loss.

It keeps you hydrated all day long, reduces your hunger and helps flushing out excess sodium which causes belly floating.

The question here now arises, how much water do we need to drink? Use your body weight as a general base to begin with.

Drink water equivalent to your body weight divided by two in ounces. Also, drink more when if you are exercising and it’s very hot.

  1. Cut down on liquor

Give Up on Alcohol & drink water

Sorry to those who are fond of it, but it’s time to cut down on liquor (alcoholic beverages). Any kind of alcoholic beverages easily impedes body’s ability to digest, absorb and store valuable nutrients.

Moreover, hooch results in the stimulation of your appetite that can lead into increased eating habit.

So the best way to v-cut abs is a clear no to alcohol. Still, you can enjoy a glass of drink or two while attending an event.

Here is a YouTube Video showing you what to eat to lose belly fat and get a perfect V-Cut abs

Rules to shed fats & get v-cut abs:

  • Eat only selected sugary and fatty foods. Try to avoid desserts from your diet.
  • Eat cant and stuffed proteins. Chicken breast is a good option likewise, certain types of fish and leaner cuts of red meat. Low fat containing dairy products, nuts and seeds can be another good source for protein.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables must be included as these are nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods essential for maintaining body’s health.
  • Add rational quantity of carbohydrates in your diet. Always have healthier and whole-wheat kind of bread and nutritious starch products.

At the same time, avoid some of these items that are unhealthy for you.

Foods to avoid:

  • Biscuits, chips, cakes, sugar, butter, ice-cream, chocolate and cream.
  • Hamburgers, sausages, pizza, hotdogs.
  • Alcoholic beverages like wine, vodka, beer, etc
  • White bread, pasta, white rice.
  • Sports drinks and sodas such as coke, lemonade.

Henceforth, add these helpful tips to see noticeable improvements in your body. The diet plan mentioned above not just only helps you to have a toned body and v-cut abs but keeps your body healthy in the long run as well.

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