Top 4 WWE Wrestlers Workout Routine and Diet You Need To Try

WWE Wrestlers workout

Are you crazy about the hardcore WWE Wrestlers workout they do?

The champion wrestlers of the WWE  follow these impressive workouts…

Checkout here!

From Triple H to John Cena, you would have always wanted the massive physique like they have.

The super jacked muscle and power-thrusting strength is the goal of every bodybuilder popping up in their head.

WWE Wrestlers workout gives you a striking bodybuilding goal.

The pumped by the physique is all result of the rigorous training and very organized diet plans of the WWE supper being.

In this blog, we are going to discover the resilient routine they have made their lifestyle.

Obviously, the pro-WWE Wrestles workouts and diet can help you gain bulk up. Here, let’s start the ride to the Impressive workout routine of these folk.

Let’s start with Triple H, H for hulk…


#1: Triple H Workout


Triple H aka Paul Michael Levesque (born 27 July 1969) your fav WWE star is also an American business executive and actor.

In fact, he is the charge of operations occurring in the WWE since 2013, also ‘the Senior Producer’ and ‘founder’ of Nxt.

Triple H bodybuilding career has been a lot exciting, which took him to the peak of the WWE/ WWF. Actually, he has mentioned bodybuilding has made things easier and possible for him.

Having a massive and super ripped muscle, he looks no less than hulk.

Here we would look at everything making him what he is… from his WWE Wrestles workouts and diet and even physical stats.

So, let’s begin.

WWE Wrestler Triple H Physical Stats

  • Triple H Height: 6’ 4”
  • Triple H Weight: 255 lbs.


Wrestler Triple H Diet Plan

Like the other wrestlers in the WWE valley, Triple H is concerned about what he takes in.

Of course, he keeps to balanced diet followed with six small meals daily to keep the metabolic activity on track.

Of course, he likes Popeye’s idea to keep with greens, his diet mostly includes vegetables, fruits, meat, starch and plenty of water.

Well, your WWE Legend reverts junk food. Protein shakes are the must-have nutritious health drink he never keeps up from.


WWE Triple H Workout Routine

Triple H is a workout fanatic, he is addicted to a rigorous training routine. Here, we have a look at what he does in a week!

First Day: Chest Workout (Heavy workout)

Inclined Bench Press2-48-10
Flat Bench presses2-48-10
Dumbell presses2-48-10
Lateral Raises or Upright Rows2-48-10
Triceps Pushdown2-48-10


Second Day: Back, Biceps and Legs (light workout)

Wide grip pulldowns2-412-15
Dumbbell Rows2-412-15
Dumbbell Curls2-412-15
Barbell curls2-412-15
Leg extensions2-412-15
Leg curls2-46-10
Calf Raises2-46-10


Third-Day (Light Day)

Inclined Bench presses2-412-15
Flat-Bench press2-412-15
Dumbbell bench press2-412-15
Lateral raises/ upright rows2-412-15
Triceps pushdown2-412-15
Lying Triceps Extensions2-412-15


Fourth Day: Heavy workout

Wide Grip Pulldowns2-48-10
Dumbbell rows2-48-10
Hyper Extensions1-210-15
Dumbbell Curls2-48-10
Barbell Curls2-48-10
Leg Extensions2-48-10
Leg Presses2-48-10
Leg Curls2-48-10
Calf raises2-48-10


Well, Triple-H workout truly depicts the hardcore and passionate love he had for his physique.

Absolutely, no one can stick to such a pragmatic but sturdy routine.

Indeed, you have got such a grand urge to be like him, you need to make such will too.

Next, let’s sneak peek in the prevalent WWE John Cena Workout


#2: John Cena Workout


John Cena looks strong, isn’t it? However, he’s stronger than you can think.

Now, Cena bodybuilding training focuses on mega-strength gains.

This allows you to bulk by aesthetic muscles while getting your athleticism like Pro.

Well, his friend and trainer Rob MacIntyre, got with his way to improvise with more précised workout routine.

In fact, the 10 Time WWE Champ and 2-time World Heavyweight champ, still plays no inadequacy in workouts.

He keeps on breaking in his own WWE Wrestler gym workout records to reap up super defined muscle with bigger weight.

