What is Clean Bulking? How To Do and Why? Get Ripped!

clean bulking: it's superior to the sloppier “dirty” approach.

If you’re interested in building muscle and becoming some kind of giant hulk, then chances are that you’ll have come across the term ‘clean bulk’ in your research.

But what is clean bulking? How is it different from dirty bulking? And how do you go about doing it? This is what we are gonna discuss in this blog!


What is a Clean Bulk?

A clean bulk essentially means that you’re gaining mass in a way that results in you adding a lot of muscle in a healthy way and while staying lean.

Often when someone bulks (aims to put on mass), they will do so by consuming a huge number of calories with absolutely no care for what those calories are.

They’ll eat all the cake going, they’ll drink huge amounts of full fat milk, they’ll eat tablespoons of olive oil and they’ll consume all the protein regardless of how lean it is. They do all this at the same time as training with heavy weights, high intensity and lots of rest and recovery in-between.

What all this results in is a truly massive physique that bursts shirt buttons and that definitely takes up a lot of space.

muscle building and clean bulking

At the same time though, this kind of bulking tends to also add a lot of fat and that means you’ll end up with a little extra flab around the hips and around the stomach and a loss of definition. If you were hoping for intense vascularity and cuts, this is not how to go about it.

Serious bodybuilders however will still use this technique because it’s the easier way they can gain extra muscle in large quantities and from there they will then ‘cut’ in order to remove the excess flab and tone themselves back up.

Likewise, ectomorphs or ‘hardgainers‘ will also often use a similar technique as their fast metabolisms prevent them from gaining much extra fat anyway.

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Why You Should Clean Bulk?

For the rest of us though, dirty bulks like this are not a good idea. Not only do they cause your weight to fluctuate madly which is very bad for your health but they also mean you spend half the time looking far below par and eating a lot of unhealthy junk.

It’s also worth remembering that fat depletes testosterone and can make it much harder to gain muscle – even in small quantities.

A clean bulk then is a much healthier and safer way to build muscle mass that will also keep you looking much better.

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To add muscle mass without adding fat and damaging your health, you need to increase your caloric consumption while at the same time avoiding simple carbs, sugars and trans fats. This means eating huge amounts of lean protein and good fats.

At the same time, you need to put your body into a state where it is going to be adding muscle but not fat. The easiest way to do this by far is with supplements like the Growth Stack from Crazy Bulk. Crazy Bulk’s Growth Stack stack helps you to pack on muscle by increasing testosterone production and anabolism at the same as increasing your fat burning metabolism. Combined with the right diet and exercise regime you can see massive growth without having to eat lots of sugar and gain loads of fat.

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