What Makes Anavar a Popular Cutting Steroid

Bulking up as a bodybuilder is a lot of fun and undoubtedly this is the bit that most strength athletes look forward to. When you’re bulking, you get to eat as much as you like, to lift heavy weights and to focus on simply moving big things around then resting. It’s great and the results look great to boot.


Cutting though is a different matter. When you’re cutting, you have to eat like you can’t afford food, spend all day running on treadmills and still you’ll probably find yourself disappointed with the results. You’ll probably still have that flabby belly and your muscle gains will be diminished.


This is why so many pros will turn to steroids like Anavar, which is perfect for cutting away fat to leave behind lean, rock-hard muscle. This is one of the most popular cutting steroids out there in fact but how does it work? Let’s take a look…



What is Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is made from something called ‘dehydropiandrosterone’. If you’re thinking that this sounds a lot like testosterone, then that’s because it in turn is made from dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT is the even more potent hormone that works like testosterone on steroids and results in rapid muscle building, fat burning and more.


What’s more, anavar speeds up your metabolism. This gives you more energy and efficiency in your workouts so you can last longer when you’re running/punching/lifting and it also means that you’ll burn more fat even when you’re resting.


What to Expect From Anavar

If you were to continue doing your current workout while at the same time adding anavar to your regime, what would happen?


For starters, you’d notice yourself gaining a more muscular frame and more size. Steroids result in increased protein synthesis and muscle building as well as increasing your overall frame and proportions.


Moreover though, you’ll also notice that this muscle looks much ‘harder’ as the surface layer of fat is stripped away. And when you increase your CV this fat shredding effect will only increase exposing more and more lean muscle mass.


On the downside though, there are also numerous negative side effects from using anavar. For starters, anavar is liver toxic and can increase your risk of heart problems. Furthermore, using DHT can impact negatively on your body’s natural testosterone production, potentially meaning you might need to use hormone replacement therapy permanently after use.



How to Have Your Cake and Eat It too

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the positive cutting benefits of anavar with none of the downsides? Here’s the thing: you can!


Paravar is a product from a company called Crazy Mass that has been designed to mimic the effects of anavar with none of the drawbacks. How does that work? Simply by using a complicated blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts all of which control the body’s natural production of testosterone and DHT. These ingredients are all entirely natural and safe without side effects but at the same time they are highly effective in driving up T and keeping it there.


Your days of miserable cutting cycles may just be over at last!



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