Let’s have a look at the sturdy efforts he has with his addiction. Firstly, we would look at the promising stats he holds.

John Cena Stats

  • Height – 6’1″
  • Weight – 240 lbs.
  • Born – 1977
  • Held 19 titles while in the WWE
  • Debut – 2001


John Cena Diet Plan

Of course, only John understands the importance of eating the right stuff to boost his physique.

Surprisingly, he follows a six meal a day plan to keep his metabolism to peak and muscle gain max.

  • 6 egg whites 2 whole eggs, and oatmeal with raisins and applesauce
  • Protein Bar
  • 2 chicken breasts along with vegetables and brown rice
  • Whole wheat pita bread with Tuna
  • Banana and a whey protein shake
  • Pasta or brown rice with veggies, salad with chicken or fish
  • Casein protein shake together with low-fat cottage cheese


John Cena Workout Routine

Well, the WWE Wrestlers workout routines focus on the different body parts for perfectly toned and strengthen the physique.

Actually, he starts his week with working on legs, to the chest and gradually to Arms, shoulder, and back.

Checkout the uncompromising and hardcore WWE Wrestler Gym workout routine!

Day 1 – Legs and Calves


Seated Calf Raise1010-20
Standing Bodyweight Calf Raise425


ExerciseSetsRep Goal
Standing Single Leg Curl420-25
Leg Press520
Leg Extension415
Hack Squat (Superset with next exercise)315
Single-Leg Extension310


Day 2 – Chest


Incline Machine Press3-420
Incline Bench Press3-420
Pec Dec3-415
Cable Crossovers3-415
Bench Press310


Day 3 – Arms


Preacher Curl512
Standing Barbell Curl310-12
Seated Dumbbell Curl310-12
Standing Cable Curl312


ExerciseSetsRep Goal
Rope Pressdown (Superset with next exercise)320
Single Arm Cable Pressdown310
Lying Tricep Extension6Failure
Overhead EZ Bar Extension320
Seated Barbell Triceps Extension320
Triceps Dip4Failure


Day 4 – Shoulders


Rear Delt Machine Flyes520
Machine Overhead Press520
Machine Lateral Raise520
Seated Overhead Press310
Dumbbell Lateral Raise312
Military Press310


Day 5 – Back


Lat Pull Down520
Barbell Row512-20
One Arm Dumbbell Row512-20
High Pulls420
Pull Up4Failure
Barbell Shrug520


Now, you know why John Cena is John Cena!! Obviously, the bodybuilder follows a very freaking workout session. Yeah! Only freaking can get you such legend like physique.

Well, the blog doesn’t end here, we have out next WWE Wrestlers workout plans…


#3: Randy Orton Workout


Randy Keith Ortan aka The Viper (born 1 April, 19800), is one of the most loved American professional WWE Wrestler and Actor.

Indeed, his World Heavyweight Champion title which made him the youngest to do that at the age of 33. Moreover, with this win he created history.

In fact, his ring name ‘The Viper’ demonstrates how quick he is with his wrestling skills.

Well, this is possible only because of his incredible fitness, athletic and sculpted body.

Eventually, his robust fitness and stamina make him perform like a stud!!

Obviously, the secret behind the stunning physique of Randy Orton comes from his intense WWE Wrestlers Diet and Workout.

Let’s have a look at both here, beginning with his current stats which is jaw-dropping!


Randy Orton Stats

  • Height: 1.96 m (6’ 5”)
  • Weight: 113 kg (250 lbs.)
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Birthday: 1st of April
  • Owner: WWE, Smackdown
  • Birthplace: Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Accolades: World Heavyweight Champion (WWE)


Randy Orton Diet Plan

As a legend does, for Randy workout is not enough!

In fact, he believes diet plays a fierce role in keeping him aligned to his leaner and muscular physique and match is prospectus in fitness.

Eventually, this keeps him up with high protein and low-carb diet.

