3 Awesome Bodyweight Exercises for Massive Arms That You Aren’t Doing

Bodyweight 3 of the best Exercises for Massive Arms

For a good 90% of people out there, a bodyweight arms exercise consists of the same few moves. Those are chin ups, dips and maybe press ups. It’s not terribly inspired but then the arms are a hard group to target when it comes to bodyweight training.

Fortunately though, there are other moves out there that you can use to great effect when it comes to bodyweight arm training.

Here we will look at three that you probably aren’t using, but which are awesome for building arm strength.


Here are 3 of the best Bodyweight Exercises

1. Chin Up Walking

Chin up walking is just one name for a rather unusual exercise. Here you get into a chin up position as the name implies (that means an underhand grip, though you knew that of course!) and then you proceed to walk to the left and right by moving your arms out sideways and moving along horizontally.

The great thing about this move is that it at once trains the biceps with each step (you need to essentially perform a slight curl to keep yourself up) and also inflicts a static contraction/isometric hold.

This type of training is excellent for flooding the muscles with blood and metabolites to really trigger hypertrophy and it’s a great test of endurance.

Bodyweight Exercise #1: Chin Up Walking

Unlike simply hanging in the elbow-bent position though, this movement takes some of the pressure off of the grip, meaning that you’re less likely to fail before your biceps get a proper workout.

One more key difference – this exercise is a fun challenge. It’s easy to imagine how it might have real-world uses too if you imagine yourself edging along a wire suspended over a big fall…

The only downside is that you will need a long enough bar to be able to travel far!


2. Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

This movement involves extending and raising your upper body by straightening your arms. Again, you’ll need some kind of bar, or raised surface (such as a bench).

From here, you then let your upper body hang lower than your hands, before pushing down on the platform in order to raise your upper body.

This is a great move for targeting the triceps which can be adapted to suite your desired difficulty level. For instance, you can simply use a higher bar and take some of the weight off your arms to make life easier for yourself.

Bodyweight Exercise #2: Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

3. Pike Press Ups

Pike press ups are press ups where your body is angled downward. This then turns the press up into an analogue of the incline bench press, working the tops of the pecs as well as the shoulders and the triceps.

This is not just a great arms exercise but a great full-body move that also hits the abs, the legs and more.

If you want awesome looking arms then don’t forget about the deltoids – they create a lot of added definition near the top of the limb to make them look that much more cut and powerful.

Bodyweight Exercise #3: Pike Press Ups


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