The Titan Triceps Set – Arm Workout & Exercises – Get Ripped!!

The Titan Triceps Set - Arm Workout & Exercises

Want huge arms?

Then you must never forget to train your triceps.

The triceps are actually bigger than the biceps and should account for 2/3rd of the mass in your arms. If you really want thick looking guns then, the triceps are what you should be focusing on.

This ‘Titan Tricep Set’ from Lawrence Ballenger is a great tricep workout that incorporates four different exercises in a single giant set. What this means is that you transition straight from one exercise to the next without taking any time in-between to pause.

Giant sets are fantastic for building big muscle because they keep the time under tension right up and because they get you to keep the focus heavily on a single muscle group. By constantly changing the angle though, you enable yourself to keep going and to keep challenging those muscles.

Using a giant set like this you can actually get an entire triceps workout in a very short amount of time. After just four rounds, you should have burned your triceps enough to call it a day!

That leaves more time in your workout for another muscle group.

An opposing superset for arms is the blending of a biceps and triceps practice with almost no rest between works out.

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Titan Triceps Set for Giant Arms

The Set

First, set up a cable pulley so it’s high up above your head and so it has two handles attached. Now you’re going to start off by performing leaning overhead cable extension with a reverse grip – bringing your arms behind your head and then extending them forwards pivoting at the elbows. The reverse grip means your palms will be facing the ceiling which is going to target the triceps from an awkward angle. Awkward in a good way…

Repeat for 1 set of 12.

Now you’re going to switch immediately to an overhead tricep extension. That’s the precise same position, except you’re going to switch to a normal grip which will allow you to keep going and which will alter the angle again.

Perform 1 set of 12 reps.

Next up come the tricep press downs. All you’re going to do now is to turn around so you’re facing the machine and with the handles still in your hands you’re going to start pushing down again pivoting only at the elbows. Use a reverse grip to start with again so you’re getting out of your comfort zone.

Perform 1 set of 12.

Finally, switch the grip while staying in the same position so that you can start performing tricep press downs with a regular grip. Again this will allow you to keep going where you might otherwise have begun to flag and it will let you hit the triceps from every angle possible.

Again, finish 1 set of 12.

Once you’ve done all this you’re now going to rest for just 45-60 seconds and then you’re going to go again. In between each set meanwhile you aren’t going to rest at all. Ultimately you’ll be keeping the intensity high all the way through and giving yourself no time to recover.

If you need to lower the weight slightly then go ahead – what’s most important is that you keep going.


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