Further, he is up with very clever diet and categorizes diverse food groups to boost metabolism

  • Maintains 250g of protein intake by having protein bars and shakes
  • Averts carbs after 8.00 pm, have carbs only in the form of potatoes, pancakes, and oatmeal
  • Love having sushi, adds to his meal at least three times a week
  • Also adds eggs, fish, chicken and cottage cheese
  • Never have junkies


Randy Orton Workout Principles

The WWE legend has his own workout principle, mixing up several exercises to fulfill his workout goals.

Also, he keeps on altering his exercise patter so that his massive muscle mass doesn’t get squashed.

Here have a look WWE Workout Routine to know!

Monday: Shoulder Workout

Rare laterals315
Side laterals315
Arnold Presses312-15
Upright rows312-15


Tuesday: Chest workout

Pushups– for warm-up
Incline Barbell Bench Presses320
DB Bench presses45-6
Flat bench presses410-12
Cable crossovers312-15


Wednesday: Triceps and Biceps Workout

Close grip push-downs320
French curls312
Overhead Triceps Extensions315
Alternating DB Curls38-10
Alternate DB hammer Curls35
Cable Curls38 reps
Barbell Curls388


Thursday: Back Workout

Pull-ups1Up to failure
Lower back extensions315
Seated cable rows312
T-Bar rows312
Bent-over Rows320


Friday: Legs Workout

Thigh extensions415-20
Free squats1100
Straight leg deadlifts410
Calf raises1010-15


Orton has got the power with his super stern workout routine.

Well, that has, of course, made him bodybuilding champ.

Obviously, Randy Orton Workout routine is giving us major bodybuilding goals.

Furthermore, let’s have a look at the WWE Diva Workout for female inspiration!


#4: Sasha Banks


WWE Superstar Sasha Banks takes her fitness level to the next level through the high intense powerful full-body workout.

In fact, she breakout the usual routine and power up the results in beast mode with her précised workout plan.

In simple words, with her super stunning workout plan, she works as an inner badass.

Evidently, there’s no better athlete making a “Bank Statement” of fitness than WWE Superstar Sasha Banks.

Well, the legendary WWE female wrestler never misses the change of showcase her impressive strength and athleticism in the ring.

Being a badass WWE wrestler is never a matter of chance. So, Sasha loves workouts challenging her in new ways.

Here, we’ll have a look at the high intensity getting her massive muscle pumps… Firstly, let’s grasp a look at her stats.


Sasha Banks Stats:

  • Height: 5’5
  • Weight: (around) 115 lbs.
  • Age: 27 years old


Sasha Banks Diet Plan

Likewise other WWE Wrestlers, Sasha Banks understands the importance of keeping with a healthy and protein-rich diet.

Well, she ensures there’s no up and downs in her meals so keep it in a cooler bag.

Yes, she defrosts it later and reheats when in hotel and arenas.

Sasha Banks Diet Plan diet plan is as follows:

  • Breakfast – Egg-white omelet with turkey, feta cheese, and onion
  • Lunch –Salad with chicken
  • Dinner –Asparagus and salmon
  • Snacks – she switches between protein shakes beef jerky, fruits, and tuna packets.


Jaw-Dropping Sasha Banks Workouts

As mentioned above, Sasha has a craze for challenging workouts. Keeping with a specific one for the long term is never her cup of tea.

However, there is a couple of fitness chorus she is habituated with. Here, we’ve pointed out some of her fav workouts she can never skip.

Have a look at the WWE female Wrestlers workout

Sasha Banks Workout: Weekly Workout Schedule

  • Monday: Push Training, Cardio, Short Circuit
  • Tuesday: CrossFit WOD [Select from Longer WODs]
  • Wednesday: Leg Training, Cardio, Short Circuit
  • Thursday: CrossFit WOD [Select from Longer WODs]
  • Friday: Cardio, Pull Training, Short Circuit
  • Saturday: Extra Cardio or Rest
  • Sunday: Extra Cardio or Rest

Well, these WWE Wrestlers workout are giving us massive fitness goals!

With such a groundbreaking fitness regime, they have sneak to par fitness.

Of course, you can be fit and mind-wobbling like your fav WWE legend, all you need to do is kick start with fitness journey with a hardcore fitness routine.

Yes! Keep in mind eating healthy and lean is a must! So, when are you hitting your workout goal? Chime right up in our comment section. Swipe down!!!


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