Anavar Side Effects

Anavar is one of the most hotly discussed anabolic steroids on any bodybuilding forum. The reason for this is that it can be highly effective when it comes to increasing muscle mass but it has fewer negative side effects as compared with many other steroids.


This has popularized Anavar as a steroid because many people will think of it as a safe alternative to more ‘serious’ steroids.


canstockphoto9879195But when considering the use of any anabolic steroid it is crucial to retain perspective. Remember that when you use any steroid, you are messing with your body’s chemistry and putting yourself at serious risk of both long and short term side effects and consequences. Many people use steroids for years and never have any negative side effects but countless other people will use them and then find themselves needing HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for the rest of their lives, or saying goodbye to their fertility. Do not be foolish enough to convince yourself that Anavar is ‘safe’.


Before you use any anabolic steroid it’s crucial to understand the potential risks and weaknesses. In this post we will look at the most serious Anavar side effects as well as the alternative options available to you.


What is Anavar?

Anavar is made from dehydropiandrosterone which is a substance that comes from dihydrotestosterone – DHT. For those who don’t know their stuff, DHT is the most potent form of testosterone which is responsible for most of our secondary sex characteristics like hair and a deep voice.


Your body treats that dehydropiandrosterone in much the same way as DHT and this then results in increased muscle mass, increased anabolism, more aggression and energy and better fat burning. In short, you increase your ‘alpha male’ hormones to the point that your body will become far more efficient at converting that protein in your diet into powerful muscle.


Anavar Side Effects

That all sounds great until you consider the considerable side effects that can come from its use. As with many anabolic steroids, using Anavar will mean that your body often has unnaturally high levels of DHT. This then means that your body can attempt to balance this by producing less DHT of its own. The result is then that you start to need steroids just to retain a normal amount of testosterone. This is why so many people who use steroids end up needing hormone replacement therapy for the rest of their life.
ParavarAt the same time, Anavar can also cause all the side effects associated with increased testosterone while you use it: such as increased aggression, acne and potentially hair loss.


The reason many people think that Anavar is a relatively safe steroid is that it is one of the best legal oral steroids in terms of liver toxicity. That said, it’s still unclear just how safe it is for the liver and this is another serious risk.


For all these reasons, many bodybuilders are now turning to safe and natural alternatives such as Paravar. Paravar uses entirely natural ingredients to help the body produce more testosterone and DHT. This increases anabolism in the same way but has zero liver toxicity, won’t upset your regular testosterone levels and actually has a number of other health benefits!


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